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December 28 - Went out again this morning and fished the Chattahoochee Side.  We started at Gainesville Creek and ended up at Holly Park.  Got 3 small stripers and that was it.  Not very productive and it was Cold.  Temperature was 34 degrees with a little wind so the wind chill made it feel like it was below freezing.  Water Temperature was 49.7 degrees.  To the right is a picture of my brother Ron.  Guess he was a little chilled!!!  

December 27 - My Brother came in from Florida and we went out this morning.  We fished Latham Creek and didn't get a Striper.  We did get about 7 Spots and one of them was a large one, about 5.5lbs.  Water temperature was about 50 degrees and outside temperature was 32.

November 9 - Went out this morning and went to the Chestatee.  David and I got on the water about 7:00 and went streight to one of our old haunts.  We landed 2 small Stripers, 2 Spots and then David landed this Striper.  He was so happy, I thought he was going to jump into the lake.  Yes, he did it again and he onlt let me get a Striper about 7"long and a Spot!

November 2 - David Duncan took out another partner today, his wife Joedy and I guess he should do this more often.  They were fishing north at about 7:30am when I got a call from Joedy asking me to take a look at my email.  Enclosed was this picture of a 38+" Striper caught just before she called me.  Now, if you take a look at the picture below and to the left, you will find a difference in the size of the fish we catch and why he decided to get a new partner!!!  Even thought the new Partner gave him the luck so that he could land a great fish, he still holds down his Partners and only lets them catch the small ones.  This is Joedy Duncan with the biggest fish he would let her catch!!!!  But I have to say, "What a nice Spot"

October 25 - David and I went to Clarks Bridge this morning.  Water temperature was 67.2 and the outside temperature was 39 degrees.  We fished the area just below the Bridge all the way down to the Trailer Park.  We landed 4 nice Stripers from 9 to 14 and were happy to get that.  We did mark some fish but again they really did not want to cooperate.  Fishing should be getting better soon and it should be getting colder outside.  To the left to the price for the day!!!

October 22 - Went to the lake this morning.  Put in at Balus and fished both Balus and Flat Creek.  Marked fish in both locations but could not get ONE to take my beautiful Blueback.  I even tried trolling but with the same luck.  It was COLD and the water temperature was 77.2 degrees.

October 17 - While I was out trying to catch Stripers my old fishing partner Jack Bishop was catching Salmon in the Sacramento River!!!  This one is a 24 pounder caught just South of the city of Sacramento.

October 16 - Went out this morning for the first time in two weeks.  Got some bait and went to  Flat Creek.  Fished Flat Creek 6, 9 and the back of the creek and only got 2 small Stripers, both were about 7 or 8 lbs.  Also got two Spots but that was it for the morning.  Put out two Flat Lines, two Down Lines and one Flat Line with one large split shot on it.  Had a great time even thought the fish did not cooperate the way they should have.  Water temperature was 72.3 when I arrived and 73.4 at 10:00am when I left.

October 1 - Went out this morning to try a new technique.  Put in at Balus and covered Orr Creek, Van's Tavern, 2 Mile, 4 Mile, 6 Mile, Flowery Branch and finally started home.  Guess I picked a bad day to test a different technique because I just could not find fish.  I was disappointed that I did not find fish but I will try again.  Water Temperature was between 74.3 and 75 degrees.

September 26 - Went out this morning to try a new technique and some different lures.  Put in at Sardis and fished the area immediately around the launch ramp.  Marked a bunch of fish which seemed to be Stripers but only got one hit and it did not stick.  Then I went out to the main channel and went down to Gainesville Marina and then to marker 44.  Marked a few fish but no concentrations.  Left the lake with a big SKUNK!!  What I was doing was trolling slowly, around 1 mph using Flat Fish and Spinners.  In both cases I was using Pro Cure Gizzard Shad Scent.  I don't believe this was a good test so I will do it again next week adding one more twist, a Herring Wrap!!  Water temperature was 75.4 degrees.

September 24 - Went out this morning but went to my old haunts.  Put in at Bolding Mills and went to Latham Creek.  Landed one Striper about 6 lbs and one Gar. take a look at the picture to the right.  Then moved to Taylor Creek and landed one more Striper, about 8 or 9 lbs.  Finally moved to River Forks and landed one Spot.  Didn't mark many fish and didn't see any surface activity.  About that time I was out of bait and started for Home.  Had a good morning and missed the rain.  Water temperature was 77.4 degrees.

