Spring/Fall 2007
A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!!
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December 14 - Went to the Port today.  Tried a new reel but didn't catch any fish.  John Cullen got one and Rick got one and that was the extent of the catch, at least until about 11:00am.  Weather is coming in so won't be going out for a while.  Sure would like to get back on the Sac and get a Salmon!!!!

December 10 - Received the email below from Joe Perry dated December 9.  Thought I would post it because I have not been out fishing.  Have been taking care of Patriot Guard missions.

My son Steve and I checked into Discovery Park about 5PM . Temperature 50-51 marked no salmon , heard none in American . Some smaller bass hanging around stumps in lower dredge area.
Also trolled Sac (water temp 49) from mouth to rail bridge . Lot of marked fish , all near the mouth of American and 150 feet downstream . NO HITS !
We heard a sea lion that appeared to be near old town. Home by 9:35

December 7 - Jack Bishop went out to the Discovery Park this morning.  Fished the American River up to the top of the Lower Dredger and fished the Sacramento River down to the I Street Bridge with no luck.  Did see a Seal or two but even they had no Salmon.  It may be that we will not have a run this year.

December 2 - Will not be available online until after December 7 but, please let me know if anyone gets a Salmon.  I understand they are coming!!!!

November 30 - Went with John Cullen to the Port this morning.  Apparently there is still a problem about the spill but down the Channel and around the West side of the Port is OK.  We went down the channel and trolled from about 8:30 am until about noon.  We landed three fish, two very small and one keeper.  Seems every boat had one nice fish and a few throw backs.  The weather was great and we had a chance to test John's new boat with more than one person in it.  Really a nice rig.

November 19 - Didn't go fishing this morning.  Was riding with the Patriot Guard to honor one of our Veterans,  Andrew Knight, Air Force.  Did get a report from Gene that a good number of fish were caught in the Port.  Seems like the bait has arrived and the birds are working.  Won't be going out until next Monday but will try to keep you posted through reports from others.

November 13 - Went to the Port this morning and thought I would fish the turning basin.  Fished it for about an hour then Gene and Hap put Gene's boat in.  They fished the cove for a while then went down the channel.  I got a call from Hap letting me know birds were working down below the Fertilizer Plant.  I pulled things up and went down river.  Gene and Hap were jigging and catching fish.  I could not get one no matter what I did.  Then the fish moved.  I spotted them again and let Gene and Hap know.  They came back and started catching them again.  This happened one more time and then they had their limit.  They must have caught and released about 12 to 18 fish before keeping 4.  Their biggest fish was about 10 pounds.  I still didn't have a fish.  I went back to trolling and hooked 2 fish at one time.  One on a Rebel and one on a Hair Raiser.  I put them back and hooked another and another and another.  Landed 5 fish between 4 and 6 pounds and I hung it up.  The day started out slow but ended up OK.  Tomorrow it is to CABELLA's with Jack and Dick.

November 12 - Received the email below from John Riley.  He landed his first fish at the Port.  Great job John.
So, after all of that, just how do you cook striper??

Yeah, I got one today. Started at 7am just after the high tide had struck. Trolled the prescribed course and hooked on a red and gold Manns +15

Got it by the trees on the right side of the channel just before the 1st palm tree on the other side. My friend who was fishing with me also caught one the was just a little too small (hooked it just above the eye socket). We also had several strikes that didn't stay hooked....

Water temp was between 58 & 60, sky was overcast and it was cold!!
It is interesting that every good hit that I have has been on a red or orange Manns +15 The colors must irritate them and entice them to strike by making them mad... I dunno.
Anyways, here's a picture, just for kicks!
4 1/2 # 22"

November 9 - Got an email and picture from Gary Rowett.  Appears he got this beauty on October 31 at Rio Vista. The fish was 42 inches long and weighed 30.4 pounds.  He also indicated that they got two other fish about 12 pounds.  Now, that is a Striper!!   Nice job Gary.

November 6 - Went back to the Port but today the bite was off.  To my knowledge, only one fish was caught and it was caught by in John's boat, a 19 incher.  We trolled from 7:00am until 11:30am and didn't get but one bite and it did not stick.  Will try again after Brother leaves, maybe Friday.

November 5 - My Brother came in yesterday and we decided to go fishing this morning.  We went to the Port and had a great time.  He landed 2 fish, one 18" and the other 24 ".  The sad part was just as we were leaving a major bite started.  Later we found out that one boat landed 13 fish and another landed 5 fish.  In fact, everyone who stayed had a great time and landed multiple fish.  We will go back tomorrow.

