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November 20 - Fished in the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament today  and didn't do too bad!  David Duncan and I fished together and fished the Clarks Bridge area.  The difference between the Tournament on the 6th and the Tournament today was we decided to measure ALL fish.  We landed two Stripers that were in the 16" frame work and one just over 28".  The larger fish came on a 6" trout and the others came on Bluebacks  In addition, we landed 3 Spots that were in the 12" - 14" range.  We didn't think we were going to fair very well but we went to the weigh-in and when I passed the size of our fish to the Tournament Director, we were in 1st Place.  I have to admit, we were the first ones to check in so we had to be in 1st Place.  Both David and I were on our way to a Thanksgiving Dinner so we didn't reconsider the Tournament.  We were fairly sure, with 45" we would not be in the money.  Well, we were wrong!!  After everyone checked in, we had locked in 3rd Place.  Sunday morning I had two emails and two messages on my phone advising us that we were one of the winners.  Had a great day and look forward to the next Tournament.

November 6 - Fished in the Lanier Striper Club tournament this morning with David Duncan.  All I can say is, "IT WAS COLD!".  We fished at Clarks Bridge and got two Spots and two Stripers.  The larger of the two spots was 20.5" and won the Spot Pot.  The Stripers were 15.5" and 16" respectively.  When David Landed the first one, he asked if it was OK if he did not measure it.  Naturally I agreed but I had to call the Oakwood Bait Shop and tell Larry how we were just burning them up!!  Then David landed the 16" fish and that one, we did take a picture of,  just for fun and sent it to Larry.  He got a good laugh out of it and had the last laugh.  When we got to the weigh in, I told Lee about the Spot and he asked about the Stripers.  Told him  we had landed two stripers and the sizes and he was going to give us credit, towards points for the fish.  I told him he could not do that because we did not have pictures of both fish.  Guess we should have measured both fish because third place was a 27" fish and we would have had 31.5" had we measured and tuned in those results.  Guess you live and learn.  Sometimes even the smallest of fish can be a winner.  There were 10 boats in the tournament and only 4 got fish and only 1 (2) got more that one Striper.  Had a good day and look forward to the next outing.

November 1 - Went up to Lula this morning and tried some cut bait, Sardines.  got to Lula at about 7:00am and was above the bridge at the 1st creek that comes in at about 7:20am.  Put two lines in the water, one with Sardine and the other with Blueback.  About a half hour went buy and the rod with Sardine loaded up.  Landed a skinny Striper about 30 inches long but I'll bet it didn't go 8lbs.  Stayed in that area for about another hour and then moved down stream to just below the bridge.  No action there after an hour so moved about a mile down stream to the first hard left turn in the river.  There I got one bite but it did not stick.  The wind started to come up so I left and went home.  Water temperature in all areas I fished was about 56.7 to 57.2 degrees.  Seems the temperature as the same no matter where I went.  will be fishing the Lanier Tournament on Saturday and hope we have better luck.

September 23 - Went back up North this morning and fished the same areas as I did on the 20th.  This time I took some live bait, Bluebacks.  Found the fish again and trolled for them first and then went to downline's.  fished from about 7:00 am until about 11:00 am and landed two fish, one on bait and one on a Bomber.  Guess the live bait really didn't enhance my catching.  Water temperature was 82.5 degrees.

September 20 - Thought I would take a different approach today and I went North instead of South.  Put in at Sardis and didn't bring any live bait.  Only had lures.  Check out Sardis Creek and I marked a lot of fish but could not get them to bite.  Moved to Ada Creek and put out two rods both using a spreader with a bucktail jig and a lure, large deep running bombers.  Marked a lot of fish again but this time I landed two fish, both in the 4 - 5lb range.  I was marking fish in about 60 feet of water about 30 - 40 feet down.  I hade one rig funning at about 20 feet and the other running at about 30 feet.  By the way, I was NOT using lead core.  Just the spreader with a 2oz jig and a bomber on monofilament line.  To get down to 20 feet had to put out 80 feet of line and to get to 30 feet, had to put out about 115 feet of line.  Trolling speed was about 1.7 mph. Moved to Holly Park and again marked lots of fish.  At any one time, I had 2 - 7 fish on the screen.  No Spaghetti but still had fish on the screen at almost all times.  Finally hooked and landed one more fish, about 7lbs and that was it for the morning.  Don't let anyone tell you there are no fish above Brown's Bridge.  They are there and active.  Water temperature was 81.3 when I got on the water and 82.7 when I left.

September 17 - David Duncan and I went out this morning and tried some of the same spots I hit yesterday.  3 Sisters, 2 Mile and then we went South.  We tried everything from Flowery Branch to the Dam and back.  Today we tried a lot of trolling and some downlining.  Again, not a bite.  Water temperature was about 82 degrees and the fish did not cooperate!

September 16 - Went out this morning but guess I should have stayed home.  got on the water at about 6:30am and went directly to 3 Sisters, then to 6 Mile, then to 2 Mile 3,5,7,10 and 13,  then to Flowery Branch and finally to Orr Creek.  In all of that I was not fortunate enough to get even one bite.  I didn't mark any schools of fish and only spotted a fish and a fish there.  Guess it was not my day.  Water temperature was 80.2 degrees.

