Lake Lanier 2016
A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!!
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October 19 - Well, went out this morning but what a circle jerk!!  I got up at 5:10, put the coffee on and went in to get dressed.  Came into the Kitchen and tried to pour some coffee and the coffee pot started to spit coffee and grounds all over the counter, cabinets and floor.  It took about 20 minutes to get things in order.  Got out, loaded the boat and got into the car to go get bait.  On the way to get bait, remembered I did not put the Oxygen for the bait tank in the boat.  All the way down and back I kept reminding myself I had to get the Oxygen or the bait will die.  Got home, put the Oxygen in the boat, put the bait in the tank and took off for the lake.  Got to Sardis, got the boat ready to launch, backed the boat down, realized I had my phone on my side and went back to the truck and put it on the dash, got back into the boat and backed the boat off the trailer.  The action of the boat felt funny so I thought I had left the plug out and the boat was going to fill with water.  Tried to get the boat back on the trailer but it got lodged between the left bunk and the trailer fender. Tried to get it off but it was stuck in that position. Jumped off the boat and onto the trailer, hooked up the wench, left some slack in the cable, got into the truck and backed down until the boat came off the bad position and went straight behind the trailer.  Pulled the truck back up and jumped into the boat and much to my amazement, no water in the boat.  Thought, "STUPID", why didn't you just reach back and put your finger in the drain hole and see if the plug was in.  Tried that and sure enough all my effort was in vein.  The plug was in.  Completed getting the boat in the water and took off for the dock.  Pulled up, jumped on the dock and looked for a cleat to tie the boat to but all the hardware on the dock had been removed, in addition, the wooden protectors were removed.  I finally found a way to tie the boat to the dock, got back to the truck, pulled it off the ramp and parked it in the parking area.  Went down and moved out to find a fishing hole.  It was still dark so I threw a Bomber to the  shore at a couple locations with no luck.  Moved on the Marker 55.  Put out 2 flatlines and 2 downlines and started fishing.  Reached for my phone and as luck would have it, it was not on my side.  I remembered I had left it on the dash of the truck.  Now, leave it there and risk the possibility of someone seeing it and breaking the windows to retrieve my phone or return to the ramp and get my phone.  Wrestled with the situation for about 30 minutes and finally decided to go back the  ramp and get the phone.  Went back, got the phone and went back to Marker 55, fished it for abut 45 minutes and moved up to the Pond Dam.  Put my lines back out and immediately got one of the flatlines hung on the bottom.  Pulled in the other flatline up and by that time the line that was hung was pulled tight, the rod was bent double and I could not get the rod out of the holder.  No problem I thought, I would relieve a little pressure off the drag and that would take care of the problem.  Thought that is what I was going to do but instead of grabbing the star drag, I grabbed and flipped the release.  The reel spun and sang as it proceeded to grow into a giant birds nest.  I just was not quick enough to grab the spool to stop the birds nest as it happened.   To make a long story shorter, I had to cut about 100 feet of line off the reel so that the reel could function and I could get back to fishing.  Caught 5 Gar and 3 bass but no stripers.  Fished for about 3 more hours and finally started back to the ramp.  Got to the ramp and guess what.  The dock could not be accessed, 5 guys were working on redoing the dock.  What to do next?  Put the boat on the beach.  Found a small sandy spot and did just that.  Ran up, got the truck, backed it down, got to the boat and found that I had beached it soooo well, that I could not get it off the beach.  Got out and pushed the boat back a few feet, got into the boat, put it on the trailer and pulled the boat up into the parking lot to get things ready to go home.  That was the end of a great day fishing.  Water temperature was 74.5.  By the way, even with all the problems this was a great day.  I always enjoy the time I have on the water and just loved the fact that I was fishing, bird watching and just relaxing.  You know, "a bad day fishing is better than a good day working".