November 2 - Went back to the Port this morning and fished from sun up until about 10:30.  Got 3 fish from 4 to 6 pounds.  In addition, John Cullen was out testing his new boat and he got 3 about the same size and Rick also got at least 3 fish and Herbie and Cajun came in with 3 fish as well.  Guess 3 was the lucky number.  It was a beautiful day but lots of boats.  Both lots were full.  Water temp 62 degrees and the water was very clear.

October 31 - Went to the Port this morning and immediately saw John V.  He had been fishing for about 30 minutes and had 2 fish, one 24.6 pounds and the other about 12 pounds.  I really got excited and I started to troll down stream.  I landed 3 fish about 4 pounds each and when I came back up stream, John told me they had caught and released a good number of fish in the 6 to 8 pound range.  Seemed that everyone had fish, so today was a good day all around.

October 29 - Got up this morning at 3:00am.  Got my coffee ready, hooked up the boat and was off to the American River to catch a Salmon.  Was on the River about 4:00 and trolled from the Lower Dredger to the Business 80 Bridge and back.  Did not see a fish jump, nothing on the fish finder, not even a leaf, saw 2 other fisherman and they had nothing.  Guess it was not a good idea to  go to the  American.  Pulled my boat out at about 7:30 and went to the Port.  Trolled all they way down to 73 and at 9:30 got my first fish, 20 inches.  Then at 9:35 got the second fish, again 20 inches.  Trolled almost all the way to 75 and hooked another fish, this time about 24 inches.  Put things away and went home.  Not bad Striper fishing but the Salmon fishing is TERRIBLE!

October 26 - Well, we are back on line, Ihope for good.  I didn't fish today but got this report email a friend who did.

John: Saw you're back on line. Well, don't be in too big a hurry to fish
the weekend. This morning, the only difference from when I last went up
there over a month ago was I marked a FEW fish that MIGHT have been salmon.
Started at 4:45, lower dredger to trailer park. 3 times, marked one fish.
No other activity. Went to the island next. Fished from above the island
down the north bank to the bend, 3 times. Marked 2 fish, no other activity.
Fished the dock--no activity at all. That school those guys were catching
must have moved through. I was the only boat up there until I was going in
at 9:00. It still seems to me like small schools are moving through and if
you're there when they come through, you've got a chance. Otherwise, (like
me) you're fishing empty water.

October 25 - I didn't fish today but I got a call from a friend who said fish are just entering the American River.  I hope he is right because I still don't have a salmon.  Then this evening got another call letting me know the Port is full of Stripers.  First no fish, now fish everywhere.  Won't be going out for the next day or so but might get out over the weekend.  Usually I don't fish the weekend but I just might have to make an exception.

October 23 - Jack and I went to the Port this morning eventhough it was a extra low tide.  As we suspected, fishing was not very good.  We each had one hit and that was it.  Gene and Hap landed on small, non-keeper and Hap lost a nice Salmon that was hooked using a Mann's 15.  Not much action.  We fished for 3 hours and then went home.

October 18 - Dick and I went to the Port this morning.  The high tide was at 12:16 so no need to get there too early.  We left my house at 9:00am and were fishing by 10:00am.  I kept tell Dick that we haven't had any luck until the tide turned so we had some time to wait.  We waited and about 11:45 Dick said, "only a half hour to wait" and he was right.  At 12:16 his rod loaded up and he landed the first fish.  About 6 pounds and that made him a happy person.  Then about a half hour later, I got a bite.  My rod loaded up and I told Dick I had a fish on.  He mimunderstood what I said and looked at his rod and he also had a fish on.  His was about 8 pounds and mine was 14 inches.  About 45 minutes later he hooked another fish, this one about 11 pounds.  Below are Dick's fish.  Mine was not worth taking a picture of!!!


October 16 - Went back to the Port this morning since Salmon are soooo SLOWW.  Fished through high tide and landed 5 Stripers between 4 and 8 pounds.  John Cullen and I were fishing within eye shot of each other and he landed 3 Stripers in the same size range.  Seems the fish are hitting at the top of the tide.  It was windy early and rainy as the morning progressed.  Water clarity was good and the water temperature was 62 degrees.

October 15 - This morning Jack and I went to the Port because all reports for Salmon have been negative.  We got to the Port about 7:00am and started fishing immediately.  We trolled until about 9:00am, the top of the tide, and finally I got one on.  As I was reeling the fish in and Jack was madly trying to get his lure in, Jack got one on.  Yes, we had a double.  Mine was about 8 pounds and his was about 12 pounds.  Jack got his in first, so he had the net when Gene and Hap came buy.  Hap asked where my net was and I had to tell him it was in Jack's hands because he was trying to get the hooks loose.  Finally I got my chance to net my fish.  We put both fish back and started to troll again.  We made a few passes and landed another 3 fish between 4 and 10 pounds.  Not a bad morning.  The pictures below are of some of the fish we returned to fight another day.