September 9 - Decided to go out this morning but did not get live bait.  I put in at Sardis and fished the immediate area around the boat ramp to the mouth of Sardis.  I used three rods, two with Spreaders and one a flat line.  On the Spreaders, I used either a Manns 12 or 15 on one arm and a Fish Trap on the other.  In addition, I added 1 ounce of lead.  I put the side lines out 60' and 100', while the center line was rigged with a Manns 20 with 125 feet of line.  I marked a lot of fish in the Sardis area that appeared to be Stripers but did not catch a Striper.  After about an hour of chasing the fish I moved to the area around marker 51.  I fished from about 7:00am until about 10:30 and landed 3 Catfish and 1 Spot.  Not productive but it gave me a good idea of the conditions up here and the water conditions.  Water temperature was 82.4 degrees.

August 27 - Went out this morning for the first time in three weeks.  Should have stayed home!!!  Started at Balus and fished from Flat Creek 1 to a point just below Chattahoochee 23.  then picked up my gear and went to the west bank and fished from just above Van's Tavern to 2 Mile 3.  I know the fish were suppose to be down by the dam but I wanted to see if any of them made it up the lake.  The answer is NO!  I marked just a few fish that could have been Stripers and didn't get a bite.  One of the problems is the fish were not there and another problem was the bait was dead after about 10 minutes.  I tried many different depths but could only find short reprieves at about 30 feet.  Water temperature was 77 degrees.

August 2 - Went out this morning with the feeling that I was just going to have the best day of the summer.  I put in about 6:00am and went directly to Flat Creek 1, then to Flat Creek 2, then to maker 23 in the main channel, then to 2 Mile and lastly then to 4 Mile/6 Mile.  Through trial and error, I found that the bait died if it was shallower than 25 feet or deeper than 40 feet but was OK in between.  I marked a lot of fish, that appeared to be Stripers, at Flat Creek 1 but did not mark much anywhere else.  I did not get a Striper but the Spots and the Catfish were feed very well!!!

July 30 - Went out this morning and thought I was going to have a great catching day.  The morning was clear, just a little breeze and the water temperature was 82.5 degrees.  Started in Orr Creek but only got a Catfish.  Moved to 2 Mile and NOTHING!  then to 4 Mile/6 Mile and landed 4 more Catfish and 2 Spots.  Finally moved to Sisters and again, NOTHING.  Looked at my watch and it was almost 11:00am.  For me, I had outfished my welcome.  I packed it in and went home.  NO STRIPERS!!!

July 17 - Went to out on the lake this morning but found the fish uncooperative.  I started at Balus and went to Flat Creek with no luck.  Then to Flat Creek 1, no luck.  Then to Orr Creek 3 and 4, no luck.  Then to Vans Tavern, no luck.  finally I went to 6 Mile and marked some fish.  I went over them with downlines and Bluebacks a number of times and all I could get was Spotted Bass.  Finally one of the reels started to sing and I landed a nice 16 pounder.  It took another 30 minutes or and a number of Spots but I finally got the reel on the other side singing and landed a 22 pounder.  It sure was a lot of work, but well worth the effort,  for 2 nice fish.  Water Temp was 83 degrees.

July 9 - Went out this morning and had a real hard time finding fish.  Went to Flat Creek and tried 4 of my favorite spots with no Stripers to be found.  Did land Spots in each location but that is not what I was trying to get.  Finally decided to move into Orr Creek and finally found a few Stripers.  Landed two fish, one about 7 - 8 lbs and the other right at 12 lbs.  Got both in 62 feet of water and down about 30 feet.  I Tried Orr 3 and Orr 4 with no luck so I packed it in and came home.  Water temperature was 82.5 in Flat Creek and 83.2 in Orr Creek

July 1 - Went out this morning but decided to try a new location.  Got bait and went to Orr Creek.  Put out 4 lines and by the time I completed one loop, I had landed 3 nice Stripers and lost 1.  Then the bite stopped.  I marked some fish but they had lock jaw.  I moved to 6 Mile and marked a good number of fish but only landed one Striper.  I did get 3 BIG Spots. one was almost 6 lbs.  The Stripers were 8 lbs, 10 lbs, 17 lbs and 20 lbs.  Not a bad morning and I started packing things up to got off the lake about 10:30.  Water temp was 82.4 degrees.