September 14 - Sorry for the long gap in reports but I really was not feeling up to par.  Went out this morning for two reasons,  one, to catch fish and the other to determine what the problem was with my Sonar.  First for anyone who is having the same problem with their Sonar.  I have a Lowrance 510 and it worked great in shallow water.  That is to say, below 45 feet.  It would show the bottom, structure and fish as long as the depth did not exceed 45 feet.  If the depth was in excess of 45 feet, the screen would almost go blank.  It would still show fish and most things above the 45 foot level but below 45 feet, it would only the bottom as a black line, like a line from a felt tipped pen and nothing below or above the line until you got to about 45 feet.  I took another transducer out on the water and put it on a piece of PVC.  Thought I could try the second transducer and if it worked, it would indicate the transducer was the problem, if not, it was a problem with the 510.  As luck would have it, it worked so today I replaced my old transducer and now everything is working great.  My second reason for going out was to catch a fish or two and I did just that.  I got two fish, one about 8 lbs and the other seemed to be a little under 10 lbs.  Both fish were caught in Orr Creek in about 60 feet of water with downlines at about 40 feet.  I also fished 2 Mile and 6 Mile without any luck.  Water temperature is falling, it was 80.2 degrees at 6:30am and about 81.1 degrees when I left at 11:30am.  Seems that the water is cooling down and soon we will be looking at Turn-Over and all techniques will change again.

August 26 - Thought I would try the afternoon bite so at about 2:00 I went down to Oakwood Bait.  There were a few guys around so we just shot the bull for a while and then I decided to get on the lake.  Dave asked if I was going alone and if so, would I mind company.  Said sure, he was welcome to join me for the afternoon.  We put in at Old Federal and went over to 2 Mile 10 but nothing there.  then moved into 6 Mile and much the same.  We called Bob Benson and he said he had found some fish not far from our location, so we pulled up and moved.  Got situated, got 4 rods out with down lines.  We fishing over a 50 foot bottom and were down 30 - 35 feet.  Then, one of the rods went off.  Dave grabbed it, ,played with it for a while and landed a nice 13 lb Striper.  (Picture to the right).  Fished in the same area for a while then decided to move to another spot.  Checked out the 2 Mile Channel, the main channel and finally went over to Flowery Branch.  There we found some fish and again put lines down.  Marked the most fish I have seen in about two months.  Then one of the rods loaded up and I landed a nice 12 lb Striper.  While I was getting the hook out, another rod loaded up and Dave grabbed it.  Unfortunately, the fish got into the trees and we lost that one.  Marked a number of fish for the next 30 or so minutes but only had one more bite.  Finally at about 6:15 we decided to call it an afternoon.  Water temperature was 86.7 degrees.

August 22 - As we were fishing Lake Lanier in a major storm, Ray and his son, Ray Jr.  were fishing Salmon in Lake Michigan.  Guess who had the better outing?  Below is a picture of Ray and Ray Jr with their catch.  Nice Salmon, good going guys!!!

August 21 - Fished the Oakwood Bait Striper Tournament today.  Fished with David Duncan, Bret Wendell and Mike "SQUAT" Farrell aka Backlash.  Got on the water at 5:45am and started looking for fish.  It was STORMING!!!  Heavy rain, lightning, thunder but not a lot of wind.  Fished in these conditions from the time we got on the water until almost the time we got off, 3:00pm.  Had the grand total of one bit, one fish on that was hooked on a Blueback fished down 35 feet over 45 feet of trees.  Needless to say, the fish got into the trees and was lost.  That was the only bite of the day and occurred at 2:28pm, 2 minutes before the tournament ended.  Water temperature has dropped to the 86 degree range and is still clear.  

August 17 - Finally got out this morning and had a pretty good day.  Weather was cloudy and a little drizzly but all in all it was great.  Because of the overcast weather, it was relatively cool.  Started at Balus, then Port Royal, then Van's Tavern, and then 2 Mile.  Finally at 2 Mile found some fish and put some bait in the water.  Got one Striper about 7lbs and then could not find the fish again.  Moved to 2 Mile 7 and then to Orr Creek.  At Orr, landed one Striper within the first 10 minutes but then waited another half hour to get another.  Actually I got 3 fish at Orr and then they disappeared.  Finally I moved to Flat Creek and got one more Striper.  All the fish were in the same size range, 6lbs to 8lbs.  Got off the water about 11:30.  Water temperature was 87.6 to 88 degrees.  Guess the overcast kept the surface temperature down.

August 12 - Below is an email from a friend in Ohio.  Thought you might like to see the fish caught North of us!!!

My grandson and a small Ohio fish.......
Raymond  12 years old

from: Carol Cole

July 30 - Went out this morning feeling like it was going to be a great day. Went to Van's Tavern and launched and started to look for fish in that area. Didn't find fish there so went to other areas in search of the all elusive Striper. After traveling almost 15 miles, I finally found a few fish at 2 Mile 3. Tried but just could not get them to bite. Moved to the main channel and found some fish at the Islands behind 2 Mile. Got 2 fish there, largest about 9lbs and that was it for the day. I kept trying but just could not find any concentration of fish. Almost put on the Simulator to see some action on the finder but decided against it. It started to get HOT so I left abut 10:30. Water temperature was 89.8 degrees and rising.