October 5 - Went to the Port this morning.  Didn't seem to be any Salmon so thought I would try for some Stripers.  Got on the water about 8:00am and marked a lot of fish but just couldn't get any of the bigger ones to bite.  Landed 2 small Stripers and 5 Bass, all trolling.  Used a Cotton Cordell, Mann's and Bomber and it didn't make a difference.  Fish were suspended at 12 to 15 feet in 20 feet of water.  Then to top it off, Fred Thomason called and wanted to know where I was.  He had fished the American River and the Sacramento River this morning with Danny Layne and I guess Danny got a nice Salmon out of the Sacramento.  He had to call and rub it in..... Isn't that Fishual Harassment?

To make things worse, I receive this email.  Danny didn't get the fish, Monte Smith got the fish.

Hello, John
Maybe a few fish are coming our way? We, (Fred, Monte, Joe Aksamit, and myself), all guides, started up the American at 0530 this morning and the only thing we marked were Sea Lions, at least four from the lower dredger to the clay banks. We moved out to the big muddy (Sac), which is in very good shape water clarity wise, and proceeded to troll down to I street. Once down we turned and started back up, about halfway Monte hooked up on a nice, bright 15# hen. After a 5 minute battle Fred netted the fish into the boat. Just think, October 5th and the SKUNK is off the "Reel Affair"
John, we made one more pass and moved to the Yacht club where we enjoyed nothing. I quess this was hot the past few days from what a few cronies told us???
A good day on the river with friends, none the less, and we got a fish.
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service
209 586 2383
Twain Harte,

October 2 - Got my boat back yesterday about 4:00 pm.  Also got calls from Gene, "fish at Freeport; Cajun Bill, "fish in the American"; John Cullen, "fish between Garcia Bend and the Freeport Bridge and a number more.  Sure was glad to get the boat back just in time for the fish to arrive in the Sacramento River at Sacramento.  Got down to the river at 4:00 am got things ready and the ranger pulled up to open the gate.  Put the boat in the water and went up the American.  Fished until light with nothing, no bites, nothing on the screen, nothing jumping, NOT A THING!!!  Then went to the Sacramento River where I ran in to Kenny and Bob Peters.  They had the same luck.  NOTHING.  Fished until about 9:00 and decided all the reports were exaggerated.  Came home, changed the oil in the boat, changed the oil in the kicker.  Changed the bottom end oil in the kicker and lubed both the big engine and the kicker.  Now I  am ready for the real run!!

September 26 - Went to Discovery Park this morning.  Fished the Sacramento River from the mouth of the American to the I Street Bridge.  At any time, there were at least 12 boats in the area and new boats kept coming and going.  I saw Bob Peters on the river and both he and I had no fish, hadn't talked to anyone who had a fish and did not mark a fish on our fish finders.  In addition, jiggers kept going to the mouth of the American, jigging for a while and leaving.  The mouth was devoid of fisherman for most of the day.  We left at about 10:00 and were skunked again.  Then to make things worse, when I went to put the boat away, I noticed one of the wheels was out of kilter and checked it out.  The bearings were gone, off to the trailer shop.  Will be without a boat for about a week.  If you get a good report or catch something worth talking about, please send me an e-mail and I will publish your information since I won't be on the river.

September 24 - Went to Discovery Park this morning.  Trolled the American River from the Lower Dredger to the Black Bridge and back without a bite and without seeing anything on my fish finder that resembled a Salmon or even Striper for that matter.  Then went down to the Sacramento River and started trolling down river when I saw Kenny.  We talked for a minute and he said he had not caught a Salmon yet this year but did catch a Steelhead.  I went by him and when I got about a quarter mile down the river, I saw him fighting a fish.  He landed a beautiful, bright fish in the 25 pound range.  The first Salmon for him and the first one I have seen caught on the river this year.  I hear some fish have been caught in the area around the Sacramento Yacht Club in the past few days so things might be changing.  The only problem is "one fish does not a run make!"

September 18 - Up at 3:15 and out the door at 4:00.  Went to Discovery Park for a try at a Salmon.  Put the boat in the water and went up the American River.  Trolled the Lower Dredger and the Upper Dredger with Glow in the Dark Flatfish but didn't get a bite nor did I mark anything that resembled a fish.  Went up to the Island still using Flatfish and changed to Spinners.  Made a few passes with not luck and started back down river.  Fished until about 8:45 and called it quits.  WHERE ARE THE SALMON?  Water temperature 66 degrees and great water conditions.  No one fishing this area of the river, either the Sacramento or the American.  That tell you something.   Didn't even have any winds.