June 29 - Went out this morning with David Duncan and his son Ryan.  Caught a lot of fish but not exactly what we wanted.  We landed  6 Spots, 1 Catfish and 2 Stripers.  Fished 2 Flat lines and 2 Down lines baited with Blue Backs.  Water temp was 84 degrees.  To the right is a picture of Ryan with the biggest Striper we caught, an 8 lb fish.

June 25 - Went out this morning and for the first time this year fished South.  Put in at Balus and fished the Flat Creek Area.  Came out of Balus and stopped where you would make the first left turn into Flat Creek.  Landed 3 Stripers between about 11 lbs and 14 lbs.  One of the fish had a big bite on his side.  It was just behind the gill plate and ran from the mid body to his underside.  Looked like a big animal tried to take a bite out of him but he got away.  At any rate, he as all the others were released to fight another day.  About 8:30 I moved back into Flat Creek and didn't get one Striper bite but did land a 5.5 lb Walleye.  When I saw him in the water he looked green and I was puzzled, I really didn't know what he was until I got him in the net.  About 10:15 I decided to call it a day and went back to the ramp.  Water temperature was 83.3 degrees.

June 15 - David and I went out this morning to see if we could find the fish like I did yeaterday.  We didn't catch as many Stripers but we did get two nice fish.  I gor one 17lbs and he got one 20lbs.  Both on Bluebacks, one on a flat line and the other on a down line.  Water Temp was 83 degrees.


June 14 - After the storm, I had to get out on the lake.  Got bait and put in at Bolding Mills to fish the Chestatee.  Got the lines in the water about 6:20am and by 6:36 put the first fish in the boat.  Put out 2 Flat lines with lead and 2 downlines.  Had a great morning, 5 Stripers from 10 to 16 pounds, 4 Spots and 1 BIG Catfish.  Only started with 2 dozen Bluebacks so I had to pack it in about 9:30.  Water temp was 83 degrees and  the weather was beautiful.

June 3 - Went out this morning thinking I would get wet but the weather was quite nice except for about 30 minutes of rain and I just stayed under the T Top.  Fished the Area across from Holly Park and around Ada 1.  Fishing was slow but I did manage to get 3 Stripers, 2 Spots and 1 Gar.  The Stripers were small, 2 were about 8 lbs and the 3rd was 10lbs.  It really was a nice morning.  Water Temp was 78.1 at Ada and 79.9 across from Holly Park.

May 29 - Another morning on the Lake.  Went up river to the area across from Holly Park and dropped my usual 4 lines.  Water temperature was 76.8, down from a week ago.  Fished for about 4 hours and landed 4 Stripers, all about the same size, 10lbs.  When I first started to fish, they were all over.  Within about 30 minutes the scattered dramatically.  While I was fishing the area just above Marker 55, Mike Dyer and his buddies came by, at which time I had 2 fish.  Told Mike to pull right in and he landed 2 fish in about an hour.  Fishing really has been good, I just hope it stays that way.

May 22 - Another day at Marker 55.  I won't bore you with the details but the water temperature was 78.8 degrees when I got there at 7:00 am and 80 degrees when I left at 11:00 am.  I put out the same spread as I did last week and I landed 5 Stripers, 2 right at 10 lbs, 2 around 14 lbs and one 15 lbs.  I have to admit, I lost another fish but had a great morning and look forward to the fishing next week.

May 16 - Went back to my lucky spot this morning Marker 55.  I put 4 lines in the water, 2 flat lines and 2 down lines.  I was fishing in about 30 - 35 feet of water and had the down lines at 20 and 30 feet down.  I did not have a day as good as yesterday but never the less it was a good day.  I landed 3 fish, one 13 lbs, one 14 lbs and the largest was 18 lbs.  I also lost two fish.  I got off the lake about 11:00 because the fish disappeared and I really could not find them again.  Water temp was 70 degrees.