July 27 - Well folks, went out this morning to try a different technique.  Went out at 3:00am, launched at Van's Tavern and started looking for fish.  Really didn't find any but did land one Striper about 6lbs.  I was trying to see if fishing at night with Glow in the Dark lures was going to be effective.  Unfortunately, could not locate any real numbers of fish.  Found one here and one there but no concentrations.  Really felt the early morning was a bust but will try again in the near future.  In my old stomping grounds, Glow was effective and I have to believe it will be here as well.  Just need to locate a school of Stripers and try again.  Stay tuned because this story is not over!!!

July 24 - Fished the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament with David Duncan.  Fished from about 6:00am until noon and then it got too hot so we went to the Bait Shop, weighed in our fish and went home.  We only got 2 Stripers, with a total length of 42.5 inches.  Not enough to win the Tournament but still had a good time.  Got both fish within a minute of each other at Van's Tavern and then could not locate any schools.  Water temperature was 89.9 to 90.0 degrees.

July 22 - Went out this morning thinking I was going to have a great day CATCHING!  Unfortunately, the fish would not cooperate.  Put in at Old Federal and went to Orr Creek.  Had 2 take downs but neither stuck.  After about an hour of marking fish and not getting any more bites, I moved!!  Went to Van's Tavern, Upper Van's Tavern, 2 Mile 10, 2 Mile 7, 2 Mile 3, 4 Mile 1, 6 Mile 8, the channel in front of Aqua Land and finally back to Orr Creek.  Marked a fish here and there but no schools.  I put in at 5:45am and it was now 11:30am and I thought it was getting too hot and packed it in and went home.  Water temperature was 89.7 degrees.  I had tried, downline's, flatlines, power reeling, trolling fish traps and jigs, plus casting lures to the points.  Nothing worked.  Hopefully Saturday, the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament, will be a better day.

July 20 -  This morning I went out at about 6:00am and went directly to Orr Creek.  Marked a good number of fish but just could not get them to bite.  After about 45 minutes, moved to Van's Tavern.  There I marked a lot of fish but only had one bite and he ended up in the boat, a nice Striper about 7lbs.  Fished for a while more and thought it was better to move rather than staying in an area where they were not biting.  Moved to 2 Mile and there I marked fish and they were cooperative.  I landed 4 fish, two about 10lbs and two in the 6 - 7lb range.  Strangely enough, 4 of the 5 fish I caught were bit flatlines, with about 70 feet of line out and weighted with 2 #4 Split Shot.  The one fish I got of a downline was the smallest fish of the day.  Water temperature was 87 degrees and had a nice breeze.

July 15 - Went out this morning with Mike Farrell and Dan Saknini.  We fished Orr Creek, 4 Mile, 6 Mile and Van's Tavern.  Dan landed the only fish, a 12lb Striper.  I lost three fish and the more fun they had with me loosing a fish, the more fish I lost.  Had a great time but just could not fins any large schools.  Seems that fish are holding in 50+ feet of water and down about 30 feet, that is the ones we could find.  I have been told not to discount weighted flatlines.  Fish are still coming to the top and can be caught very close to the surface.  Water temp was 87+/-.  To the right is a picture of Mike holding Dan's Fish.

July 10 - Fished in the Lanier Striper Club tournament this morning.  Fished with Mike Farrell and David Duncan.  We put in at Old Federal, got on the water just a little before 6:00am and started fishing in Orr Creek.  We landed 5 Striper, with the two largest measuring 54.5 inches.  Not enough to win the tournament but we did place 7th.  The winning two fish measured 66.75 inches.  Also fished 2 Mile and Shady Grove but didn't have any luck.  Had a good time and am looking forward to the next few weeks on the lake.  Fishing should get better and better.  Water temperature was 87.6 degrees.

July 8 - This morning I got on the water about 6:00am.  Put in at Balus and fished Orr Creek and 2 Mile marker 10.  Had a great morning and finally got some fish over 5lbs.  I landed 7 Stripers, one 7lbs, 1 8lbs, 2 over 10lbs and 3 5lbs or less.  Most were caught flatlining Bluebacks with 2 #4 Split Shot above the leader.  The others were caught downlining, down 20 - 30 feet over a 40 foot bottom.  Water temperature was 86.6 degrees and the water was just beautiful.  Hope today was a sign of what is to come.  Larger fish and more of them.

July 6 - This morning I went to Balus put in the boat and started fishing.  Fished Balus, 2 Mile, 6 Mile, Orr Creek and Flat Creek.  Landed 9 Stripers but if I had put them all together they would have weighted about 7lbs.  I just can't seem to catch a larger fish.  Everything seemed to be right but the larger fish would not cooperate.  Water temperature had dropped to 85.6 degrees and the fish were located throughout the water column.

July 1 - Went out this morning and fished the South end of the lake.  Put in at Balus and checked it out but I could not find any concentration of fish.  Moved down to 2 Mile and tried 2 Mile 10, 2 Mile 9 and 2 Mile 7 without any luck, so moved to 4 Mile 1.  There I got one Striper about 5lbs and a couple of hits that seemed to be Spots or Catfish.  Moved to 6 Mile 8 and got two more small Stripers.  Finally I moved to Orr Creek and moved to a number of points but could not find any fish.  Then decided to move out and go home.  Did see Bob Benson and he had landed about 7 Stripers, some of which were over 10lbs.  Water temp was 87 to 89 degrees.