September 14 - Went to the Port this morning and got SKUNKED!!!  Did not see or hear of a fish being caught.  Fished from about 5:30 until about 9:45 and nothing.  Hope things change soon.  No Salmon and No Stripers.

September 12 - Woke up this morning about 3:15 and was wide awake.  Got up, hooked the boat up and went to the American River.  Fished from about 5:00 until abut 8:30 and did not mark anything that I thought was a Salmon and did not see any jumping.  Water temperature was 67 and there is plenty of water, just NO SALMON!  Will try again next week.  If they are going to get there, they should arrive soon or not at all!!.  They usually arrive in numbers from mid September to mid October.  Maybe I am a week early?

September 11 - Didn't go fishing today, attended a tribute to all the receipients of Purple Hearts throughout the years.  Did get this report from John Cullen:

In the water at 0630, Gene and Hap right behind me. We all went to two trees and jigged for no joy, I left for 73 where I threw swim traps, then jigged for no joy. Then I went on down to the grass patch, no joy there, crossed back over to the right side and stared trolling the chartreuse and white Yozuri with a pearl stretchy worm trailer. Picked up a 6# fish just before the second pole on the way back. Gene and Hap had came down and jigged then left for another spot. Then I get a call from Gene, he had nothing and was going home, he also asked me if a ship was coming in, I replied no, none in sight. Five minutes later a ship came around the corner. That was the end of fishing, he stirred up the mud and broke all the weeds loose, so you could not troll five feet without stopping and removing grass from your line and lure. The ship ended up at the Fertilizer plant as I left. That's it for today at the Port for me.

September 9 - Got this report Salmon from a friend.  DEPRESSING!!!

Well, after a small flurry of fish caught last weekend, starting with the
two we caught that Friday, all is back to "The Usual". Trips to Ward's,
Knight's, and Verona (this morning), have all had the same result for me:
ZERO. Not just for me but for every other boat I could see. This morning,
I stayed by the docks and saw 17 other boats. Not one pull down did I see.
Something's VERY wrong.

Reading that post by Vance Staplin & others in the Fish Sniffer Forum is
really depressing. Mid Sept. & the Barge Hole is devoid of fish! VERY VERY

September 7 - Went to the Port this morning with John Cullen.  Fished from abut 6:45am until about 11:00am.  Landed one fish, 13".  Guess the size of the fish is determined by your fishing partner.  Jim got one nice fish and Cajun got the fish of the day.  Looked to me to be about 15 pounds.  Windy but very comfortable.  Water temperature, 75 degrees.

September 5 - Went to the Port this morning.  Trolled down the channel and landed two fish in the area around the Fertilizer Plant, one about 5# and the other about 7#.  That was all I got for the rest of the morning.  I thought it was going to be a great day but only the two fish, plus two bass.  Cajun had 2 fish when I left.  The wind came up so I left!!

September 3 - 12 noon - Guess today was the day to go to the Port!!!  Just got a call from John Cullen and he was on his way home with one 9 pounder and one 10 pounder.  In addition Rick, the only other person there was on his way out with a 7 pounder and another fish just a little smaller.  As they were leaving, Gene and Hap were just putting in.  Sounds like it was a good day.  Both John and Rick had landed other fish in addition to what they kept but released them.

September 2 - went to the Port this morning.  No time to go to the River being a holiday.  Got there about 6:00am and got off about 10:15am.  Landed three small fish, no more than 16".  John had one fish when I left.  Gene had 3 fish all about 20".  Dean landed 7 fish up to 10 pounds.  Water was a little dirty and temperature was 76 degrees.

August 30 - Jack and I went to the Port this morning.  Got there early to beat the heat.  Fished from 6:30am until about 10:00am and landed 5 Stripers the biggest being about 6 pounds.  In addition Rick landed two nice fish both about 6  pounds and John got one at least.  Water temperature was 75 degrees and outside temperature was TOO HOT!!

August 28 - got up at 2:10am and got ready for a day of Salmon Fishing.  Met Jack at his house and were off to Woodson Bridge.  Got to Woodson Bridge about 6:00am and met Bob and Fred Thomason, Last Cast Guides, (209) 765-5284.   We got on the water about 6:30 and fished a stretch of the river that was about 10 miles in length.  For his efforts, Captain Fred got us two fish.  Jack landed a nice 24 pound hen and Bob landed a 10 pound buck.  I didn't get a thing.  It was a great day as they always are with Captain Fred.  Water Temperature 58 degrees.

