Lake Lanier 2012
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November 9 - Went up to Clarks Bridge and started fishing just below the bridge on the right hand side.  Marked a few fish there but apparently the were not eating when I went by.  Circled around in front of the Rowing Club dock and stopped marking fish.  Could not find anything for the rest of the morning.  Fished the flats, the top of the S Curve, both sides of the channel and the cove just above the Bridge.  I just could not find fish.  Guess I have to put my finder on Simulate!!  Water temperature was in the 58 degree range.

November 5 - Went up the Chestatee all the way to the Low Water marker and fished the West Bank in about 8 feet of water.  Had  no action at all.  Moved up past the Low Water marker and fished the deep hole on the right but again no luck.  Moved again and went down to the buoys crossing the lake and fished that area for a while but could not get anything but one Spot and two Gars.  Water temperature was 51 degrees.

October 26 - Went up the Chestatee this morning.  Went all the way to the Low Water Warning sign but on the way, in the dark, I got stuck in the mud.  Not a major problem but never the less a problem.  Had to push my way out and finally got to a point that I could use the motor again.  Put out two Gizzard Shad and 3 Blue Backs.  One of the Shad was right behind the outboard and only had about 15 feet of line but it was the one that got the fish.  I landed 2 nice Stripers, one about 12 or 13 lbs and the other about 14lbs.  The smaller of the two is pictured to the right.  They both hit within about 15 minutes of each other and that was the action for the morning.  It started to get windy so I packed up and got out about 10:30.  Water temperature was 64.5 degrees.

October 24 - Went out this morning.  Went to the Chestatee and went up river to marker 23.  Put our 2 weighted Flat Lines, 2 Plainer Boards, 2 Down Lines and one Cork.  Had a mixture of Blue Backs and Gizzard Shad.  Had a few good hits but the real good hits also cut my line.  Needless to say they were Gar.  I did land one Gar about 4 feet long.  Also landed 2 Spots, 2 very small Stripers and one Crappy.  You won't believe this but I had Blue Backs that were about 7 inches long and a 5 inch Crappy took my bait and got hooked.  I could not believe my eyes when I brought in the line and the bait changed from a Blue Back to a Crappy!!!!  Water temperature was 67.4 degrees.

October 20 - Fished the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament with David Duncan.  We put in at Clarks Bridge and went up stream.  We fished the area below the Lula Bridge but could not get even one Striper to cooperate.  We had Blue Backs, Gizzard Shad and Trout and the only thing we got was 2 Spotted Bass.  The Backwoods Boys said they had landed a few fish right at sunup and on the way down, Brett and Dan had two fish about 4 miles upstream from Clarks Bridge.  Guess it was not our day!!!

October 19 - Went out this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Went to Clarks Bridge, went under the bridge and started fishing immediately on the right bank.  Followed the bank all the way around to the rowing club dock and then back to the bridge.  Had no luck but did mark a few fish.  Then I went to the left bank (east) and started again.  Went past the second cove and Leonel called me.  At that point I had  two hits but nothing stuck.  Right after he called, I had one stick.  I hung up and landed a Striper about 7lbs or 8lbs.  From that point on, it was Bass after Bass, 9 of them in total and one BIG Gar.  I had 2 Flat lines with about a 1/4 ounce of lead, two Plainer Boards with 30 to 45 feet of line behind them.  These 4 lines were baited with Blue Backs.  In addition I had one cork about 75 feet behind the boat with a Gizzard Shad.  All the fish came on Blue Backs, about equally between the flat lines and the plainer boards.  Water temperature was 68 degrees.

October 4 - Went out this morning but decided to go up the Chestatee.  Water conditions were fair, temperature was 74.6 degrees and the color of the water was a little stained but very fishable.  Started at Latham/Johnson and fished it for about 2 hours.  Fished from L1 to JC1 and got only one hit, a Spot about 15 inches.  Then I moved up to Thompson Creek 1 and spent some time there.  Marked a few fish but nothing to get excited about.  Then moved up to C23 and fished it for about an hour and a half with no luck at all.  Again, I marked some fish here and there but nothing to get me excited.  In each place I put out 2 Down Lines, 2 Flat lines, 2 Planer Boards and 1 Cork.  There seemed to be a thermocline between 35 and 45 feet and all the fish I marked were above that line.

