Lake Lanier 2015
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December 11 - Finally got out for a few hours yesterday.  The weather was beautiful, bright and no wind (no wind was a problem).  I just don't like to be on the water when there is not a riffle on top.  Primary reason the  outing was to be sure the boat was in good shape and the batteries were all working properly.  From that standpoint all was fine.  Unfortunately I could not find Stripers.  I marked a few smaller fish but did not mark any bait and larger fish seemed to be hiding.  I fished from about 7:30am until about noon and only had one hit, a Spotted Bass.  It was an enjoyable outing and had NO problems.  Water temperature was 56 degrees.  Air temperature was in the high 60's.

September 15 - Went out this morning primarily to test the Batteries.  Didn't get bait, thought I would troll with lures and a splitter.  Went to Sardis and from there to Gainesville Creek.  Marked a lot of fish but not in schools.  Most fish were in ones or twos and were in the 30 foot range.  Trolled for over 3 hours with the IPilot on 4 to 4.5 and had no problem.  Also did not get a fish.  I did have one hit but that was it.  Now, just hope the batteries charge OK.  Water temp was 78.4 degrees.

September 3 - Went out this morning primarily to check the battery situation.  Put in at about 7:00am and got off the water about 10:30am.  Trolled with the batteries for 3.5 hours with not problem and it appeared that the batteries took a full charge.  I had great bait, the weather cooperated and the water temperature was 83.4 degrees.  What more could I ask for?  Well, I started at Marker 1 at Flat Creek, then went to Marker 10 on Two Mile, then to Marker 1 on 4 mile and finally Marker 3 on 6 mile.  Now you ask....."what did you catch"?  After all that, I had 3 bites and landed one Catfish.  THAT WAS IT!!  Guess it really was a day to test the Battery condition.  When I got home I checked both batteries and they tested 12.63 and 12.62 Volts.  Not bad after 3.5 hours.  Then I put on the charger and both batteries are charging at about 13.6 volts.  I hope the condition that caused the problem the other day is gone.  I really don't know what the problem was and I will know for sure that it is fixed when the battery charger lets me know both batteries are fully charged.

September 1- Went out this morning but really think I should have stayed in bed.  I went down and got bait.  Put the boat in at Balis and then wet to Orr Creek.  Spotted a few fish so put my lines down but within minutes my trolling batteries went dead.  I charged them up about a week ago but for some reason, "NO JUICE".  Moved out  and tried to use the wine to drift over the area I saw fish and to my surprise, it worked.  I landed 5 small Stripers, 3 Bass (one of them blind in one eye) and 2 Catfish.  Ran out of bait about 10:00 and went in to the dock.  When I got home I tried to find out what was wrong with the batteries and determined that one battery had 12.65 volts, while the other had 6.5.  I took the batteries out of the boat, performed maintenance on both, took the one that had 6.5 volts and charged it with an outboard charger, thinking maybe the charger had a problem.  Everything is back together and I will check before trying to use them again and be sure the batteries are OK!!

July 23 - Got out this morning.  Put in at Balus and went out to Marker 1 on Flat Creek.  Checked around and did not mark any life at all, so I move on to Orr Creek.  Checked a few places and finally found some fish around Marker OC4.  Put out 2 Downlines and 2 Flatlines in about 90 feet of water and down about 30 to 40 feet.  Almost immediately got a small Striper, about 5 lbs.  Then got one about 8 lbs and then about 10 lbs.  After the 10 lber, everything died.  I moved to 2 Mile and found nothing.  Then move to 6 Mile and marked a few fish, so put my lines down.  After about 10 minutes, I got a few bites and landed a small Striper, about 4 lbs.  Fished until I ran out of bait and landed 4 other small Stripers, 3 Spots (one over 5 pounds) and one Catfish.  I got off the water about 10:30 and went home to enjoy the rest of the day.  Water temperature was 86 degrees.

July 17 - Went back out this morning.  Didn't get bait, took only lures.  Put in at Sardis and went to the same place as my last outing.  Put on a Splitter wit a Manns 15 on one side and a Hair Raiser on the other.  Fished for about 2 hours and landed 2 small Stripers, about 2 lbs, and 5 nice Spotted Bass before the wind started to be a problem and then went home.  Water temperature was 86.4 degrees.

July 6 - Went out again this morning.  Wasn't looking for the big ones but just wanted to get back on the water and do something that would clear my mind.  Went back to the Pond Dam area.  Put out 2 Flat Lines and 2 Down Lines, all baited with Blue Backs.  Took a while before I started marking fish but when I did, I really did!! To the right is a picture of my finder at 8:16 am.   Not real big fish but lots of them.  I landed 7 Stripers the largest being 7.4 lbs.  In addition, I got one Gar about 4 feet long.  Fished until about 10:00 am and then called it a day.  Water temp was 83 degrees.

