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October 10 - Got out this morning for the first time in a week.  Put in at Balus and as directed, went directly to the Dam.  Looked for fish but not much to see.  Worked my way up the lake, found some fish at Flowery Branch and some more at Orr.  Unfortunately nothing of any size.  Finally looked in the bait tank and had 4 Blue Backs left, so went into Flat Creek.  Got more small fish but I finally got one that was between 13 and 14 lbs.  At that point I was out of bait and ready to go home.  Landed about 15 small Stripers and Spots and only one larger fish.  Water temperature was 74.6 when I got on the lake and 75.5 when I got off.  

October 2 - Have been in California for my 55th High School Class Reunion but made it out today.  Put in at Balus and started South.  Fished 2 Mile, 4 Mile, 6 Mile and Flat Creek 1.  All I got was a few Spots but no Stripers.  Guess they were punishing me for going away.  Conditions were good and water temperature had dropped to 74 degrees.  Guess I better get my act in gear and get out more often.

September 12 - Went out this morning looking for a BIG ONE.  Fished Orr Creek, Vans Tavern, 2 Mile, Flat Creek 1, Flat Creek 3 and Flat Creek 6.  Unfortunately the fish were not cooperating.  I landed a bunch of fish but all very small.  I think the largest one was about 22 inches.  Finally ran out of bait so went home.  Water temperature was relatively constant at 82.4 degrees.

September 10 - Went out this morning.  Put in at Balus and went directly to Orr Creek.  Put out 2 down lines in front of the Marina.  Bottom was about 70 feet deep and put my baits between 35 and 45 feet.  Before I could get the 2nd line down, I had a small fish on the line, about 18".  Finally got both lines down and at the mouth of the cove on the right, I landed a Striper about 11 pounds.  Went from there to Marker 4 and landed another Striper about 13 pounds and finally right out in front of Marker 4 landed a Striper about 8 pounds.  In addition, I landed 3 or 4 small  fish, between about 14 inches and 18 inches.  I picked up my lines and moved up to Flat Creek 1.  Put the same 2 lines down and landed a bunch of small fish.  Nothing to weigh but it was fun anyway.  Finally ran out of bait so packed it in and went home.  Water temperature was 82.1 degrees when I arrived and 82.6 when I left.

September 5 - Just an update on my problem that might be of help.  When I got home I thought about the cutting out.  It seemed to me it was one of two things, moisture in the gas or a problem with the gas filter.  If it was not one of those things I felt I would be looking at a LARGE repair bill.  Yesterday I went out and got a new gas filter and a bottle of "HEAT".  Heat will dissipate moisture in the gas and if the filter was partially blocked, the new filter should fix that problem.  I replaced the filter and poured the HEAT in the gas tank.  Heat was $1.77 at WalMart and the gas filter was $20 at the boat shop.  While I was at it, I changed the oil, oil filter and the lower end 90 weight oil.  I checked for gas and oil leaks and found none so the last thing to do was to put the boat in the water and see if I fixed the problem.  Today was the first chance I had to get the boat in the water.  Put in at Sardis, put the throttle at 4500 rpm and started out.  Went for a little more than 3.5 miles with NO problems.  Now, that means I did diagnose the problem correctly.  the only problem is I don't know if it was the filter or water in the fuel.  At any rate, for $23 in parts, the problem disappeared.  Just an FYI.  It was much less expensive to put $23 in the repair than it would have been to take it to the shop.  Because of the changes in temperature for the past few weeks, I really feel it was moisture in the Gas.

September 2 - Had not been out lately so thought it was time to get on the lake and show those Stripers who is the boss.  Got bait and went directly to Balus.  Put the boat in the water and when I started it the emergency sounder started blazing at me.  Turn off the motor and restarted it and everything was just fine.  Scared the heck out of me for a minute, thought maybe I had lost an oil pump or a water pump.  At any rate, everything seemed to be just fine so I left the dock for the fishing grounds.  Went abut 500 yards and the motor slowed down, lost 500 rpm, then regained the speed and seemed OK.  Not so.  Every time I got settled at 4500 rpm it would hesitate.  Almost like I had water in the fuel.  Other than the slowing, everything sounded great and at idle everything was just fine.  I first thought I was going to go to 6 Mile but decide because of the motor to stay close enough to get back in on the trolling motor if I had to.  Fished the area around Flat Creek 1 and actually had some fun but didn't get anything of any size.  I landed 9 small Stripers from 15" to abut 26" and then ran out of bait.  There appeared to be bigger fish in the area but I just could not get a nice fish to bite.  NO problem, I had a good time and was home early.  Water temperature was 82.2 degrees when I got there and 83.4 when I left.