October 14 - Went out this morning.  It was great to go out when it was 50 degrees, nice and crisp, had to have a jacket and the wind had a chill.  thought I would check out Flat Creek but was told Orr or Flowery Branch would be better.  Put in at Balus and went directly to Flat Creek marker 9.  Started to mark fish right away but they had lock jaw, for a while.  Had put out 2 Downlines and 2 Flatlines.  Finally I landed 2 Stripers within about 25 minutes.  Both were almost exactly the same size, 28" about 9 lbs.  I also got a Catfish.  I moved after about 2 hours and went to Flowery Branch.  Marked a few fish but nothing to make me stay.  Fished it for about 1 hour then moved to Orr Creek where I landed 2 Spots but no Stripers.  I did mark fish that looked like Stripers on my Sonar but if they were, they just were not biting.  Finally decided to go Home.  Got off the water at about 10:45.  Water temp was 74.3.

October 3 - Went out this morning to check to see if fish were moving into the upper river.  Put in at Sardis and checked The Gainesville Creek area and the Holly Park area.  Put out 3 lines and trolled with spreaders while I was looking for fish.  Had a Flatfish and a Hair Jig on each rod.  I did mark a few fish.  Seemed like they were staying closer to the Pond Dam and were in 50+ feet of water and down about 30 - 40 feet.  I did land one Striper and one Catfish.  No size to the Striper but it looks like they are moving up stream as I am witting this small note on my days outing.  Water temperature was 78+ degrees.

September 15 - Went out this morning and tried to fish more North.  Put in at Balus and started fishing in the cove to the left of the boat ramp.  I marked a bunch of fish and thought I just might try it.  Glad I did, After trolling about 30 minutes, 3 downlines and one flatline with one #3 Split shot, The flat line had a hit.  I picked up the rod and sure enough it seemed to be a Striper.  After a few minutes, landed a Striper about 7lbs.  Not bad for a start.  I didn't get another bite there but did continue to mark fish.  Finally I moved to Flat Creek, marker 1, then Flat Creek marker 4, then Flat Creek marker 6.  In each case I marked a few fish but no real concentration.  Finally moved to the Cove below FC9.  Made one long pass, hugged the shore and stayed in about 60 feet of water with lines down 40 feet.  Came out of the cove and went into the back of Flat Creek and again, the flatline loaded up.  This time it was a Striper about 10 - 11lbs.  Had a few other bites but did not get the hook into the fish.  It seemed that either Walleye or Gar were active because when I got a hit, the bait was cut off right behind the head.  Stripers do not do that.  At any rate, at about 10:30 I packed it in and went home.  Water Temperature was 83.3 degrees.

August 31 - Got out this morning but didn't stay out too long.  It got warm real quick, then a good breeze started and I thought I had better start for the boat ramp.  I did get 3 Stripers, 2 were in the 4-5lb range and one was just over 9lbs.  Got all the fish below Big Creek out towards the channel in abut 100 feet of water with downlines at 40 feet.  Not very exciting but got out and didn't get SKUNKED again.

August 26 - Went out this morning.  It was a beautiful morning, no wind, about 72 degrees and clear as a bell.  Put in at Old Federal and fished in Mud Creek for about 30 minutes before the sun came up and I moved to Big Creek.  For the most part, I fished Big Creed in the area of marker 3BC.  Put out 4 Downlines, one at 35, one at 40, one at 45 and one at 50 feet.  All the Stripers I got came on the 50 foot line.  Didn't get anything big but landed 5 Stripers all in the 5lb range, 2 Catfish and one Walleye about 3lbs.  It started to get too hot for me so I looked at my watch, 9:45 and thought it was time to pack it in.  Was back at the ramp by 10:15 and home by 11:30.  Water temperature was 86.1.

August 19 - Was on the water this morning at 6:45.  Put in at Old Federal, launched my boat and started out to deeper, cooler water.  Got to 115 feet and marked a few fish so thought I would try to get one of those baby's to bite my Herring.  No Chance, moved out of the fish and tried to find them again for about 20 minutes before pulling up the lines and moving on to greener pastures.  Checked out Orr Creek. Flowery Branch, Big Creek and ended up almost at the Dam.  Really didn't mark anything that I thought I could catch so I moved out to the channel and put some lines down.  Fished for about an hour and a half with a blank screen so picked it up and moved back to Mud Creek.  Put 3 lines down, fished for about 30 minutes and called it a day.  I guess today was SKUNK DAY!!!  Water temperature was 85.7 degrees.