May 14 - Went out this morning and what a beautiful day.  NO wind, outside temp 64 at 7:00am, water temp 66 and water was in great condition.  Put in at Sardis and went to marker 55.  Put my lines in at the cove just below 55 and started fishing.  Put out 2 downlines, 2 flat lines and one line behind the motor with about 15 feet of line.  By the way, I only had about a dozen and a half of Bluebacks and that was the bait for the day.  It didn't take long and one of the downlines loaded up, a nice 8 lber.  Next the rod behind the motor loaded up, one about 12 lbs.  Then I had a double, one downline and one flat line and lost them both.  Now you know they had to be the biggest fish of the day.  I landed 3 more fish, the largest was about 15 lbs and I ran out of bait.  It was about 10:00am and I had to go home.  I went home a happy fisherman.  Had a great morning, the weather was great and everything seemed to go right for a change!!!

May 11 - What a beautiful morning.  Put in at Bolding Mills and went to Johnson/Latham as a first try.  Put 5 lines out and started to check things out.  The water was in great shape, Temp 67.7 and no wind.  Checked around and didn't make but one fish so I picked up my lines and moved up river.  Tried the mouth of Taylor Creek, the area just below marker 23, the area around 23 and the Yeller Boat, then went up to the shallow water warning sign.  There I landed 3 White Bass but didn't mark what I thought could be a Striper. Water level was between 12 and 14 feet and water temp right at 59 degrees.  I moved up river one more time.  Went up about 4 more miles, way past the dredger and could have gone farther but thought I should start back.  Put 4 lines in the water and trolled down to the dredger with NO luck.  Then the wind started to come up so I packed it in and starter back.  Had a great morning but NO Stripers!!  Didn't even mark any!!

April 26 - The weather just has not been cooperating.  finally today there was a window when there was little or no wind, so I got out.  I got about a dozen and a half of blue backs and put in at Bolding Mills.  I went down river to Latham Creek and started to put 2 downlines and 2 flatlines out right at Latham 1.  I got two lines out and was putting the 3rd line in the water when the 2nd line started to sing to me.  I had a fish on already!!  I put the 3rd rod down and picked up the 2nd rod and landed an 11lb Striper.  I put 4 lines in the water and within 100 yards, I got another hook up.  This one was between 14lbs and 15lbs.  Boy, I thought this was going to be a great day and quickly put the line back in the water.  Unfortunately, I only landed one more fish, one about 4lbs or 5lbs before the wind made it uncomfortable to be on the water.  I got off the water about 10:00am but had a good time while it lasted.  Water temperature was 63.3 degrees.

April 9 - Had to run some gas out of the boat today so I went up the Chestatee.  I ran 6 miles up river from bolding mills at idle speeds trying to spot fish on my finder.  Unfortunately, not many fish showed on the finder.  Water temperature was right at 60 degrees and the water conditions were favorable but for some reason I just could not find fish.

April 8 - Went to Holly Park, the Pond Dam, Little River, Wahoo and Gainesville Creek this morning.  I did get one Striper about 8lbs at marker 55 but that was it for the day.  Early there was a light wind but about 9:00 the wind increased and continued to increase until there was no way to troll in any meaningful pattern.  Water temperature was 58.5 degrees.

April 2 - The weather report was only for 4 - 7 mph winds so I went out, got bait and put the boat in the water.  At that point, NO wind.  I went to marker 55 on the Chattahoochee and put my lines in the water.  Put out 5 lines, 2 Downline's, 2 Flatline's and one cork.  By the time I got the lines out, the wind increased and by the time I make one pass up  toward the bridge, it was WINDY.  I'll bet the wind was well over 10 mph and maybe as much as 15 mph.  I did mark some fish and I did have one fish chasing my Cork Bait but that was it.  After thinking the situation over for about 5 minutes, I thought it was best to get off the water.  I left and by the time I got home, the news said the wind was 26 mph.  Water temperature was 55.4 degrees.

March 15 - Got up this morning and went outside to get the paper, no wind, clear sky and not too cold.  Got the boat ready, got bait and went to Sardis and put the boat in the water.  Went up the river past Gainesville Creek and put 4 lines out.  All 4 baited with Blue Backs, two down lines and two flat lines.  Got up almost to the Pond Dam and got my first fish, about 13 pounds.  Then got another about 18 pounds, then another about 11 pounds and the final fish I landed was about 15 pounds.  I also lost two fish.  This was the first time in a long time that I did not get a Spot or some other type of fish.  Had a great morning, packed up and went home about 10:30.  Water temperature was 49.5 degrees.