August 21 - Went out this morning with good intentions.  Put in at Balus and went immediately to the juncture of Balus and Flat Creek.  Nothing on the screen so moved on to Flat Creek 1.  Marked a few fish so put a line down.  After abut 20 minutes, no action so moved to 2 Mile.  Marked some fish there so again, put a line down.  Landed 2 Stripers but only about 5 to 7 pounds.  Then moved to 4 Mile/6 Mile.  Again, marked a few fish so put the lines back down.  Had 2 nice hits but nothing stuck and the sun was starting to cook me.  Decided to call it a day.  Water temperature was 81.5 when I got to the junction of Flat Creek and Balus.  It rose to 82.5 at 4 Mile/6 Mile.

August 6 - Finally got out this morning.  Put in at Balus and fished up the Chattahoochee.  Started at Chestatee Bay and marked a lot of fish that appeared to be Stripers.  Put out downlines and started fishing.  Landed 2 Stripers but no size to them.  Moved up to Marker 1 on the Chestatee.  Again marked a lot of fish but as in Chestatee Bay, landed 2 Stripers, largest about 24 inches.  Started to get low on bait so I went back to Flat Creek where again I landed Stripers but this time the bonus was a nice Small Mouth Bass.  Got a lot of fish but the largest was about 24 inches.  Out of bait and time to go home.  All fish were caught on downlines over a 40 -  50 foot bottom and down about 25 feet.  Water Temperature was 82.3 degrees.

July 8 - Went our again this morning.  Put in at Sardis and this time went South with plugs in hand and splitters on the line.  Put the lines out just past the Gainesville Bridge and trolled from there to marker 42.  I did not mark many fish and I did not see surface activity put in at 6:00am and finally at about 10:30am with only one hit all morning I decided to call it a day.  Not one of my better catching days but as always one of my better days on the water.  Water temperature was 83.1 when I put in and 84.4 when I pulled out.

July 7 - Went out to try Trolling with a Spreader again this morning.  Put in at Sardis and went to Ada Creek.  Started at Ada 1 and made the whole loop to Ada 2 before leaving.  Put out three rods, each with either a Jig and a Manns 15 or a Swim Bait and a Manns 15.  In either case, I used either a 1 ounce Jig or a 1 ounce Sinker.  After 5 hours, I landed 3 Stripers, all about 5 lbs; 3 Walleye between 2 lbs and 3 lbs and 1 Spotted Bass about 16 inches.  I tried to stay in water over 30 feet deep and tried to have the Spreader in the 20 foot range.  Water temperature was 84.2 when I got there and 85.3 when I left.

July 2 - Didn't get any bait this morning.  I wanted to try a Spreader with one Manns Stretch 15 and a Hair Raiser.  Put in at Sardis and put out 3 rigs.  All with Hair Raisers and Manns Lures.  I trolled through Sardis and went around the corner to Ada Creek.  At Ada 1, I started to mark fish.  I landed 3 fish from 11 to 17 pounds.  I used one ounce Hair Raisers and Stretch 15's with between 60 and 80 feet of line (going down about 20 to 30 feet).  Water temp when I got there was 84.3 and when I left 85.2.  Got off the water about 11:00 am.

June 25 - Went to Balus this morning.  Pulled away from the dock and went around the corner.  Started to mark fish and it appeared they were thick from about 10 feet to about 60 feet.  Put two baits down and immediately had two fish on.   the fish were small so after a few minutes I pulled up and moved to the back side of Balus.  Again, I found a big school of fish.  I landed a total of 12 fish between 12" and 18" plus one fish about 12 lbs.  Ran out of bait so I packed things in and went home.  Water temperature was 83 degrees.

June 3 - Went to the Chestatee this morning, Buck Cannon and I.  Went down stream and fished from 6:30am until about noon.  Landed 5 Stripers, the largest being about 12 inches.  In addition, got a few Spots and a few Catfish.  Nothing to write home about.  I think we had out the right combination of baits, 2 Down Lines, 2 Flat Lines, 1 Cork, 1 Casting Rod and 2 Jigging Rods.  Bait for the day was Blue Back Herring.  Water temperature was 78.2 when we got on the water and 77.7 when we got off.  Guess Buck is a SMALL FISH Magnet!!