August 22 - Went to Discovery Park this morning and went up the American River to try for a Salmon.  Got on the river at 4:45am and got off the river at 9:00am.  Fished the Lower Dredger, the Upper Dredger and the Island.  Tired Glow in the dark Flatfish, Glow in the dark Spinners, Glow in the dark Getzits before the sun came up and not a thing.  After the sun came up tried the same lures in different colors and had the same results, NOTHING!  Marked a few fish and saw a few jumping but I thing the jumpers were Carp.  They seemed to be a little golden and not silver.  Water Temperature was 70 degrees.  Will try again next week.  Still can't get a decent report on Salmon anywhere!!!

August 16 - Well, today Jack, Dick and I went to the Port and tried drifting minnows.  At first things were kind of slow.  We had two good hits but could not make them stick.  We moved down the channel and actually stopped marking fish but we stayed for about an hour and an half before moving back up to the turning basin.  When we got up there, we started to get fish.  We landed 8 small Stripers.  All in the 17 to 19 inch range but had a great time.  There are lots of fish in the area and it looks like live bait just might be the ticket.  Water temperature was 72 degrees and the fish were hanging at about 20 feet.

August 9 - Jack and I went to Discovery Park this morning to try for a Salmon.  We trolled the Lower Dredger and had no luck at all.  Then we went out to the Sacramento and soaked some bait for Stripers.  We landed about 15 undersized Stripers and another 8 or 9 Catfish.  That was the take for the day.  Water conditions were great.  Water temperature was 68 degrees.

If anyone has a Salmon report, sure would appreciate hearing it!!!!

August 8 - Finally got a chance to get on the water.  Went to the Port and trolled from the dock to the Palm Tree and back.  Going down and back, I landed 4 fish between 14 and 16 inches.  Then when I got back to the dock, I started throwing Fish Traps.  Didn't do any good so I tried trolling them very slowly and giving them a jerk every once in a while.  I landed two more fish, one 19" and the other 20".  That was it for the day.  Hit the Port on a bad tide, it was at the end of outgoing tide.  I like to hit it right at High tide and fish through the turn of the tide.  Water temperature was 72 degrees and the water was relatively clear.

July 26 - Ever had that feeling that today was the day?  Well, I had it today.  I got up at 3:45am, not by choice but I just woke up.  I had planned to go fishing with Jack Bishop and everything seemed to be just right.  We were going to the American River for Salmon and if we got nothing there, to the Sacramento and soak some bait for  Stripers.  I just knew I was going to get my first Salmon of the year today.  I met Jack and we were off to the River.  We were on the water by about 6:00am and trolled the Lower Dredger.  When we first got there, we marked all kinds of fish on the finder.  For about 500 yards, there was not a time when we did not have multiple fish on the screen of the finder and at times  there were 20 or 30 of them at the same time.  What kind of fish you ask?  Don't know but not the kind that liked either a spinner of a flat fish.  We made a long pass up and then back down and just could not get a hit.  Then something grabbed Jack's lure and by the time I handed him the rod, he felt something and then it was gone.  That was the action for the Salmon.  Guess my feelings were not correct.  Then we went to the Sacramento River and found Bob Peters anchored up just below the mouth of the American River.  He told us he had fished for Salmon 10 times since the opening and did not get a bite, nor did he see anyone else get a take down.  Glad we were going to go for Stripers.  We anchored up just below the new pump and went through a pound of Sardines in about an hour and a half.  Jack landed two fish about 14 inches and I landed one about 12 inches.  Not a good day for Stripers either.  Water in the American was very high and 67.7 degrees while in the Sacramento the water was also high and 68.7 degrees.  Guess I will have to go back to get that first Salmon!!!

July 20 - This morning, Jack Bishop and I took a ride to New Hogan Reservoir to fish for Stripers.  We put in about 7:00am an got off the water abut 10:45am.  Water temp was 77 degrees and the water conditions were just great.  Did have a little wind but it kept the day cool and comfortable for the entire trip.  We only landed on fish about 6.5# and had one other hit.  From that point on the day was a bust.  On the way home we had a blow out on one of the boat trailer tires, didn't have an appropriate lug wrench and didn't have the right jack to change the tire.  A farmer helped us out with a lug wrench and we made the jack we had work.  After about an hour delay, we started home again.  When we got home, there were some parts on the floor of the boat and it appears the boat wind shield supports fell apart. Guess because of the vibrations set up when the tire blew.   Now, Jack need a new tire and windshield repairs.  Even thought it was not a great trip, we had a good time and are still glad we went.  

July 18 - Gene and Jim went to the Port this morning and didn't get a bite.  They didn't mark any fish and didn't mark any bait.  Guess their finder was not working or Gene doesn't know how to read it.  Weather today could have been a big factor.  With the falling barometer, the fish could have gone anywhere.  