March 8 - When I got home, I had the following pictures and email in my Inbox.  My fishing buddy from California and his lady just got back for the Umqua River in Oregon and below are the results!!!!  Two grest days Steelhead fishing!

"Here are a few photos to enjoy. Number 1 is a typical 15 lb buck. Number 2 is a nice 19.4 hen and #3 is the 23,65 buck."


March 8 - Went out this morning and thought it was going to be a great day of fishing.  It was a great day but the fish didn't cooperate.  Went to the Chestatee and first went up river to marker 23.  The water was dark brown and the debree was soo bad I could not keep my line in the water.  There were trees and every other floating item you could imagine in the area.  I left and went to Lathem Creek where I had a nice boat ride, caught a few Spots and finally think I figured out my new finder.  A great day with no fish.  Water temperature 46.4 degrees.

February 21 - Went back out this morning to try the finder out again.  this time used Blue Backs and Gizzard Shad.  Made adjustments to the new unit and now I can see the bottom up to 22mph.  Guess more adjustments are necessary.  Got a few Spots and lost a nice Striper but that was the action for the day.  Did determine that Down Scan was a real good addition.  I think I am going to like this unit, that is if it starts doing as advertised and increase my catch!!!!  Water temperature was 48 but the water was a little off color.

February 19 - Got a new Finder/Chart unit and went out to see how it works.  Got a Lowrance Elete HDI7 to replace my HD5.  Went to Johnson Creek and immediately found out the Transducer needed adjustment.  Would not read the bottom at speeds over 8mph.  In addition, found out my Hot Spot SD chip will not work in this unit because it requires a MicroSD.  At any rate I didn't get bait and just pulled lures while playing with the new unit.  Looks like the new unit was a good idea, it has Sown Scan which seems to be a big advantage over to HD5 Sonar.  Will keep you posted as I progress.  Didn't get any Stripers to take my baits but did get 3 Spots.  It appears you can tell the difference between Stripers and Spots on this unit.  Water temperature was 48.8 degrees.

January 29 - Went out this morning.  Got two dozen Blue Backs at Oakwood Bait and off to Latham/Johnson Creeks.  Put the lines in the water about 7:15am.  Put out 2 Down Lines, 2 Flat Lines and one line just behind the Outboard.  Down Lines were staggered by 10 feet based on the depth of the lake, Flat Lines were at 45 and 90 feet respectively and the line behind the motor was at 30 feet.  At about 8:15 got the first bite.  It was on the long Flat Line and was about 11lbs.  Landed three more Stripers, one 14lbs, and two were about 5lbs.  In addition, I lost two nice fish and got a few Spots.  Not a bad morning and all fish were caught on Flat Lines.  Water temperature was 48.7 degrees and the water was in good shape, just hope it stays that way after the rain we are suppose to get tomorrow.

January 26 - Fished the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament this morning.  Fished with David Duncan and fished the Chestatee River side of the lake.  fished Latham Creek and didn't do bad but didn't do good either.  Used Flat Lines, Down Lines, Plainer Boards and Corks with tastee Blue Backs, Trout and Gizzard Shad.  At first we were doing real well catching Crappie on the Plainer Boards.  David got one of the biggest Crappie I had ever seen.  In addition, we got 10 or more Spots and landed 3 Stripers, one 12", one 17" and one 34".  Had a lot of action but didn't even place in the tournament.  We ended up with 51 inches and I believe the winner was in the 70" range while 2nd and 3rd place were just 1/4 inch behind.  Seventeen boars fished the tournament and all had a good time.  Water temperature was right at 50 degrees, sky's were clear and winds were lint.

January 23 - Hey Folks, I'm back.  Sorry for the dry spell but I had things to do that just could not wait,, like a chest infection and a few other important things.  Anyway, I got out this morning, mostly to be sure everything was working and to determine if I still remember what you do on a boat while trying to catch Stripers.  I went to Flat Creek and fished for about 3 hours.  Didn't get a Striper but the Spots would not leave me alone.  Got about 5 Spots and decided to go home.  More exciting fishing stories to come!!