June 29 - Took Cale and Jonathan , the boys from across the street fishing this morning.  We left the house at about 6:00 and returned about 11:30.  They had a ball.  We caught a bunch of fish and they even got to see a real Alligator Gar.  We hooked the Gar and when we got him up to the boat, he opened his mouth and released the line.  The problem we he didn't know he was not hooked any longer and continued to swim at the same location along side of the boat, that is until I stuck the rod in the water and slapped him in the tail.  Fun was had by all and I had the opportunity to fish with two great fishermen!!!

June 15 - Went out this morning and fished Sardis, Ada Creek, Holly Park and Little River/Wahoo.  Landed three fish, one 8, one 15 and one 21, inches.  Marked a few fish bit nothing major.  It was very warm out and the water temperature was 88.3 degrees.  Fish should start moving into the DEEP water soon and we should start seeing some bigger fish.

June 8 - Went out this morning.  Launched at Sardis and went right to the hump.  Landed 4 small Stripers and 1 Spot and left that area to find larger fish.  Checked the area around Holly Park and nothing exciting.  Moved to the cove just above the Thompson Bridge and nothing.  Moved into Little River and went to Wahoo 2.  Lots of fish there but nothing bigger than 5 lbs.  Did land 6 Stripers.  Moved to Wahoo 5 and landed another 5 Stripers but no size to any of them.  Finally went to Little River 11 and struck out.  Nothing larger than 5 lbs all morning so I went home.  Not a bad day but where are the larger fish???  Water temperature was 80.9.

June 5 - Mike Farrell and I fished the Lanier Striper Club Tournament today and could not get the fish to cooperate.  We fished my 6 favorite spots in Bald Ridge and only landed one Spot.  As I understand the results, Mike and I achieved unheard of results!!!!  We were the only boat in the tournament that did not catch a Striper!@!@!  We fished in water from 20 feet deep to 80 feet deep.  We used primarily down lines and used Bluebacks exclusively.  We fished next to Dan, Buck, Butch, Pat and others and watched them catch fish but for some reason they just did not want what we were offering.  Had a good day anyway and look forward to the next Tournament.  By the way, water temperature was 83+ degrees.

June 4 - Dan and I went out again this morning.  We put in at Balus and fished Chestatee Bay and the area behind the island in Chestatee Bay, I believe it is called Long Haul but the markers are marked SH.  Didn't get but two small Stripers there so we moved to Keith Bridge Park, then Ducket Mills, the mouth of the Chestatee, right at Browns Bridge, Balus Creek, Flat Creek and then went home.  Really didn't mark much and didn't catch much.  For anyone who is fishing the Lanier Striper Club Tournament tomorrow, I would suggest you fish farther South or farther North.  It seems fish are being caught in both directions but not in the middle of the lake.  By the way, water temperature was 82+.  

June 3 - Went out this morning with Dan Saknini and Pat Titsworth.  Went to the South end of the lake and had a great time.  Landed about 12 Stripers mostly small ones but some were real nice fish.  We fished from about 6:15am until about 11:00 and just had a ball.  Ran out of bait so thought we should leave.  Most of the fish were caught on down lines over a 25 to 40 foot bottom and about 15 feet down.  We spotted fish in almost every spot we checked and got at least one fish out of each spot.  Weather was overcast and the water temperature was just over 80 degrees.  The water is warming up and the fish are on the move.  We should soon start seeing the lead core bite and the U-Rig bite should be in full swing soon.  To the right is a picture of Pat with one of the fish we caught.

June 1 - Went to the South end of the lake this morning.  Got on the water about 6:00am and went to the mouth of Bald Ridge.  Landed 3 small stripers, 5 to 7 pounds and one Walleye.  Had the stripers by 7:00 and the walleye hit about 9:00 that was it for the day.  Seems the fish are on the move and you have to find them each day.  They have not been in the same spot for about two weeks now.  The seem to be hanging  over a 30 foot bottom and are suspended  about 15 feet from the surface.  Water temperature was 80.5 degrees.

May 26 - Went out with Dan Saknini this morning.  Fished the lower part of the lake and had some great fishing.  We got on the water about 6:15am and got off about 10:30.  During that time, we landed far more than 16 Stripers and a load of Spots as well.  Most of the Stripers were small but three of them were good sized, in the 10 - 13 pound range.  We would have fished later but Dan's electric motor decided to quit turning.  The Prop was turning but we had no steering.  Water temperature was a little over 80 degrees.  To the right is a picture of Dan with one of the larger fish and to the left is a look at the fish Finder.  The finder looked like this for most of the morning.  Great Fishing DAN!!!

May 25 - Went out this morning and tried to fish the Sardis/Ada Creek area.  Put in at Sardis and immediately found a very large pod of fish just the other side of the Hump in the middle of Sardis in about 30 feet of water.  Fished there for about an hour and a half and landed two small Stripers and a couple of Spots.  There fish were still in the area but I could not get them to bite so I left and went to Ada Creek.  Fished Ada for about another hour and a half and landed another small Striper and a few Spots.  It seems that no matter where I go, the Spots follow.  Finally went back to Sardis and the fish were still in the area but not in the numbers they had been earlier.  Got one more Striper then went home.  Water temperature was 78.8 degrees when I got there and when I left, it was teetering at about 80 degrees.  

