Spring 2008
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April 29 - Just got back from my annual trip to Lake Lanier, Georgia.  Had a great trip, great weather and great fishing.  The first day we got a total of 9 Stripers, two Gar and two Spotted Bass. Below are pictures of Brother Andy, Me and Brother Ron.  these were the first three fish we caught on the first day.  Below that is a picture at the dock of the fish we kept.

Day 2 was equally productive.  We were fishing at the same location as we fished the first day.  The Chessetee River arm of the lake.  We were fishing in water between 2 and 4 feet deep trolling Gizzard Shad.  Believe it or not, this is the bait we were using!!  Now, this is one of the larger Shad but they were at least 6" and as much as 13".  We would troll either up or down river, didn't really make a difference and put out from 25 feet of line to about 60 feet of line, NO sinker or anything to make the Shad go down.  The Stripers would come up to the bait and usually hit the bait with it's nose.  This would occur over and over until finally the Striper would just swallow the Shad.  At one  point we had a Striper follow the bait for about a mile down the river.  It was exciting to watch the action and in almost every case, we saw the Striper take the bait.  The most surprising thing was that Spotted Bass and Gar would also take these large baits.  Below is another sequence of pictures, this time from our Second Day fishing.

Our Third day was a bit slower.  We only got 5 fish and the weather had changed.  We were expecting Thunder Storms!!!  When we got up in the morning it was sprinkling and we thought we were in real trouble.  Actually the day turned out to be OK but the fish didn't cooperate, probably because of the barometer change.  Below are pictures of our catch on the last day we fished.

We fished with Lanier Big River Outfitters, www.lanierbigriveroutfitters.com as we do each year.

April 19 - Received this email and picture from Danny Hayes of Fish-N-Trip Sport Fishing.  Makes me sick.  We were at Verona and Danny was at Rio Vista.

Here's a striper we caught on Thursday, 4-18-08 near Rio Vista around 7pm after the tide topped out from incoming to outgoing.  It was 34 lbs and 45 inches long, caught shallow trolling Yo-Zuri's, 4 - 5 mph in 7 feet of water.  It took 15 minutes to get it in and was released to fight another day. Just before this we lost one 20 lbs or better when it dove under the boat after getting turned the wrong way in the wind and cut the line off.  It was a long slow day with only 3 keepers, 2 shakers and 1 lost, but what a way to end the day!
Danny Hayes
Fish-N-Trip Sport Fishing

April 17 - Jack and I went to the Sacramento River at Verona this morning and tried to get some Stripers.  It was beautiful on the river.  The water was clear and about 60 degrees, a little low and it seemed to be moving very fast.  We fished about 4 hours and got two small Stripers and one Catfish.  Not even a keeper in the bunch.  

April 10 - Went fishing with Jack and Dick this morning.  Went to Minor Slough and thought we were going to kill the Stripers.  The water temperature was 60 degrees and the water was clear, just had to contend with a little wind.  Had a great day!!  got one keeper Striper about 20 inches, 2 BIG Carp, one about 20 pounds and the other about 30 pounds and one Sacramento Pike.  Got off the water about 12:30 because of the extra low tide.  At Arrow Head, low tide means no way to get your boat out and the low tide was about 2:45.

March 31 - Received the following email from John Cullen.  guess i didn't miss anything by staying home and listing my home for sale.

I took Rick today and we went to Steamboat.  Gene was there with David Bussey.  Gene and David didn't get any keepers.  Rick and I got four fish but only one keeper at 22 inches.  Got them on shallow running yozuri's.  Saw Mark Wilson there and Bob Sparre.  Found out later that both of them left and went to Sandy Beach and found a school between Sandy Beach and the Rio Vista Bridge.  Bob Sparre told Gene he and two others in his boat got 30 stripers.  Three limits to 11 lbs.  I don't know how Mark Wilson did.  I have an email into him but no response as yet.  Later, j.

March 21 - Went to the Sacramento River with Dick and Jack.  Water conditions were Clear but Low and temperature was 54 degrees.  We anchored up and fished with bait, Sardines and Anchovies.  Anchovies could not buy a bite while Sardines got lost of bites but no keepers.  The catch of the day was this beauty caught by Dick on a Sardine. Need I say more?

March 16 - Jack and Donna went to the Umquoa River for some Stealhead fishing last week.  They fished two days, and had a great time.  Below is Jack's email and two pictures.

  We had a great time! The weather was perfect and of course Vernon and Donny were fantastic. We didn't get as many fish as last year and only got two hatchery fish to bring home. Donna kicked butt on both days. She got 3 the 1st day and I got 2. The second day she really rubbed it in with 4 fish to my 1. I did have another fish hooked up but it was a long line release. I talked to Jimmy after we got home and he said it started raining hard about 9:00 AM. We got out of there just in time too!