July 17 - Jack bishop and I went to the Port for a few hours.  We got there about 7:00am and left just after 10:30am.  Landed 4 fish, 2 under sized and two keepers, 3.5# and 4.0#.  Not a bad morning but the wind was bad for the first half of the morning and then it was really great.  We marked a lot of fish and marked a lot of bait.  Maybe things will start getting better.  Haven't heard any good Salmon Reports but they should start up the river soon.  Just wish there was more water and cooler water.

July 2 - Went to Discovery Park this morning and soaked some Sardines.  About every 15 minutes I pulled in a small Striper, 12 to 16 inches but no keepers.  This went on from 6:30am until 10:15am.  I moved 4 times and the action was not different.  Just could not get a keeper.  Talked to a few other guys and they had the same luck.  Lots of little guys but not keepers.  I did get one report of two guys fishing the mouth of the American who had two fish, 22 and 24 inches respectively.  Maybe next time.  Had a good time just sitting there watching the birds and beaver.  

June 27 - Got up this morning, looked outside and saw that there was no wind.  Decided to go to the Port.  Got to the Port and a breeze was just starting.  By the time I got the boat ready to launch, it was WINDY.  Put the boat in anyway and started to troll.  Got to the Flat across from the launch ramp and marked a lot of fish.  Made one pass up and turned around.  On the way back I hooked and landed a nice 24" Striper, about 5 pounds.  Thought I was going to kill them today in spite of the wind.  No such luck.  Didn't get another bite.  Got off the water at about 11:15 with just the one hit.  Score for the day.  One hit, one fish and no long line releases.  Water temp was 72 and the water was clear all the way down to the Palm Tree.

June 26 - Jack and I went to Steamboat Slough this morning.  Hit the water right at the bottom of the tide.  Only had 1.7 feet of water to get out of the launch area.  Went up the Slough and down the Slough a total of 7.8 miles and didn't even get a bite.  The water seemed to be lower than usual and we just couldn't hold our mouths right.  Water temp was 68 degrees.  No runs, no hits, not long line releases!!!!

June 22 - Jack and I went to Lake Orville this morning.  Got on the water about 6:30am and got off about 10:30am.  At first it was WINDY, even white caps but it calmed down. Trolled Dodgers with Hoochies at about 40 feet.  We landed 7 Salmon and lost 3.  Nothing real big, the biggest was about 21" but they were FAT!!!  Had a good time and got home before 1:00pm.  Not a bad mornings work.

June 20 - Heard there may be some Stripers in the American River so this morning Jack and I took a ride to the American.  We trolled, threw swim baits, threw crank baits and threw our tackle boxes in the river.  We landed on Striper about 6 inches and that was the activity for the morning.  Guess we should have been there yesterday!!!

June 18 - Had nothing to do so I took a ride to the Port to see if any Stripers showed up. Tossed swim baits for about an hour and a half and trolled for about an hour and a half and I was right, NOTHING TO DO. Couldn't even get a bite. Water temperature was 72 degrees and the water was clear.

June 15 - Jack and I went to Lake Orville this morning and had a pretty good day.  We fished from about 6:30 until about 10:15 and landed 7 fish, 6 of which we kept.  All Silver Salmon in the 18" range.  We trolled in front on the damn and just had a great morning.  From what I was told, Orville has been good for about two weeks and is still producing good numbers of Salmon.

June 7 - Went to the Port this morning because I was having withdrawals.  Threw Fish Traps for about two hours without a bite then started to troll Mann's 15's.  Made two passes over the flats and on the second pass landed a 4 lb Striper.  Trolled there for about another hour and nothing so I went down the channel to marker 75.  Now luck all the way down.  Packed it in and went home.  Water temp was 68 and it was windy!

May 30 - John Cullen and I went back to the Deep Water Channel.  We trolled from 7:00 am until about 1:00 pm and didn't get a bite.  Somehow the fish didn't know we were there.  Guess next time we should send advanced notice.  While we were getting nothing, Jack and Dick went to Orville.  They had their limit of Salmon, lost a few, release a few and were on their way home at 11:15 am.  Boy, they had a good day.

May 29 - Below is the text of an email I received from Jack Bishop regarding his trip to the Columbia River last week.  Boy, they must have had a great 2 days.

John -- the trip was a great success! We got a total of 32 in two day's. Most were small fish in the 4 to 10 lb range and 2 good keepers. Gary got the first over sized at 63 inches. Chuck got the next at 7' 6" and lucky me got the last one at 9' 6"! Needless to say it kicked my butt! I don't care to do this again! Halling in 325 to 350 lbs of steel is not for me.

May 25 - Went to the Deep Water Channel with John Cullen this morning while Gene and Fred went to Rio Vista.  Talked to Gene and Fred a few time during the day and they were not doing very well.  Finally they reported 2 keepers and they were on their way home.  John and I got 7 fish and kept two.  To the right is a picture of John with his catch.  Who said there are no fish at the Port?