May 24 - Got up this morning, went to Oakwood for bait and then off to Little River.  Fished from about 7:00am until about 10:00am in Little River and got a surprise.  I landed two small Stripers, a few Spots and 3, yes 3 Walleye.  I found a hump just the other side of LR11 and each time I went buy, I had something take my bait.  Three of those times there was a Walleye on the other end of the line.  Not very big about 14" to 18" but never the less, they were there.  I moved out because they were eating all my bait and I really wanted to get Stripers.  When I left Little River, I went to Holly Park and landed another Striper and a few more Spots but it was just too windy to be able to fish it properly so , I went home.  Water temperature was 78.8 degrees and the wind was blowing 10 to 20 miles an hour.  It was blowing my boat as fast as 2.0 mph.  Don't like the wind!!!!

May 19 - Decided to stay close to home this morning.   Launched at Sardis and fished Ada Creek, Gainesville Creek and Holly Park.  Got 4 Stripers all together but if you put them end to end, they would not make a single decent fish.  Got nothing over about 20".  In addition, got 6 or 7 Spots but again they were small.  Water temperature was 78+/-, with a little wind but it was a beautiful day.  Used two flat lines and two down lines.  Fish should be moving into deeper water soon and I hope my luck changes

May 14 - Went out this morning and thought I was going to have a great day.  Went up the Chestatee to marker 23 and fished there until I could not stand the Spots any more.  Landed 4 Spots and left.  Went about a mile down river and had the same luck.  Landed 4 Spots and thought it was time to move.  Finally I went into Taylor Creek and circled the island.  Landed 2 more Spots and thought I better go home.  Just could not get a Striper to hit and did not mark anything that resembled a Striper.  Water Temperature was 73+ degrees but the day was just beautiful.

May 12 - Went up the Chestatee today.  Put in at Bolling (Bolding) Mills and went up river.  Actually fished about a mile below Marker 23.  It was not a great day, it was raining but NO wind and the water temperature was 70 degrees.  Put out two flat lines, two plainer boards one cork and one down line.  Fished from about 6:30am until about 10:30am and landed 5 SMALL Stripers, none over 5 lbs and 4 Spots.  When I left the house, I knew it was going to be a lucky day, my odometer read 11777 and as we all know 7/11 is a winner, unfortunately the odometer lied.  Looking for the big fish but only got the small ones!!!

May 2 - Went out this morning with Geoff McKenzie and his son Dillon.  Geoff is a new member in the Oakwood Striper Club and we wanted new members to have a chance to see what we do and how we do it so, I was selected to take him out.  We fished the Chestatee arm of the lake and specifically fished Johnson Creek and Taylor Creek  Water temperature was over 72 degrees, about 5 degrees higher than my last trip.  We started fishing about 7:00am and fished until abut 11:30.  We started at Johnson Creek and were not fishing more than  20 minutes when the first rod went off, then about 1 minute later, the second rod went off, then about a minute later, the third rod went off.  We landed two of the three fish and to the right is a picture of Dillon and his Dad with the first Stripers they have ever caught in Lake Lanier.  We fished that area for about another two hours and had a few hits, landed a few Spots but not more Stripers.  We moved to Taylor Creek and landed 4 or 5 Spots, some of them very large and had two fish just take the bait and run but when we started to put pressure on them, they just spit the bait our right at us.  Had a great day and Dillon and his Dad were a pleasure to fish with.  Good luck Geoff and Dillon, hope to hear some Striper story's soon.

April 30 - My Brother Andy and I went out this morning and went to the same spots Dan and I fished yesterday.  Unfortunately today was different.  The fish were not cooperating and the water temperature jumped from 58 to about 63 degrees.  The fish were not biting and it was obvious we were not going to have a banner day fishing.  We did enjoy the brotherhood and had a great time together.  We landed two fish, a large Spot and a Striper about 5 lbs.  The weather was beautiful and the company was a GREAT.  Hopefully we do better on his next trip.

April 29 - Went out with Dan Saknini this morning at the south end of the lake.  We got bait at the Dam Store and went from there.  Pat and I were just passengers and had a great time.  Dan took us to a few of his favorite spots and we landed 6 Stripers and 6 very large Spots.  We were Flat Lining in about 30 feet of water with about 40 to 70 feet of line out.  Water Temperature was 58 degrees and the weather conditions were just great.  Didn't get any big Stripers but had a great time and were busy from abut 6:00am until about 10:00am reeling in one fish or another.  Thanks Dan for the ride and great morning on the lake.

April 24 - Are we crazy, YES!!  We had a tournament today and even with the Thunder Storms, lightning and thunder, David Duncan and I were on the lake fishing.  Put in at Bolding Mills and fished the Chestatee.  It was a terrible day and one that only crazy people and animals should have been out in.  We got to Bolding Mills at 6:00 and thought we should wait to see if the weather would clear a little before we put in.  Unfortunately, it just got worse.  Finally we launched and went down river.  Fished until about 9:30 before we even got one bite.  Fishing was slow for us but others did real well.  We landed two Stripers, one about 14 inches and the other 30.5 inches.  Bob Benson on the other hand, landed 9 fish and came in second in the tournament.  We didn't even place.  Anyway, after fishing until about noon, we got off the river, went home to dry off and went to the Weigh-in.  Some nice fish were caught and everyone was as wet as a sponge.  Fortunately it was warm and wet, not COLD and wet.  It was not a fun day and I really don't think I will do that again.  