May 29 - Put in at Bolding Mills and went up river.  Started around marker 21 and moved up until it was time to go home.  Landed 6 Schoolie Stripers, between about 7lbs and 10lbs but nothing bigger.  In addition, landed a good number of Spots and Gar.  NO Catfish today.  Did get checked by the DNR.  The checked my Licence and checked my boat for Fire Extinguisher, Throw Cushion and Life Jackets. All were OK!!  Water temperature was 78 when I got on the water and 80.2 when I got off.  By the way, all the Stripers were males and full of sperm.

May 27 - Put in at Sardis and went directly to the mouth of Gainesville Creek.  Didn't mark much so moved up to Marker 55.  Made about 3 passes and got a few Spots, a few Catfish and a Gar.  Moved up to the Pond Dam and basically it was the same but I did manage to get one Striper, about 12".  Moved to the other side of the lake and went down stream back to Gainesville Creek and fished the Point at the mouth of Gainesville Creek.  Again, Spots and Catfish but NO Stripers.  Finally I got down to my last 2 Baits and thought it was time to leave.  It was a beautiful morning, water temperature 78.2 - 78.4 degrees but not Striper action.

May 20 - Went out this morning.  The weather was just beautiful, no wind, no clouds and water temperature started at 70 degrees.  Went to Johnson/Latham.  Thought I was going to have an exceptional catch but the Fish Gods had something different in mind.  Got on the water about 6:30am and got off about 10:30am, caught 5 Spots, 6 Catfish, 3 Gar and 1 Striper about 7lbs.  Did not mark a lot of fish and very little bait.  Guess I will find them nest time.

May 14 - Got back out this morning.  Put in at Bolding Mills and fished the Chestatee.  Put out the usual, 2 down lines. 2 flat lines and one cork directly behind the boat.  I landed 3 Stripers, all coming on the cork, 8 lbs, 14 lbs and 15 lbs.  In addition, got a bunch of Spots and 3 Catfish.  Water temperature was 77 degrees when I got there and 79 degrees when I left.

May 7 - Finally got out this morning.  The day started out with problems but ended up a good day on the lake.  I started out to get bait and as I turned the corner at the bottom of my street, there were fire trucks and police all over.  I did get through to get bait but on the way back, the fire trucks and the police were still there and they would not  let me pass.  I had to detour and went about 10 miles out of my way because my boat was at my house and if I was going to use the bait, I had to get to the boat.  This held me up about 45 minutes but I got on the water about 7:15.  I put in at Bolding Mills and fished the Chestatee.  I no sooner put two flat lines out when one of them loaded up.  I landed a Striper about 12lbs.  What a great surprise to hit a fish right out  of the box.  I kept moving and landed another Striper about 15 minutes later, again on a flat line.  I was not marking lots of fish but there was a lot of bait all around the area.  I made about 3 passes and landed 6 Stripers and 2 Catfish.  The Stripers were all between 10lbs and 18lbs.  It really was a great morning.  All of the fish but one came on flat lines about 60 feet behind the boat.  Only one fish hit a long lined bait on a cork.  By the way, all the fish were caught over a 30 foot bottom.  When I got there the water temperature was 72.1 Degrees and when I left it was 74.3 degrees.  

April 14 - Went To the Chestatee this morning.  The weather was suppose to be good until about 10:00am, so I loaded my stuff and got on the water.  I put in at Bolding Mills and went up stream to marker 23.  Fished from there to market 25 and landed one very small Striper and two White Bass.  The water from about 23 up was muddy and the temperature was 64 degrees.  On my way back to the ramp, I noticed that the water cleared around marker 19.  It looks like this afternoon will not be conducive to being on the water, nor will it be good for the next few days.

April 10 - Got on the lake about 7:00am and went directly to the mouth of Gainesville Creek.  Made one pass around the point and marked a few fish so I went back.  On the way back, I hooked and landed a Striper about 11lbs.  Tried again and I landed another one about 12lbs.  About that time, a Guide in an unmarked Ranger boat, smoking a cigar came right over and pulled within about 15 feet of my boat.  He had 3 Clients and they started to cast right into the area where the fish were holding and I had been trolling.  I didn't say anything I just kept my i-Pilot on it's memory pattern and kept fishing.  Needless to say I didn't get another bite.  This guy looked at me like I was Crazy.  He didn't say good morning or "can you reach out and light my cigar" or anything.  Finally after a few minutes he I guess he dicided I was not going to leave the spot I had been fishing for befpre he got there, so he left.  I did not get another fish in that hole so I moved up to the area across from Holly Park.  There I had two nice hits but none of them stuck.  I didn't get another Striper all morning but I did get 8 Catfish.  They all came on Flatlined Blue Backs over a 40 foot bottom.  Water temperature was 58 degrees.

