Lanier 2017
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September 25 - Went out this morning and went back to Orr Creek.  Fished it for about an hour and moved to Flat Creek.  Marked a good number of fish and landed 3 Spots and 2 small Stripers.  Neither of them was over 5lbs.  Got one on a flat line and one on a down line.  Seemed the fish had lock jaw.  I could watch them come up to the bait, follow it for a while then return to the depths.  I was fishing in about 60 feet of water and down about 25 feet.  I guess I need to get back into the swing of things and then I will show those Stripers who is boss!

September 21 - Finally got out today for the first time in months.  Sorry but I was ill and my boat needed repair.  Went to Orr Creek and fished for about 3 hours.  Got one Spot and that was it.  Actually my intention was to try our the boat after all repairs were complete.  A OK!!  Will try to get out next week.

April 21 - Anthony and I went back out on the lake today.  We went up the Chestatee River to marker 23 and put our lines in.  We were looking for Big Moe but to tell you the truth, we didn't find him.  We did get 2 Stripers, 3 Bass and 1 Catfish.  None of which were of any size.  It was just a great way for us to spend some quality time together and talk about our old times together. Water Temperature was 74 degrees.  Below are some pictures of our catch.

April 20 - Anthony my Grandson is here to visit and this morning we went out on the lake to try for some Stripers.  We fished from 7:30am until noon and only got two Bass.  We fished the area from Ada Creek to Holly Park.  Didn't mark a lot of fish but the highest concentration was at the mouth of Gainesville Creek. We had one good hit while fishing the very back of Ada Creek.  That was the extent of the real excitement. To the right are the pictures of Anthony and his catch.

April 10 - Got out this morning.  Put in at Bolding Mills and wet up the Chestatee River to marker 23.  Did not have Herring but did have Medium Shiners and Gizzard Shad.  Put out two Shiners and two Shad.  Both Shad were on Flat Lines and the Shiners were on Down Lines.  Trolled up river about 4/3 mile and marked a lot of fish but got no bites.  Made a big U Turn and started back down stream when I got a nice hit but no stick.  Went about another 200 yards and hooked up.  It was a small Striper about 6 lbs and FULL of sperm.  I put him back and fished for about another hour or so with no hits but continued to mark fish.  Decided it was time to pack it in.  Water temperature was 62.9.

March 28 - Went out this morning, after a terrible thunder storm.  Put in at Sardis and went to Holly Park.  Fished Holly Park, the Pond Dam and Gainesville Creek with no luck.  Did not mark much, no birds and nothing rising.  After about 2.5 hours I decided to go to Ada Creek.  Finally hit something.  Landed one Large Mouth Bass about 18 inches and two Stripers, one about 5 lbs and the other about 8 lbs.  I did mark fish in Ada in the shallow area on the right as you come in, just past the Country Club.  The wind started to get bad and I only had 2 Baits left so I packed it in.  Water temperature was 61.4.

March 20 - Put in a Balus this morning and went to Orr Creek.  Didn't see a thing.  Moved on to 2 Mile with the same luck.  Then to Vans Tavern and as luck would have it, NOTHING.  Finally went to Flat Creek where I did mark a few fish in the very back but could not get them to hit.  Stayed at Flat Creek for about 2 hours but only got one hit and it was either a Gar or a Walleye because when I brought my line in the only thing left was a head.  I guess I have left them alone for too much time and now they are paying me back.  Water temp was 54.4.