May 18 - Finally got out this morning for some Striper fishing.  Jack Bishop and I met Frank Townley of Franks Guide Service, 530-518-0199 and his Grandson Cody in Colusa, got bait and put Franks boar in at Wards Landing.  Frank is called the "Fishing Magician" and today he proved the name has some validity to it.  We got on the River about 7:00am and got off about 12:00 noon.  We trolled minnows and had great luck.  We landed 17 keeper Stripers, the largest being about 9.5 lbs.  Seems Cody had the magic touch.  Cody is 11 years old and quite a fisherman and deck hand.  He really made the day special.  Below are pictures of Cody with his catch, one of the Stripers just before reaching the net and a picture of yours truly, Cody and Jack with part of our catch.  The fish were fresh  and in great shape.  Their scales still were iridescent which indicates they have not been out of salt water for very long, maybe a few days.


May 9 - Jim Sharp (Rick), and Sid went down to Rio Vista today and had a great Day.  Unlike my past few outings, they could not keep the fish off their hooks.  They were trolling shallow running lures and just having a great time.  All of a sudden, Rick's Road loaded up and he seemed to have a BIG fish on the end of his line.  The fish would take line and then Rick would get some back, this repeated a number of times.  Then all of a sudden, his line went slack.  He was sure he lost the fish and what a loss it was.  As he sat staring at his rod and slack line, the fish took off again.  Right, the fish did not get off.  The fish ran and before Rick could get in position to start fighting the fish again, The line tightened and as if it had wings, the rod went out of his hands soaring in the air and fell into the waters of the Sacramento Delta.  Score:  Rick 0, Fish: One Rod, One Reel and One Lure.  Now, if any of you catch a big one and it is attached to a rod and reel, please send an email to: mail@washingtonoutboardclub.org and I will be sure Rick knows where to get his rod and reel back.  If you would prefer to be anonymous, just let us know the weight of the fish and where the closet Garage Sale is so Rick can get another rod and reel!!!

May 8 - Didn't go fishing today but Jack, Dick and George went to Barryessa.  Below is their fishing report and a picture of George with the only fish.

We all had a great time and the fishing was spectacular! George is the only one that limited out with one fish. It took 5 1/2 hours to do it but we finally got one. Hey George----Thank God Dick brought the little brown jug!!!!

May 7 - Went to Verona with Jack Bishop.  Boy were there a lot of boats on the water.  The River was LOW!!  Two sand bars at the mouth of the Feather and the water seemed to be about 10 feet down in other areas.  We went through the first group of boats just below the mouth of the Feather and went up to the area above Sacramento Slough.  Fished there for about an hour with only a few hits.  Moved down, just across from Sacramento Slough and got 2 fish about 16 inches, 1 Catfish and 2 Stripers about 5 pounds both with sperm.  Guess they were looking for females.  We moved down to the mouth of the Feather and had a few more hits and one more small Striper  and decided to troll.  Trolled down past Joe's about half a mile and trolled up to the bottom on the Verona Marina without another hit.  Decided to call it a day.  Had a good time and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  

April 25 - Went to Georgia to meet my brothers. Andy from Georgia, Ron from Florida and go fishing for some Stripers in Lake Lanier.  We fished on the 18th, 19th and 20th.  As usual, we got a guide, Dale Sheets 1-770-888-9897 of Linesides Outfitters.  The weather had been real warm but about 4 days before I got there, they had a weather change and it was real cold then it got warm again as I arrived.  This drove the fish into deeper water.  We usually fish our baits on the surface or just a few feet under the surface and we usually troll.  This time because of the weather change, we were fishing much deeper, 20 to 30 feet deep and "Down Lining" or as we call it drifting minnows.  Our bait was Blue Back Herring about 4 to 6 inches long.  The problem we has was finding fish.  If we could spot them on the Fish Finder, we got hits.  Not spotting, no hits. The first day we landed 2 Stripers, about 8 pounds and 12 pounds plus a few Spotted Bass.  The second day we landed 3 stripers the largest being around 12 pounds and again a few Spotted Bass.  The final day we landed 4 Stripers and  2 Spotted Bass, the largest being 14+ pounds.  Not great fishing but it sure was nice to get fish everyday and have some time to spend with my brothers.  Below are some pictures of our catch.

Brother Ron & Dale

Ron, Dale and Andy

Yours Truly

Yours Truly Fighting a Fish
See the balloon at the tip of the rod?  We were trolling with a Gizzard Shad about 6 feet behind the balloon and about 100 feet behind the boat.  This kept the bait at the surface, in the top 2 to 3 feet and were trolling in  65 feet of water.  The Striper shown above took the Shad and just burned the reel.  I thought it was a giant but only 14+ pounds.