August 15 - Went out this morning.  Put in at Old Federal and planned to go south.  Got out into 100+ foot water and started looking for fish.  I checked out Mud Creek, Orr Creek, Flowery Branch, the area around the Holiday Marina, Big Creek and even started to the Dam.  In each area, the same results, could not find fish.  I really did not mark much and in talking to a few other guys, they were finding the same.  I went back to the marker in front of Flowery Branch and put three downlines out and finally got a 24 inch Striper.  That was it for the day.  I really don't know what I was doing but I sure did not find much.  Finally I went back to Mud Creek and put some lines down but no luck.  Pulled the lines in and packed everything up and went to the ramp.  Water temperature was 85.4 degrees and the air temperature was 72 degrees with slight sprinkles.

August 5 - Woke up this morning at 3:00 am.  After tossing and turning for an hour, I decided to go out to the lake.  I got on the water about 4:45 and went straight for the Glow in the Dark lures and Jigs.  Moved around for about 2 hours but didn't get anything and much worse, I didn't mark a thing.  The sun was coming up so I put on some lures and trolled for about 2 hours with the same situation, nothing on the hook and nothing on the finder.  Finally I decided to pack it in.  Left the lake at 8:30 and was home in time for breakfast at 9:00.  Water temp was 85 degrees.  Sky was overcast with a few sprinkles and the fish were sleeping!!!

August 3 - Thought I would go out this morning and try something that I understand has not been used or has not been successful on Lake Lanier, Glow in the Dark Jigs.  I had some Jigs that we made years ago so I painted 3 of them with Glow Powder.  Got up a little early this morning and put the boat in the water about 5:45, still very dark.  Went about 100 yards from the dock and started to see a few fish so I put out 3 downlines and plugged in my light box to charge the Glow Jig.  Put the Jig in the water and started to troll at about .5 MPH.  After about 20 minutes I went over a school of Stripers and as I thought one of them could not resist and grabbed my Glow Jig.  I got him in the boat, 9 lbs, put the Jig back in the light box but it did not work.  I tried everything I could but no luck.  I had to put the Jig up until it got light and the sun could charge the Glow material on the Jig.  After the sun came up I moved out to deeper water.  Got out to a 100 foot bottom and moved my downlines to about 40 feet, still 3 down lines and 1 Jig.  Alternated between the Glow Jig and a monster 8", 3.25 oz Silver Spoon.  As I moved in my normal pattern, the action started but not on the Jigs/Spoon.  I landed 3 more Stripers.  One 7 lbs, one 13 lbs and one 15 lbs.  The 13 lber was a problem.  I usually do not take any fish, totally catch and release but this fish would not gown down.  He tried a couple of time and I tried to give him all the help I could.  He was going to die so I brought home, the first fish I have taken this  year.  By the way, if you are a Catch and Release person please be sure the fish is strong enough to release safely.  If he appears to be week and possibly could die, please bring him home.  We do not have to kill our treasured resource for nothing.  Anyway, I had a good day and got off the water, had my boat on the trailer and was on my way home by about 10:00. I will be back with Glow Jigs and Lures soon, keep in touch.   To the right is the 13 lb Striper that I had to keep.  Water temperature was 86.2 degrees.

August 1 - Went back to Old Federal this morning.  Trolled around the points and coves with NO luck.  I marked fish but for some reason they had lock jaw.  Finally after about 1 hour, I moved out away from the shore line and went out towards the main channel.  At first I didn't mark any fish but then I marked a few here and a few there.  These fish were more aggressive and first I caught a Catfish, then over the next 2 hours I got 9 Stripers.  I think they were cloned because they were all between 4lbs and 6lbs.  When I started it was overcast and as long as it stayed that way, the fish seemed to be around and they wanted my offering.  When the sun came out, everything stopped.  I got off the water about 10:15 and had a great morning.  By the way, I started with 2 downlines and 2 flatlines but changed to 4 downlines as I moved into deeper water.  All fish were caught on downlines at about 40 feet over a 100 feet + bottom.  Water temperature was 86.4 degrees when I got off the water.