April 23 - Went out today and launched in Sardis.  Didn't get live bait, thought I would troll artificial's.  Got on the water about 5:30am and started to cast different lures to shore.  Landed 2 small Stripers and one small Spot in Sardis and then Mike and Bret came by.  I started to have problems with my electric motor but I kept it running, for a while.  I moved to Gainesville Creek and there the motor DIED!!!  Just could not get the prop to turn.  Started the outboard and didn't go very far before I got a nice hit.  Unfortunately after the hit it felt like I was pulling in a rock.  When I got the fish to the boat, I had another GAR!  Abut 4 feet long and looking for someone to stick his teeth into.  He didn't get me and I got my lure back so I  was happy.  I landed another small Striper in Gainesville Creek and then it was time to go home and try to fix my electric motor.  Did get it fixed so I am ready for tomorrows tournament, depending on the weather.

April 21 - Went out after yesterday's rain thinking fishing would be great.  Went up the Chestatee all the way past Limpkin Park.  The water got to be 3 feet deep before I started back down river.  Fished from about 6:30am until about noon and did not get a Striper worth talking about.  This was the worst day fishing, but naturally better than working, I have had in about two weeks.  After fishing up the river, I went back to Johnson Creek, Latham Creek, Taylor Creek and a few others farther down the river but just could not get a nice fish.  Got a Gar and a small Striper.  Water temperature was 60 degrees when I got up river and 65 degrees when I left.

April 19 - Went north again today.  Fished above Clarks Bridge and had a good day.  Water temperature ranged from 60.2 to 62.5 degrees and the water clarity was great.  Started fishing about 7:15am and fished until about 9:30 before I got my first bite.  Unfortunately it was a Gar!!!  It was the first time I got a Gar to the boat and had to use pliers to get my hook back.  After being harassed by the Gar, I went back to fishing for Stripers.  Fished for about another half hour and one of my Flat Lines started to sing.  By the time I go to the rod, the line counter had gone from 40 ft to over 200 feet.  this fish was not happy about getting hooked.  She took 3 or 4 nice runs and finally I got her to the boat.  She weighed 24.5 pounds and was just beautiful. Sorry for the bad picture but I was fishing alone and that was the best I could do!   I turned around went back to the area where I got the fish and started back south.  I must have trolled about 40 minutes and the same rod loaded up again.  This time it was a 10 pound male.  How do I know it was a male?  Well when I lifted the net over the gunnel, sperm shot all over the boat.  I hate that part.  It is messy, slippery and smells bad.  Anyway, that was the second and last fish of the day.  I trolled south until about 12:30 and finally picked them up and packed it in.  

April 15 - Today Leonel Castillo and I went North and fished above Clarks Bridge.  We got on the water at about 7:00am and got off the water about 3:00pm.  You are right, that is a long day for me but it was a very productive day.  We started out with Trout, Gizzard Shad and Bluebacks but the only thing that worked was the Bluebacks.  We got our first fish about 8:30 and it was almost non stop from that point forward.  I have to admit, Leonel had the hot rod and he just keep pulling the fish in.  By the way, we also lost 2 fish.  I know the ones we lost were MUCH BIGGER than those we landed.  As you can see, he did let me get one once in an while.  By the end of the day, we had landed 11 fish between about 7 lbs and a little over 10 lbs.  The water conditions were great!  Water was clear and water temperature was in the 66 range.  Outside temperature was in the middle 70's with a little breeze.  

April 10 - Fished the Lanier Striper Club Tournament this morning.  On the water about 5:45am and started fishing about 6:00.  Put in at Old Federal and fished  humps in Mud Creek in the dark.  We were told there has been a Bomber Bite in the early morning but we sure didn't find one.  Got 1 Spot and that was it.  Fished the Mud Creek area for about three hours and then moved to Balus but still didn't get anything.  We had 9 boats in the Tournament and collectively only 3 fish were landed.  Buck got 2 and Butch got 1.  Water temperature was about 66 degrees and the weather was beautiful.  

April 9 - Went out this morning with David Duncan to pre fish for a trounament on Saturday.  Put in at Laural Park and fished the main channel for a while but it was WINDY.  Water was a little off color and temperature was in the 64 degree range.  Got one Spot in the main channel and after fighting the wind for two hours decided to go to Little River.  Fished it for a while but only got another Spot.  Did mark fish in Little River but the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly control the boat.  About 10:30 decided to pack it in and went home!!!

April 7 - Took my nephew and his son out this morning.  We got on the water about 7:00 and got off at noon.  Started in Balus, put out 2 Flat lines, 2 Down Rods, one Cork and 1 Side Plainer.  The water temperature was 68 and the weather was beautiful.  We didn't go very far and Alex had a fish on.  Alex had not caught a fish bigger than 6 or 8 inches before this so he was really excited.  He did a good job getting the fish in.  It was a small Striper about 2 pounds but it was Alex's personal best to that point.  We fished Balus for a while and got a few Spotted Bass which made Alex very excited, he was catching fish and in his glory unfortunately he could not get a nice Striper.  Finally abut 9:15 the bite slowed to a crawl so we picked up the lines and moved to Mud Creek.  There we got another 6 Spots but could not get a Striper.  I believe the count for the day was 1 Striper and 9 Spots.  We had a lot of fun and Alex finally got to go out and catch a few fish.  This is only chapter 1 of the story.  He will be coming up later in the summer to get his big Striper and will let you know when that happens.