September 28 - Went out this morning with David Duncan.  We launched at Shoal Creek and fished Shoal Creek, Saddle Dike and Bald Ridge.  Fished Flat lines, Weighted Flat lines and down lines with little luck.  Water temp was 76 degrees.  We ended the day with 1 small Striper, 1 small Spot, 2 Catfish and 3 sticks.  Not a  great morning but did enjoy getting out on the lake.  Will be fishing more now that my "honey do's" are just about done!

September 13 - Haven't been out because of some medical problems my wife had and some dental problems I had but today I finally got out.  Put in at Balus and fished Marker 23, Orr 4, 2 Mile, 4 Mile, 6 Mile and Sisters.  Unfortunately I only got one Catfish and no Stripers.  In fact, I didn't talk to anyone who landed a Striper.  The weather was not too good, WINDY buty it sure was nice to get out and try to get that big one!!!  Water temp was 82 degrees.

July 23 - Went out this morning for a few hours.  I knew it was going to be too hot to stay out very long.  Fished the Flat Creek 2 and 4 area with no luck so moved on down to 23.  There I landed 2 Stripers, one 10lbs and the other 22lbs.  It got to be 9:30am and it was getting HOT so I packed up and went home.  Both fish hit down lines at 25 to 30 feet over a 65 foot bottom.  Sorry but I really didn't pay attention to water temperature.

July 9 - Like a fool, I listened to the weatherman.  The winds were suppose to be 5 - 10 MPH but were more like 15 mph.  Once I was at the lake with bait it was too late.  Put the boat in at Balus and started at Flat Creek 2.  I landed 2 small Stripers, no more than 6 pounds.  Then I fished for an hour with no bites and nothing on the screen.  I moved to Buoy B and had white caps.  the wind was blowing every way but loose.  I tried fishing there for about an hour but it was too much work.  Them moved to 2 Mile, across from the Vann's Tavern boat ramp and looked all over the area and didn't see anything.  Finally I decided to go home, so I pulled my lines in and there was Don Brown coming up right behind me.  We both went up to Flat Creek and I went back to 2 and he went to Mt View.  I don't know what he did but I landed one fish about 8 or 9 lbs.  All three fish came on weighted Flat Lines with 60 to 80 feet of line behind the boat.  Water temperature was 86 degrees.

July 5 - Fished this morning and covered a lot of water.  Launched at Balus.  Started fishing a B Buoy but didn't mark a lot nor did I get any bites.  Also had 4 other boats fishing the area and they had the same luck.  Moved to 4 Mile and as I was putting the lines out, I had one of them go off.  Landed a nice 8lb Striper on a flat line with 1/4 ounce of lead.  That was the extent of the bites at 4 Mile so I moved to 6 Mile.  After about a half hour got one fish 12lbs.  Finally I moved to Flat Creek 2 and landed a nice 18lb Striper.  By the way, all came on leaded Flat Lines.  Looked at the clock and it was 10:30.  Then looked at the thermometer and it was 91 degrees, so I packed up and went home.  Water temp was 85.2 degrees.

July 3 - Boy I thought I was going to go out this morning and just have a great day.  I did have a great day but didn't get the fish I thought I was going to get.  Fished Balus, Flat Creek 1, Chestatee 1 and Chestatee Bay.  Fished had for about 4 1/2 hours and got a grand total of 2 Spots and 2 Catfish.  I marked fish but just could not get them to bite.  Fish seemed to be about 10 feet deeper than last week but who knows?  I guess I am the wrong person to ask.  Even though I marked fish, I failed to determine if they were Stripers or something else.  I would assume they were something else because I sure didn't get any Stripers.  Water temp was 84 +/-.  

June 28 - Got out this morning early to beat the heat.  Put in at Old Federal and went across the lake to 6 Mile.  Fished primarily with Down Lines and got 6 Stripers, 4 Spots and a Catfish.  The largest Striper was about 12lbs.  Started fishing about 6:00am and didn't get a bite until about 8:00.  The bite quit about 8:45.  Got off the lake about 11:00.  Water Temperature was 84 degrees.