April 3 - Received this email from one of my wife's High School friends in Pennsylvania.  Now, this is what I call a big Walleye!!!!  I believe Raymond is 14 years old, just loves to fish and apparently is doing a good job of it!!  Congratulations Raymond!!!

"G-Son fishing the Maumee river yesterday almost 9# walleye..they had it for dinner yesterday....
let the fun begin he is there today again!!!"

April 3 - Went North today and fished both the Trailer Park and Clarks Bridge.  When I arrived the water temp was 59 an when I left, the water temp was 64.  made a be big loop around the Trailer Park area but only got one Spot and one Walleye.  I put out one of everything, Side Plainer's, Flat lines, Down Lines, Weighted Down Lines and one line just behind the motor.  Moved up to Clarks Bridge and made a big loop around it and only got one Spot.  I didn't mark many fish and the water was like a piece of glass until about noon.  I don't know where the fish are but I sure have not had any luck lately.  Guess I will wait until next week and try again.

April 1 - Went out this morning.  Put in at Sardis and went directly to marker 55.  Marked a few fish but no real concentrations.  Water temp was 54 degrees.  Trolled the left bank all the way up to the shallow water marker and landed one Striper about 9lbs.  In addition landed a few Spots but that was it.  Moved up to Little River and fished it for abut 2 hours with no luck at all.  Moved into Wahoo marker 5 and again no luck.  packed it in about 12:00 and went on home.

March 20 - The first day of Spring and a great chance to get out on the lake.  It was just beautiful, water temperature 49 when I arrived and 50 when I left.  Fished the Lathem Creek area and really didn't do much but have a great morning, Sunny and very little wind until about 10:30.  Put out 2 Flatlines, 2 Plainer Boards, 1 Line directly behind the Outboard and one Downline.  Fished until about noon and did land 9 Spots but couldn't get a Striper to take my offering.  Guess my day will be next time.

March 11 - Went out this morning because the next few days will have bad weather.  While I was getting ready to launch my boat, at Balus, Buck Cannon was also getting ready to launch his boat.  He gave me some ideas of where to fish so I just know it was going to be a great day.  I checked out the area around the ramp and didn't mark a thing.  Moved out to Marker 4 and also didn't mark a thing.  Moved to the area around Mt. View and found some fish.  Put my lines in just down from the big house on the point.  Put out two flat lines, two plainer boards, two down lines and one line just behind the motor.  The sun came up and it was beautiful, sunny, clear and NO wind.  Fished the area around Mt. View with no luck but Buck got a nice 20 lber.  Then I started a slow troll to the back of Flat Creek.  Didn't mark much but the day was just what the Doctor Ordered.  I got a call from Buck and he got another fish, 15 lbs.  I trolled all the way back past Marker 9 and only had two hits but nothing stuck.  Finally the wind changed it's mind and started blowing so I packed it in.  Didn't get a fish but had a great morning.  Water temperature was 49 degrees when I got there and 53 degrees when I left.

February 25 - finally got out on the lake this morning.  The weather people said today was going to be the best day of the week, no rain, warmer (65 degrees or better), 2 -5 mph wind and just a great day.  WRONG!  I got on the lake about 6:45am and went directly to Johnson Creek.  it was just beautiful...........for about 30 minutes.  Then it started to sprinkle and went into a major rain.  Then the wind came up in gusts,  I would estimate about 15+ mph.  Next the temperature dropped form about 48 to about 42.  My boots leaked and my feet were wet and the tee top was dripping all over.  Not a very pleasant start.  Never the less, I put my lines out and tried to find fish.  Frankly, I did not mark fish and I did not mark bait.  I did find a tree on the bottom and lost two lures, just not fast enough to pull the lines in when the tree showed on the finder.  After trying to find fish for 3 hours and trying to accept the weather, I decided to pack it in and go home.  Got home and the sun came out, it got warmer but the wind did not stop.  I guess it just was not my day.  Will try again next week.  Tight Lines Y'All.

February 2 - The site is back up and running.  Sorry but with the weather I have not been out fishing and then I had both computers crash almost at the same moment, then the snow came and it went from bad to worse.  In addition, my buddy Jack Bishop is opening a Lyman Lure Distribution Company and I am in the process of building his web site.  I am back but won't get out on the lake for about another week.