July 26 - Went out again this morning.  Got up at 5:00am, was at the bait shop at 5:45 and determined that I had left my Oxygen Bottle at home.  Thought I was going to loose all the bait but remembered I had a bubbler in the tank so I borrowed a light from the bait shop and hooked up the bubbler in the bait tank.  Thought I might need Ice but they told me it should be OK.  Went to Old Federal and got the boat ready to launch.  Backed the boat down the ramp, then got into the boat and took it off the trailer.  What the Hell!!  My feet were getting wet, forgot you need a plug to assure a dry boat.  Quickly put the boat back  on the trailer, pulled it out of the water, drained the water from the inside, put in the plug and relaunched the boat.  This time all is OK.  Not a good way to start the day with no Oxygen and a wet boat but I still had that good feeling.  Went down the bank  looking for fish and decided to just put the lines in the water.  Pulled 2 flatlines and two downlines from the dock to the first cove on the right, then past the 2nd cove on the right and then one more cove.  I didn't mark any fish and didn't see anything rising.  Time was about 8:15 and I decided to start trolling out toward the main channel.  Really didn't go very far and I had a fish on.  Landed a Catfish about 6 or 7 pounds.  Not what I wanted.  Kept going and got another fish on, this time a Striper about 5lbs.  Kept going out into deeper water, now I was in 100 feet of water with down lines at about 30 and 40 feet and flat lines with 2 #3 split shots back between 60 and 70 feet.  I landed another Striper about 5lbs, then one about 8lbs, then one about 15lbs and finally one about 10lbs. Not a bad morning, especially for the way it started.  Five Stripers and one Catfish, it was 10:00 and time to go home.  Water temperature was 88.2 degrees.

July 18 - Went out this morning and thought I was going to have a great day.  Well, the day was great!!!  The fish didn't cooperate.  I put in at Balus, went to Orr Creek and marked nothing.  Then went to F buoy and again marked nothing.  Went to X buoy and nothing.  Then off to 2 Mile, nothing.  Then down 2 mile to marker 3 and again marked nothing.  Finally went to 6 mile/4 mile and marked 2 or 3 fish but I thought that was the best I was going to do so I  put my lines out.  Fished for about 3 hours, landed one Large Mouth about 4 lbs and that was the extent of my catching.  It was a beautiful morning with water temperature 85.5.  Some days you just don't catch but just being on the water makes it a GREAT DAY!!

July 11 - Went out this morning and had a good day.  Put in at Balus and went to my favorite spot, Orr Creek.  Unfortunately, it was not a favorite today.  Didn't get a hit and didn't mark a fish.  Moved out to X Buoy with the same results.  Moved across the lake to Van's Tavern.  Pulled up to Two Mile 13 and marked a few fish so I put the lines in.  Put out two Flatlines and two Downlines.   Didn't take long before one of the downlines loaded up.  the fish started running and I tried to grab the rod but couldn't get it out of the rod holder.  Finally got it out and the fish got out as well.  the line went slack and that was it for that one.  I landed 3 other fish, all on downlines.  Was over a 60 foot bottom and had the lines set at between 20 and 30 feet.  Landed one 8 lbs, one 14 lbs and one 18 lbs.  Had Honey Dos to get done so left about 10:15 and went Home.  Water temperature was 84.3 degrees.

June 22 - Went out this morning and had a great time.  Went back to Balus and directly to Orr Creek.  Went out at 6:20 and by 7:04, had landed 2 Stripers, small as they were.  Both were in the 5 lb range.  About 7:20, I had a good hit.  It took out 100 feet of line, came up a little and went back down.  As luck would have it he got into the trees and I did not see him at all!!  Shortly after that, I landed 2 more Stripers one about 4 lbs and the other about 7 lbs.  At that point, the fish disappeared.  I should mention, the water temp was 86 degrees and I had two downlines and tow flat lines.  All action was on the flat lines.  Had out about 60 feet of line and had two #3 split shot on one line and three on the other.  I finally moved out about  8:20 and went to 6 Mile.  I marked a few fish but could not get them to hit.  Just had three short strikes, that was the action for almost 2 hours.   A little after 10:00 I called it a day, it was getting HOT, and went home.