June 25 - Went out this morning with Mike Dyer.  We put in at about 6:15am and fished until just after 11:00am.  Fished the area North of Brown's Bridge, Chestatee Bay, the mouth of the Chestatee and parts of the Chattahoochee Channel.  Landed 2 Stripers, one about 6lbs and the other about 12lbs.  Seems the fish were suspended over about a 60 foot bottom and down about 30 feet.  Water temperature was 84.2 degrees.  The guy smiling on both sides of the page is Mike Dyer!!

June 23 - David and I fished the Oakwood tournament this morning.  Launched at Balus.  Fished Balus, Orr, Chestatee Bay, below Brown's Bridge, Flat Creek and Mt. View.  After all that, we had one bite and it did not stick.  Others did get fish but I guess it just was not our day.  Water temperature was 84.2 degrees.

June 20 - Went out this morning but just for a little while.  Went to Balus and Orr.  Got 1 Striper, 5 Catfish and 4 Spots.  No size to any of them.  Water temperature was 80.4 degrees.

June 18 - Fished today and had a pretty good day if I say so myself.  I launched at Balus and fished Balus, Orr Creed and some parts of the main channel.  I used both Down Lines and weighted Flat Lines with Blue Backs.  I landed 4 Stripers, 5 Catfish and 2 Spots.  The largest Spot was just under 5 lbs.  The largest Catfish, unfortunately, was larger than my largest Striper at 15 lbs.  The larges Striper was right at 13 lbs.  It sure is embarrassing when the Catfish is bigger than the Striper.  Water temperature was 78.7 degrees.  To the right is the picture of the largest Striper I got today.

June 15 - Went out this morning.  Fished Balus, Orr Creek, 2 Mile (12), 2 Mile (10), Van's Tavern and Flat Creek.  The weather was nice at first but it got a little windy and it almost looked like it was going to storm.  After 6 hours of fishing and searching, the results were NO Hits, NO Bites and NO Fish.  This was the poorest fishing day I have had in a few months.  I marked some fish in each area but they just would not bite.  Water temperature was 78.5

June 9 - Fished with David this morning.  Got on the water about 6:30 and got off at abut noon.  We fished Balus and Chestatee Bay and got 4 Stripers, the largest about 12 pounds; 3 Spots and 1 Catfish.  We fished with Blue Backs using Down Lines  and Flat Lines.  Seems the Down Lines were most productive.  The weather was beautiful but a storm is suppose to be coming in and the water temperature was 78 degrees.  To the left is David with one of the Stripers, an 8 lber.

June 7 - Went out this morning and put in at Balus.  Put the boat in the water and started fishing.  Put out 2 Down Lines and 2 Flat Lines with 1/4 oz of lead on them.  Before I could say "come to me fishie", I had one on .  I landed 6 fish from the boat ramp to the mouth of Balus/Flat.  Then I move into the cove and landed 4 more.  I also lost 2 fish that I could not stop because they went into the trees.  The fish were 14, 13, 12,11 and 10 pounds each with 5 between 5 and 10 pounds.  Not a bad morning.  I ran out of bait or I would still be fishing.  Water temperature was 76.5 degrees.  Fish seemed to hit best over a 40 foot bottom and down about 20 feet. To the right is a picture of the 12 lber.

May 31 - Took my nephew and his son Drew out for a morning on the lake.  We fished Orr Creek, Vans Tavern, 2 Mile and Flat Creek.  Fishing was tough and we had to work hard all morning.  We ended the trip with 3 Stripers, the largest just shy of 14 pounds, two Spots and one Catfish.  We marked a lot of fish in Orr and 2 Mile but just could not get them to turn on.  We had a great time and will try again next week.

May 25 - Hesitated about going out this morning because of the upcoming holiday but went anyway.  Fished Orr Creek, 2 Mile, 4 Mile and 6 Mile.  Got just one Striper, a 14 lber caught on a downline at Orr.  Other than that, I traveled a long way and only got about a dozen Spots and 1 Catfish.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the outing.  Water temperature was 79 degrees.