March 5 - Jack and I went to the Port.  What a mistake.  On the way down the freeway, Donna called Jack and told him the wind was so strong downtown that her building was swaying.  We looked at a few flags and thought it would be OK so we continued on to the Port.  When we got there the wind was not too bad but it was blowing.  We put the boat in the water and started trolling.  At that point I knew we were in trouble.  We trolled down just past the Palm Tree without a bite.  Also figured out that we could not fight the White Caps going up stream.  At that point, after trolling for 3 hours, we packed it in.  At the dock we saw Rick and he had the same luck.  Also saw three other guys who were packing it in and they didn't have a bite either.  Althought we didn't get any fish, we still enjoyed our time on the water.

March 2 - Received the  email below from John Cullen.  Guess the fish are still not in the Port and since he left the cat out of the bag, those of you who know Gene Marzloff should know that he is officially changing his name.  He has taken up the American Indian Religion by using his fishing rod as a sacrifice to the Indian Fishing Gods.  He accomplished this by either falling asleep or just plainly not paying attention to what he was doing and put the butt of his rod into his propane heater.  When he smelled something burning, and still not knowing it was the butt of his rod, he asked his fishing partner, Hap, if he could smell the flames.  At that point Hap had to let him know that his sacrifice was accepted but the fish still would not cooperate.  Gene's new name is Commodore Burning Butt.

Hi John, I tried the Port yesterday.  I launched about 0930 and eventually went down past #69 around the corner.  Water was dirty down there.  There were two ships in the basin and one at the fertilizer plant.  I tried staying close to the bank but no joy there.  Casted swim baits and no joy.  I saw Dean, he had nothing.  Spinner said he had gotten one and I also talked to Ron Makishima and he had gotten one.  Water temp was 52 degree's, nobody else had anything that I saw.  I have not seen anything on Hot Rod Gene on the website, you've got to alert the members you know.  Smile  Later, j.

February 28 - Received this email and pictures from Jim Marco.  A secret is a secret!!!!

Pictures of a couple of trout my son and I caught Tuesday,  Dustin's was a 7lb rainbow and mine was a 5 ½ lb cut throat. We promised not to give the spot away.


February 9 - Got this email from Jim Marco

Went today NO fish 4 hours 1 shaker, water clear outside of basin, one seal.

     Guess that says it all.

January 31 - Still haven't gotten out to the River but sure am getting cabin fever.  Hope to get out next week.

For the next two weeks, I will be out of town.  This week at the San Mateo Sportsman's Show and next week at Sacramento.  If you get to either show, stop by and see me.  I will be at the Shakespeare Booth.  Tight Lines and get that big elusive one!!!!

January 8 - Sorry I haven't been much help to you lately but over the Holidays I spent a lot of time with the Patriot Guard, Honoring our Troops.  

January 15 - Had the day off so Jack Bishop and I went to the port for a few hours of fishing.  We fished from about 8:00am until just about 11:00am and Jack landed two fish.  One about 16 inches and the other about 19 inches.  It was real foggy and the water temperature was just 44 degrees.  We talked to a few others and they had done about as well.  No real keepers and no big numbers of fish.

January 2 - Well, We have atarted a new year and below is my first report.  I didn't get out but I received the email below from John Cullen.  Guess there are some fish around.  Thanks John for the Report.

Bob McCoy and I launched today at the Port at 10:30 AM. We never got a fish but we both kept getting little taps all day, at first I suspected we were bumping bottom but it happened in deeper water too. Once past the Fertilizer plant the water was very dingy. I'm told now that the ship at the Fertilizer plant came in yesterday. After making a couple passes from the palm tree to #73 and back we decided to go back to cleaner water. As we neared the Fertilizer plant we saw the ship get under way and leave with the tide. The water was much cleaner toward the basin. We saw Mark Hammonds and Shane but they had nothing at that time. We eventually make it back to the basin and saw Red Hot Ernie pick up one fish trolling. Both he and I scampered over to the south bank when the birds stared working but neither of us got a fish there. We also saw Joe Grandchamp but I never saw him pick up a fish. Also we ran into Reno LeClere who got a nice fish throwing fish traps in the cove. We tried that too but no joy. When we came out Red Hot Ernie was right behind us and he said they got four fish using rebels. Water temp was about 46 to 47 degree's the whole time. Oh, I heard Daryl Olsen had nice fish too. Pretty cold out there today with that north wind breeze. That's about it. j.