July 2 - Finally got to go out this morning.  Went down and got some Blue Backs, then to Sardis for a morning of fishing.  I have to say, it was great to be back on the water!!!  Went to the Holly Park area and actually got fish around the  Pond Dam.  Landed 2 Gar and 12 small Stripers, from 18" to 28 inches.  Did not mark a lot of fish but apparently fish were around.  Fished in 40' to 60' feet of water using Down Lines at about 25' and used 2 Flat Lines with 2 #3 Split shots with about 65 feet of line behind the boat.  They both were equally effective.  Wish I had got some bigger fish but it was fun anyway.  Water Temp was right at 84 degrees.

May 22 - Went out this morning.  Put in at Sardis and went up stream.  Fished the Holly Park area and didn't do bad.  Got one Striper right at 14 lbs, two about 5 lbs, 2 about 2 lbs and 3 dinks.  In addition, got oneWhite Bass, 4 Spots and one Gar.  I was off the water about 10:30.  Most fish came on Flat Lined Herring.  Did get 2 Bass on down lines.  Water Temperature was 76.6.

May 9 - Went out this morning with David.  We put in at Bolding Mills and went to Johnson/Latham.  We made the turn into Latham and started to put out lines.  Our thought was to put out two Plainer Boards, two Flat Lines, tow Down Lines and a Cork.  Well, we must have landed in a Nursery.  Before we could get all the lines out we started to get hits.  Through out the morning we landed about 15 lbs Stripers, that is 15 Stripers, 1 lb each and one very large Gar.  We did have two decent fish on but didn't land either of them.  Again, we ran out of bait so we packed it in and went home.  Had a great time but if you are looking for larger fish, STAY AWAY.  You will use lots of bait and get lots of fish but nothing to be proud of!!

May 8 - Got our this morning.  The lake was beautiful, warm, no wind and the slight appearance of fish feeding on the surface.  I put in at Sardis and went up river.  I put out two down lines, two flat lines and one cork, all baited with Blue Backs.  It didn't take long before one of the rods got very active.  Then the rod loaded up and the reel started to sing.  The fish had hit the flat line on the right and went directly across the cork and the other flat line.  I had no chance to turn him and as luck would have it, all three lines go tight and the fish effected a Long Line Release.  I had to more hits before having the same Rod load up again.  This time it was a different story.  I was able to keep the fish on the right side of the boat and when I got him to the surface I was pleasantly surprised with a 15 lb Striper. I got a few more hits and then one of the down lines loaded up.  The fish must have thought he was much bigger than he really was because ht took line like a monster.  Got him up and in the net, a nice 12 lber.  Fished for about another hour, about 9:30 and ran out of bait.  I really should have taken more but I just took about a dozen and a half blue backs.  Had a great time so I packed it in and went home.

February 6 - Well, finally got a chance to get the boat ready and put it through a trial run for the 2015 season.  Got up at 6:00am, had breakfast and went outside to get started.  Jumped in the truck, put the key in the slot, turned the key and NOTHING.  I had a dead battery.  Took out my trusty battery charger, with a 50amp starting switch, let it charge 5 minutes as the instructions state and NOTHING.  Not to bore you but after 40 minutes I finally pulled the other car up to the truck, attached a set of jumper cable and it seemed that before I could fully turn the switch, the truck was started.  I pulled the truck and boat up to the driveway and loaded two rods, a tackle box and some warm cloths.  Put the boat in the water, turned the key and it started right away.  Let it warm up, pulled it off the trailer and parked it at the courtesy dock.  I pulled the truck off the ramp and into the parking lot, parked the truck and made my way to the parked boat.  Jumped in the boat and started out of the Sardis Creek area.  Put two rods out with one Broken Back Rebel and one Manns 15.  Pulled through Sardis into the main channel and into Ada Creek, past marker one and to the Boy Scout Camp.  Only marked a few small fish and one school of bait for my effort.  Made two passes at the BSC and finally got a hit.  At first I thought it might be a Striper but very quickly it started to pump and didn't pull any line.  It was a Catfish about 5 or 6 pounds.  I trolled to the back of Ada Creed with no other hits and really didn't mark any fish.  Decided I had accomplished my mission, outboard worked just fine and the trolling motor was in great shape.  Pulled everything in, went to the ramp, loaded the boat and went home.  I am now ready to start fishing for real!!!

January 31 - I haven't been out but my nephew Brett and his son Alex went out on Lake Martin, Alabama today and had a great day.  They have a lake home on Lake Martin and have fished it in the past but NOTHING LIKE THIS!!.  They got 6 fish, 4 Stripers and 2 Bass.  Take a look below and you will enjoy their catch as I have!!