May 23 - Went out this morning and went directly to Flat Creek.  I hadn't fished it first thing in the morning this year and thought it may have some possibilities.  Got to the front of Flat and put the usual array of lines in the water.  Fished from about 6:30am until almost noon.  Fished the entire length of Flat Creek and landed 2 very small Stripers, 2 Spots and 1 Cat.  Just was not what I had anticipated.  Will not do that in the foreseeable future.  Water temperature was about 78 degrees.

May 21 - This morning I went back to the same place I fished on Thursday and Tuesday.  I fished Chesatee Bay and Flat creek and the results we much the same.  Today I got 5 Stripers, 3 in Chestatee Bay and 2 in Flat Creek.  They were all about the same size, from 10 lbs to 14 lbs.  It seems fish are all over the lake right now and you could fish from the Dam to Clarks Bridge and do well in any of those areas and everything in between.  The Oakwood Striper Club tournament on Saturday was a great success with all boats landeing nice Stripers.  Hope the trens continues!!!!!

May 17 - This morning I went out and attempted to go to the same spots I fished on Tuesday.  I went directly to Chestatee Bay and put out 5 lines.  Two flat lines with 1/4 ounce of weight, one out 45 feet and the other 60 feet.  In addition I put our two down lines at 20 feet and one line right behind the outboard motor at 16 feet.  I was using Bluebacks and felt real lucky.  I fished for an hour without a bite.  I marked a few fish but this was the same thing that happened on Tuesday.  Finally, I got my first Striper and from that point on it was great for about two hours.  About 9:00 am the bite died but I had landed 6 Stripers all between about 8 and 10 lbs.  I stayed for about another 30 minutes and decided to move to Flat Creek.  Flat Creek was tough.  I put out the same combination of lines and marked a lot of fish but just could not get them to bite.  It seems the Spots likes my bait in both places but the Stripers had a mind of their own.  I was watching the Fish Finder and it looked like the picture on the left for about an hour but I could not get a bite.  Finally I got a nice Striper about 12 lbs and right behind that I got the Striper on the right, 23 3/4 lbs.  Had a great morning, ran out of bait so had to go home.  By the way, landed 4 fish on flat lines and 4 on down lines.  Water temperature was 74.1 when I arrived and 76.5 when I left.

May 15 - Went out this morning.  Put the boat in at Balus and started fishing at Chestatee Bay.  I put out two down rods, to flat lines with about 1/4 ounce of weight and 1 line right behind the motor with abut 1/2 ounce of weight.  Took some time but I finally landed 2 Stripers about 7 or 8 pounds and 5 Spots.  The Spots were killing me.  I also lost a nice fish.  It hit, ran out over 190 feet of line and got into the trees, GOODBYE!!!  I moved to the main channel with no luck and finally went to Flat Creek where I landed 2 more Stripers but nothing to brag about and a few spots.  Finally I ran out of bait so I went home.  Water temperature was 74.6 degrees when I left.

May 11 - Got some new rod holders so went out this morning to try them out.  Didn't get bait, decided to use lures on a spreader.  I trolled for over 4 hours and only got 4 Spots, NO Stripers.  Weather was great but guess River Forks was not the place to be today.  Water temperature was 76 degrees.

May 3 - I just knew fish were still there so I went back to the Chestatee this morning.  I was not at the fishing spot more than 5 minutes when I landed a nice 18 lb Striper, just full of sperm.  I tried to call Larry at the bait shop and let him know fish were still in the area but the second rod loaded up and I landed a 12 lb Striper.  I thought this was going to be the best day I have had on the lake for some time.  I landed 2 more Stripers one 8  lbs and the other 13 lbs and then it died.  I fished for another 2 1/2 hours and only got a few Spots and one Large Mouth.  On the left is the 18 lber and on the right is a 7 1/4 lb Large mouth.  Not a bad day for a young boy from the west.  Water temperature was 78.6 when I arrived and 80.3 when I left at 11:00 am.  With water temperatures rising, the fish are going to move into deeper cooler water.  Won't be able to fish for a few days so I hope you have a great tome on the lake and "Tight Lines".