June 10 - Went out this morning.  Had engine trouble and had trouble with my electric motor but I overcame!!  Put in at Balus and went to Orr Creek. Fished from about 6:45am until about 10:30am.  Had a good day, landed one 8 lbs, one 12 lbs, one 13 lbs and one 18 lbs, all Stripers and all caught on either a flatline with Blue Herring or a downlilne with Blue Herring.  Flat lines were down between 20 and 30 feet and downlines were out between 60 and 75 feet.  Water temperature was right at 80 degrees. To the right is one of the Stripers I got today.

May 31 - Got on the water about 6:45 and went immediately to Flat Creek 1.  Devoid of life so I moved to X marker at Orr Creek.  Also devoid of life.  Went to Orr Creek 4 and the same results.  Moved to the other side of the lake and checked out Vans Tavern, nothing.  Finally went to 6 Mile and marked a few smaller fish but they were fish.  Put out two Downline's and two Flatline's and almost like magic go 2 very small Stripers, Maybe 20 inches at best!  Trolled up to the mouth of 4 Mile and after some time, got one more Striper about 7 lbs.  That was the action for the day.  I did go back to Flat Creek and did mark a few fish in the back in about 40 feet of water but they seemed to have lock jaw.  It started to get very warm so I packed it in and called it a day.  Water temp was 78 degrees.

May 24 - Went out this morning, it was a beautiful day, light winds, not a cloud in the sky and water temperature of 72 degrees.  I put in at Sardis and fished Sardis, Ada and the Holly Park area.  Although the weather was great the Stripers had lock jaw and were invisible to my finder.  I really don't think I one striper in the whole trip.  I did get a very large Alagator Garr and a bunch of Spotted Bass.  In addition, saw these deer swimming across the lake, what a beautiful sight.  It made my day!!

April 21 - Went out this morning and thought I would fool the fish.  Instead of fishing North, I went South.  Got bait and went to Flat Creek.  Started at Marker 8, then Market 9, then to one of the points farther down the creek.  Finally marked some fish but as with the other day, could not get them to bite.  I did get one Spot but nothing else.  Then moved into the back bay and really didn't mark much.  I finally got another hit and guess what?  Another Spot.  Did mark some fish in the very back of the creek but as before didn't get them to bite.  10:30 and time to pack it in.  Weather was great, bright with some clouds, water temperature 65.4 and the water conditions were great.  I was reminded when I got to the ramp, FULL MOON.

April 19 - Got out this morning for a few hours and it was just beautiful.  The sun was out, the wind was 3 - 4 MPH and the water temperature was 65.7 degrees.  I put in at Sardis and made a pass around the points but didn't mark a thing.  Then went on the Ada with the same results.  Moved on to the mouth of Gainesville Creek and marked a few small fish but they did not look like Stripers on the Finder.  Finally I went up to marker 55.  I marked a number of schools of large fish and immediately put my lines in the water.  As I was getting things ready another boat came up and started fishing about 50 yards out from the bank.  Guess I should have started there as well because they landed at least 3 small Stripers and I landed 4 Catfish.  There were Stripers in the area, they showed on the finder but I could not get them to bite.  After chasing them for about an hour and a half, I went back to Gainesville Creek and marked a few more fish but could not get them to bite either.  Finally about 10:45, I packed it in and went back to the launch ramp then hole.  A beautiful day even if I didn't get any fish.

March 29 - Finally got out this morning.  It has been a long time and as usual, when you leave your gear sit  for a long period of time, things go wrong.  Had a trailer light problem.  NO LIGHTS.  Got to the ramp OK but had it on my mind all morning.  Put the boat in at Sardis and went to the Holly Park area.  I barely got my lines in the water when I had a fish on.  Marked a lot of fish but only landed 4.  One about 3 lbs and 3 that were like clones, 8 lbs each.  Flat lines seemed to be the ticket.  Fished over a 25 to 40 foot bottom and down about 15 to 20 feet.  Got one fish on a flat line with no weight, had it 65 feet behind the  boat.  Water temperature was 61 degree.  Weather, sunny and 4 mile an hour winds!!