April 6 - Thought I would go out and try Cut Bait again.  I know it will work but so far I have not had any success.  Went out of Sardis and started looking at the humps along the main channel.  Really didn't mark many fish and did not mark any bait.  Finally I went under the bridge and checked the area across from Gainesville Marina.  Found a nice area where the bottom was relatively clear, about 25 feet deep and had a good area to pull up to the bank.  Parked the boat and fished for about 1 1/2 hours without any action at all.  Moved to the beach on the other side of the channel and tried again.  Had something pickup the bait, run a few feet and drop the bait.  That was the action for the day.  I will continue to try cut bait.  In my past life it worked great I think it is just a matter of figuring out where to fish.  If anyone has an idea please email me.  I really want to make it work.

April 3 - Well, today was the first day of the Bringuel Striper University.  Some of you may know that the Oakwood Striper Club set up a Mentor Day for new members.  Today I took out John Collier, a West Hall High, Junior for a morning of passing on any knowledge of Striper Fishing I might have.  We had a great day.  Didn't catch but one small Spot and lost one Larger Striper.  The benefits received were mostly by me.  John is a very enjoyable young man, with manors that would be hard to match.  He is very interested in Striper Fishing and all aspects of fishing in general.  We covered topics such as Sizing Hooks to Bait, Types of Bait as well as when and where to use them, Leaders (Mono vs Fluorocarbon), Length of Leaders, Size of Leaders (lb test), Side Plainers, Down Rodding, Flat Lining, Cork/Balloon Bobbers, Casting Techniques and many other subjects related to the pursuit of the all elusive Striper.  John's interest in any and every subject related to fishing was refreshing and I know he will be one of the new Tournament Leaders in the near future.  Thanks John for a great day and an opportunity to get to know one of West Hall's best!!!

April 2 - Went to Sardis this morning.  Thought I would try artificial's for a change.  I got t to the ramp about 5:45 and it already had cars parked in the lot.  In addition, there were three boats at the dock, meaning anyone else would not have a place to tie up to park their vehicle etc.  By the time I put the boat in I had to wait about 5 minutes to get a SMALL spot on the dock to tie up for about 5 minutes.  The other boats were waiting for other people or something.  They could have pulled away from the dock and waited so that others could use the dock for what it loading and unloading.  Anyway, by the time I put my truck in the lot, there were about 8 vehicles with trailers waiting to launch.  I thought I was going to go to Ada Creek but I heard some of the other guys talking and that is where they were going so I went south to the Gainesville Marina area.  the water temperature was between 57 and 58 degrees and the water was clear as a bell.  Naturally the weather was GREAT!!!  I pulled Fish Traps, Manns 12 and 15's, Bombers and the like.  I fished until about 9:45 and then I packed it in.  I got 2 small Spots and a Striper about 6 pounds.  That was it for the day.  Will be going out tomorrow so keep your eyes pasted to the site for the latest informantion.

April 1 - Was suppose to take a club member out but took out my nephew, his significant other and his son instead.  Got bait and went to Balus.  Put the boat in and at 7:00am they arrived at the ramp.  We got on the boat and started out and immediately started marking fish.  Moved about 100 yards from the dock and put the first line in.  I had 5 lines out and was in the process of getting one more ready when we heard a giant splash and one of the reels started to scream.  I grabbed the rod and handed it to Drew, my nephew's son and told him to keep a tight line and keep the rod tip up.  The fish came in, then took a little line, he did it again and again.  Drew did a great job.  He did keep the rod tip up and kept a tight line.  After a few minutes he got the fish to the boat and I put it in the net.  Drew had landed a nice 19 lb Striper.  HIS ALL TIME BEST!!!!!!  We took the picture on the left and put the fish back to bite another day.  We fished Balus for about another two hours and had a couple of bites, probably Spots but nothing stuck.  Finally we moved to Mud Creek but could not get the fish to bite.  We marked LOTS of fish in both areas but just no takers.  Water temperature was 54 - 57 degrees, weather was beautiful and the water was VERY clear.  Water is warming up and the bite should do the same very soon.

March 24 - Went out this morning and decided to fish Balus.  The weather could not have been better, not cold and NO wind. Put in about 7:00am and started toward the buoy that marks Balus Creek.  Looked at the finder and had fish all over the place.  I have not seen the screen like this for some time.  I was confident this was going to be a great day.  I put the lines out, two flat lines with Herring, I down rod with Herring, one Cork with a BIG Trout and one flat line with a Shiner.  I trolled at about 1/2 mph and I just knew one of the rods would go off.  It took a while but finally my wish came true.  I landed a nice FAT 10 lb Striper.  I put the lines out again, got set and one of the other rods went off, this time a 12 lb Striper.  I had a few more hits but nothing stuck and I had a lot of Spots grabbing my bait but they didn't stick either.  It was about 9:30 when I decided to go into Balus and try there.  Trolled almost all the way back with no luck, then moved to the House Boat and again nothing took my offering.  Finally decided to leave about 11:45 but had a great day.  It was just a beautiful day, got two fish and enjoyed the hell out of just being on the water.  To the right is a picture of the 10 lb fish.  As you can tell it was fat bbut only 25 inches and was weighed on a digital scale, 10.2 pounds.