May 1 - Boy, what a difference a day makes.  Went out this morning and fished the same areas I fished yesterday and the day before and the day before!!!  Unfortunately, the fish did not cooperate.  I fished for almost 5 hours and only got a few Spots.  I even used the same bait, the same rigs and the same rods.  Something is terribly wrong.  I know, the water temperature was 74.8 when I started and 75.5 when I left.  That is the only thing that I can think of.

April 30 - Put in at Bolding Mills this morning and started fishing up stream.  Fished the usual haunts but only got one Striper, about 10 lbs.  Then went back down stream past Bolding Mills and fished the Johnson Creek area.  Landed two Stripers and lost one.  One fish was 12 lbs and the other 18 lbs, both were just full of sperm.  I must have had two cups of sperm on my boat.  Fish were in the area but not hitting well, maybe they slowed down because I got there late and the sun was very bright and it was real warm.  Water temperature was 71.2 degrees when I started fishing and 73.8 degrees when I stopped.  To the left is a picture of the 12 lber and to the right is a picture of the 18 lber.

April 28 - Went back to the Chestatee this morning.  Started out with what I thought was an engine problem but found the fuel hose was unhooked from the fuel tank.  When that happens, you really don't go very far.  Anyway, after finally getting my act together I went up the river to the Thompson Creek area and started fishing.  I stopped a few places on the way up but no luck at all until I got just past marker 25, there I landed one Striper that was 11 lbs.  I continued to fish all the way up past Togo, through the Wilkie Bridge and up to the first Low Water Marker.  At times I was in 2 feet of water.  I pulled Bluebacks until I turned blue but no luck.  Finally about 12:00 noon, I called it a day and went home.  Had a great time and found that I could get way up the River, next time it is to Lumkin Park.  Water Temperature was 67.8 when I got on the river and right at 69 when I got off.

April 25 - After all the wind, today I finally got out and went right back up the Chestatee.  I put our 2 down lines, one at 15 feet and one at 20 feet; 2 flat lines each with 2 number 4 split shot on them, one back 45 feet and one back 60 feet; 1 plainer board with no weight on the line and about 30 feet behind the board and one short line about 18 feet of line out right behind the outboard.  I hadn't been fishing 15 minutes when one of the flat lines loaded up.  As I was trying to get this fish in, one of the downlines loaded up as well.  I had no choice but to stay with the fish I was fighting and I thought I was just going to loose the downline fish.  I landed the first fish, a 14 lber.  Then I got the downline fish and landed it, 8 lbs.  What a great way to start the morning.  The morning was great.  By 8 am I had landed 8 Stripers and one Spot, the largest fish being the 1st fish in the boat.  By 9 am, I had 5 Stripers in the boat and by 11 am I had landed 8 Stripers, 4 Spots and one Catfish.  the wind started to blow again so it was time for me to get off the lake.  Water temperature was 63.3 degrees when I arrived and 64.2 when I left my fishing area.  Had a great morning and was please with the number of fish I caught.  By the way, of the 8 Stripers landed, 5 were spitting sperm all over the boat.  I believe this means the attempt at a spawn is still on in the Chestatee.  Sorry but no pictures today.  Was by myself and pictures are tough to take when you are alone.

April 21 - David and I went out this morning and went up the Chestatee.  Put in at Bolding Mills and started fishing just up stream from the ramp.  We didn't so too bad, we landed 5 Stripers and lost 1, the largest being just over 13 lbs, we also landed 1 Catfish, 1 Spot and one large Alligator Gar that was about 4 feet long.  We used Blue Back Herring on  a varity of setups.  We had Flat Lines, Down Lines, Plainer Boards and Flat Lines with Split Shot on them.  Seemed the Plainer Boards were the most successful.  We put them out with about 30 feet of line behind the board and ran one right on the bank and the other about 45 feet from the boat.  We fished from about 6:45 am until about 1:00 pm.  Water Temperature was 67.8 degrees and the weather was overcast.

April 19 - Put in this morning at Sardis and went South.  Fished the area across from Gainesville Marina with no luck so went on down to Marker 44 and at that point headed south along the points and flats around the islands.  Got 9 Spots and just one Striper.  Got the Striper on a down line at 15 feet over a 30 foot bottom.  He weighed just over 15 lbs and was 34 3/4 inches.  I got this picture of the fish but it is really hard to tell how big he is so I guess you will have to take my word.  Water temperature was 68 degrees.

April 16 - Went to the Holly Park again this morning.  Really didn't mark a lot of fish and marked no schools.  Seems the fish were traveling as singles.  I got two Stripers and one Spot.  The first Striper hit, started running and by the time I slowed him down, he had taken about 220 feet of line.  I landed him and it was a him, I had sperm all over my boat, a nice fish the was just under 26 lbs and just under 43 inches long.  the next Striper was a kick in the pants.  I was changing a hook on another rod and the rod farthest from me started bouncing and screaming.  By the time I got to the rod, it was standing straight up in the air and I watched it slowly fall out of the rod holder and into the water.  My heart sunk to my feet but I guess because the rod had a cork handle, it was bobbing in the water and moving away from the boat.  I took the rod I had in my hand and after about 5 attempts and using the trolling motor to keep up with it, I got the two lines tangled together.  I got the rod back in the boat but the lines were wrapped around the rod and the fish could take no line.  I had to pull the fish in hand over had, remove the hook, put him back in the lake and untangle the mess that was created.  By the way, he was only 5 lbs.  Had he been a bigger fish I would have been chasing my rod all over the lake.  Water temperature was 69 degrees.

April 12 - Went back to the Holly Park area to try to duplicate Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the fishing was a bust.  I got one Catfish about 8 lbs and a few Spots but no Stripers.  Marked a lot of fish but just could not get them to bite.  Seems they had Lock Jaw!!  Had a great morning, just didn't get Stripers.  Water temperature was 67.3 degrees.

April 10 - Put in at Sardis and fished the area around Holly Park.  Before 9:30 I had landed 4 Stripers to 13 lbs, one Spot and two Catfish.  I decided to move up to the Pond Dam to check it out and fished that area for about an hour and a half with no Stripers but another Catfish.  Seems to be a lot of 10 to 15 lb fish in the system but I just can't get that big one.  Water temperature was 68 degrees when I started and 69 when I quit.

April 7 - Went back to Clarks Bridge with David.  We decided to go up to Lula and check things our.  We started at the area just below the first S Bend and got one small Striper, one very large Crappie and one Gar.  then we moved up stream all the way to the Lula Bridge, fished below it for a while and moved again, farther up stream.  We went all the way to the Belton Bridge and than it was too shallow to go any farther.  Didn't get a fish from the Lula Bridge to the Belton Bridge.  The outing was still productive because we were about to scout out the entire area.  Water temperature was 63 degrees.

April 6 - Got up this morning and Clarks Bridge, here I come!  I thought it was going to be overcast and light winds.  the overcast part was right but the winds were terrible.  I fought the wind all morning.  Water temperature was 71.2 degrees.  Got 12 Spots, 2 Walleye (largest 4 lbs) and one Striper abut 11 lbs.  Not a good Striper day but the continuous action kept my mind off the wind.  Will be going back tomorrow but will be going up to Lula.

April 4 - Went back to Clarks Bridge this morning.  this time I went up stream.  I went up about 2 miles, just before the big S turn and started fishing.  Within about 30 minutes I had landed 2 fish, one 10 lbs and the other 12 lbs.  Both fish were caught on Flat lines with two split shot and a Blueback.  Stayed there for abut another hour and a half and landed 3 more fish about the same size.  Then I pulled everything out of the water and moved further up the river.  Moved 5 times and ended up at Lula but didn't catch another Striper.  It seemed the fish were concentrated within about 2 to 3 miles above Clarks Bridge.  Water temperature was 71.0 degrees in the lower part of the area I fished but as the day progressed, it went up to 73.1 degrees.  Water temperature at Lula at 11:00 was 67.2 degrees.