March 20 - David Duncan and I fished the Oakwood Bait Striper Club tournament this morning.  Put in at Old Federal and initially checked out Mud Creek.  Didn't mark much bait and didn't mark many fish so thought we would go over to 4 Mile.  Fished 4 Mile from about 7:00am until about noon with no luck.  Tim Adrian was in the same area and he had one about 19 lbs, in addition, Lionel Castillo came into the area and he had 2 nice fish that he caught in Balus.  At about noon, we moved back to Mud Creek and fish there until about 2:00 but still didn't get a thing.  We had one hit all day and that was it.  Water temperature was in the 57 degree area.  Apparently Tim Adrian got one more fish about 19 lbs and won the tournament.  Lionel Came in 2nd and Don Brown came in 3rd, or vise versa. Mike Farrell did well, he, Brett and Sammy got two fish in Little River and came in 6th.  There was a 42 lb fish caught in Flat Creek.  Everyone keeps saying a new lake record will be caught this year and 42 lbs is getting close.

March 17 - Last night heard Johnny Walker talk about cut bait fishing.  Had a few frozen Herring so thought I would go out for a while and try his technique.  Went to Sardis and Ada Creek and found some big humps, anchored on the hump and threw my bait to the deep areas on each side of the hump.  Did not mark a lot of fish in the area and there was not a lot of bait either.  Water temperature was 54.5 to 55.0 degrees and the water was a little stained.  Fished for three hours and not a thing so packed it in and went home.

March 10 - Mike Farrell and I went out this evening to check the conditions in the Sardis/Ada Creek area.  We went out at about 6:00pm, started throwing Bombers and other lures to the bank.  Interestingly enough, the water temperature was much higher than it has been south of Browns Bridge.  Water Temperature ranged from about 50 degrees to abut 53 degrees and the water clarity was great.  Water has changed from a Brown/Red tint to a Green tint.  We fished the points in Sardis and then went to Ada Creek where we did the same.  Got three light bites but hooked nothing.  Got off the water about 8:15pm.  Not a lot of bait in the area and really didn't mark a lot of fish.  It would appear this area should start picking up with the water temp and clarity moving from the negative to the positive.  Hopefully the upcoming rain won't mess the whole area up!!!!

March 6 - Fished the Lake Lanier Striper Club Tournament this morning.  Fished with David Duncan, Mike Farrell and Brett (Brennt) Wendell.  We got on the water about 6:20am and started to fish shortly after.  We started at the back of Flat Creek, worked our way further back and then moved to Orr Creek.  We used Trout, Gizzard Shad, Bluebacks and Shiners, all to no avail.  We didn't even get one hit.  Water temperature ranged from 44.1 degrees to about 48 degrees, depending on the area we fished but the farther south we went, the cooler the water got.  Only 3 fish were caught between all the boats in the tournament, the largest being in the 20 lb range.

March 4 - David Duncan and I went out this morning in an attempt to finally do some fishing.  We got on the water about 6:45am, temperature 30 degrees, still dark and the water temperature was 43.6 degrees.  Fished Balus Creek for a while but had no action.  Marked fish but they would not take our offering.  We has Large Trout, Large Gizzard Shad, Medium Shiners and Blue Backs.  Then we moved to Flat Creek.  Water temperature 44.1 degrees.  Flat lined for about an hours before we got any action.  finally David's rod loaded up and he landed a nice fish about 8 pounds.  Not long after he did it again, this time about 6 pounds. then he did it one more time and it was a small Spot.  The actions stopped and finally we moved to another area.  Finally it was my turn, I finally got a bite and landed a nice Striper about 10 pounds.  That was the action for the day.  When we were getting ready to leave, about noon, the water temperature was 47.3 degrees and the outside temperature was about 38 degrees.  A cool day but a successful one for a change.  Below are pictures of two of our fish.


March 2 - Well, I have been trying to get out everyday but the weather just is not cooperating.  David Duncan and I were going to go fishing today, David said it was going to be an OK day and I thought it was going to be another wash out.  I got up at 4:30am am, had some breakfast, packed up my rods and started out to the Bait shop.  When I got to the top of the hill, the Dawsonville Hwy, it started to SNOW.  I tried to call David but didn't get an answer so I kept going.  It got so bad that I could not see more than 100 feet in front of my truck.  Tried to call him again and again but no answer.  I got to the Bait Shop and went inside, got a cup of coffee and started to talk to John Bowen.  By this time the snow was blowing sideways and the flakes were the size of a nickel.  Finally I tried to call David one more time and got him.  He had left his house and was just coming into Oakwood.  He came to the Bait Shop and we talked with John until about 7:30am and then packed it in and went home.  NO fishing today.  Sure wish the weather would cooperate, we have to fish a tournament on Saturday!!!

February 9 -  As you can tell, I haven't been able to get on the lake for some time.  The weather has been terrible and all reports are that the fishing has been equally terrible.  I got up this morning at about 6:00am and checked the weather.  temperature 28 degrees and no wind.  I waited until about 10:00am and the temperature was about 34 degrees, so I got my stuff together and went out on the lake for few hours.  I didn't get live bait but used Lures and Jigs.  Actually I used Spreaders with a lure on the long leader and a Hair Jig on the short leader.  In addition, I put out Planer Boards with Fish Traps out to the side.  I had one hit and it was a Spotted Bass about 1.5 lbs.  Fished for about 3 hours.  Water Temperature was 74 degrees + or - a few tenths of a degree, the wind was about 2 mph but the water was very dirty.  Fished both Sardis Creek and Ada Creek.  Nothing lost, had a great time just being on the water and look forward to this storm passing quickly so I can get back on the water either by the end of the week or on Monday.