April 2 - Went out this morning with a good feeling.  Got bait and went to Clarks Bridge.  Put out two flat lines and one weighted flat line and started trolling under the bridge going down stream.  As luck would have it, I didn't go 50 yards and I had one on.  A small one but never the less a nice fish, 7 lbs.  As I continued on, I put out two down lines and left it at that.  I fished from about 7:00 am until about 11:00 am and landed 6 Stripers ranging from a little over 7 lbs to a little over 12 lbs.  I only got one fish on a down line, all others were either on the flat lines or on the flat lines with a very small piece of lead on it.  It was a beautiful day and the water temperature was 71.0 degrees.

March 29 - Went out this morning with my Brother and my Nephew.  Put in at Balus and went directly to Flat Creek #1.  Didn't mark ANY fish and naturally didn't hookup.  We moved up to Marker 36 and fished it, 38 and 40.  After 5 hours on the lake we had a grand total of one Spot.  We had 2 down lines, 2 flat lines, 2 plainer boards. 1 cork and one transom line.  We had some weight on a few lines and others were just flat.  Not a great day but had a great time with my Brother and Nephew.  Sometimes it is just nice to get out and spend some quality time with special people.  Water temperature was 65 degrees.

March 27 - Went out this morning to pre-fish for my brother and nephew's visit on Thursday.  Got up and it looked nice outside so I got things ready but by the time I got to the water, the wind was blowing at about 10 mph.  According to the weather report. 5-10 mph winds today, it should not get any worse so I went out.  What a mistake.  The winds kept getting worse and finally abut 9:30 am, I decided to call it a day.  Winds were blowing at about 25 mph, white caps all over the lake but water temp was a fine 63.  Got one hit but nothing stuck so the day was for naught.  That is OK, will make up for it on Thursday.

March 26 - Went out this morning with David Duncan.  We really didn't mark a lot, nor did we catch a lot.  We put out Flat Lines, Plainer Boards, a Cork and Down Lines and managed to land 6 Spots to 4.5 lbs and one Striper 33 inches, about 17 lbs.  The weather was too nice.  Zero breeze, lake like a mirror and pollen all over the surface.  Had a great time but really wanted to get more Stripers.

March 19 - Had some things to do this morning but after taking care of them went out on the lake.  Tried going up the Chestatee but had no luck.  Fished a number of areas up to the low water marker.  water temperature was 65.8 degrees.  On the way back, stopped at Lathem Creek and landed one Striper about 7.5 pounds.  that was it for the day.  the one fish I got was taken on a Blueback.

March 16 - Went back to Johnson Creek this morning and had a good day but it could have been better.  I had a double hook-up and landed one and lost one.  The one I landed was 23.5 pounds.  The one I lost, who knows????  In addition, I hooked and lost one other Striper and landed 3 Spots.  Water temperature was just over 60 degrees and the weather was beautiful.  Not a very good picture but it was the best I could do while fishing alone.  the fish is on a Fish Ruler gut you just can't see the numbers.  It was just over 37 inches.

March 14 - Finally got a nice day and decided to get our on the lake.  Went down and got some bait,  a dozen Bluebacks and Three Gizzard Shad.  Got on the lake abut 7:00am and fished until about 11:00am.  Landed three Stripers, 8lbs, 11lbs and 22lbs.  In addition lost one because of my stupidity and landed two Spots.  Not a bad day for the second trip of the year.  By the way, all fish came on BLUEBACKS!!!

March 10, 2012 - USMC Lance Corporal Justyn Duncan, fresh home from deployment to the Mediterranean, fished the Clarks Bridge area today with his Dad, David.  To the left is Justyn's picture with the fish of the day.

March 4 - Finally got a chance to go our and try to get a fish.  David Duncan and I went out and it was WINDY!!!! but we went out anyway.  We fished in the Johnson Creek Area and found one 300 yard area where we were blocked from the wind, so that was the area we fished.  We got one fish on a Plainer Board using a Gizzard Shad and that was the only bite we got for the day.  It was a long dry spell but we did make it out and got back safely.  To the right is a picture of David with his 25 pound Striper.