Brother Andy

April 17 - Received this email from Jack Bishop.  Guess he had a great day fishing and a real fire drill trying to land the fish.  He was alone when he got this one.

Yesterday (4-16) started out late getting to the water. I arrived at 10:30 am and figured I would fish for a couple of hours. I was using a CA1170-1M with a Trion 66 reel filled with 30lb Ugly Braid. Fishing for stipers I used a 17lb Cajun Lightnin leader. Not figuring on getting anything big this would work fine. As I was drifting my last bait with little success all hell broke loose. A sturgeon had grabbed onto it! Up river then down river we went! I was not sure who was going to win. To make things worse the fish had rolled in the line! Now I was fighting him from the tail end instead of the mouth. Between the Ugly-Stik and the braid I won! He was 64.5 inches long and 86.7 lbs! It took almost and hour and 45 minute and 3 miles of river to get him to the boat! Since I was by myself it was even a bigger chore to get him in the boat but some how I managed!

April 13 - Went to Discovery Park this morning.  John Cullen went to the Port.  I just looked at the calendar and realized it was Friday the 13th.  Enough said?

April 12 - didn't fish but got this email from Jack Bishop.  He took the Grand Kids fishing.  Below is his email and the picture.  Not bad for a windy day!

I took the kids to lake AMADOR yesterday. They kept Papa very busy loading rods and catching fish. It was VERY windy and hard to keep the boat on track. They ended up with 7 fish. As usual Tommy got the biggest but Brandon got the most. Alan was a get help (Brandon's Dad) running the boat. The biggest was just over 5lbs. I got home and collapsed! A great time was had by all..

April 9 - Went to the Port this morning and was determined to get a few Stripers on swim baits.  Fished from about 6:45am until just after noon and landed 2 small, really small stripers.  I must have casted those things 1000 times.  I fished them shallow and deep.  Toward shore and away from shore.  Finally I left but will try again.  I understand Joe and his buddy who were putting their boat in when I was leaving landed a good number of fish to 14 pounds.  I guess I need a lesson.

April 4 - Went to Discovery Park.  Met Jack Bishop and Jim Howes on the Yolo side to the river.  Fished a few spots together and nothing.  Jack got one about 14 inches.  Finally I went up river to the Core of Engineers Hole and fished with Frank.  He landed a few little guys and I landed one Sacramento Pike about 18 inches long and one Striper about 22 inches long,  4 pounds.  That was the action for the day.  Now, there was a Sea Lion working the area and he was not bashful.  When I was taking my boat out, I talked to two guys that were fishing around the mouth of the American and had a 3 fish hanging on a stringer.  The Sea Lion came up to their boat, grabbed the largest fish, about 6 pounds and took off with it.  They said anyone that hooked a fish had the Sea Lion trying to take it off the hook and succeeded most of the time.  The water is in great shape and the temperature is 60 degrees.

April 2 - Went back to Discovery Park this morning but didn't have the luck I had on Friday.  Started with bait on the Yolo side of the river but only got two Catfish, one small and the other about 6 pounds.  I moved a number of times but could not find the fish.  Finally decided to go to the Old Core of Engineers hole and trolled for a while.  I landed one Striper about 21" on a Strike King shallow runner but that was it.  I went up above the I80 Bridge and soaked some bait again and landed 2 more fish one about 18" and the other about 20".  When I got to the ramp, I talked to 4 different guys who were also taking their boats out but none of them even had a bite.  Seems Sunday was good and Friday was good but Saturday and today were slow.  Just have to hit it when a school is moving through.

March 30 - Went to Discovery Park.  Thought I would soak some bait.  Got there about 7:30 and the parking lot already had about 20 vehicles in it.  Went across the river, just above the sand bar and only got two nibbles.  Looked like crawdads.  Went down below the sand bar and nothing.  Went to the Steps and nothing.  Finally I thought I should go up river across from the Virgin Sturgeon.  On the way up, I saw a nice spot just below the first marina that had some submerged trees.  Anchored above them and put out my bait.  Not 15 minutes passed and my rod went down.  I lifted it up and the line started running like I forgot to set the drag.  I checked the drag and it was ok so it had to be on OK fish.  He tried to get into the brush a few times and finally I got him in the net, 13 pounds 8 ounce male.  Then I fished for about an hour more before I got another hit but the hooks did not set.  Finally about 11:15 I hooked another nice fish.  She was nice  and fat and full of eggs, 14 pounds 1 ounce.  I released her so she could continue up river and spawn.  That was the action for the day.  I didn't see another fish caught but most of the boats started in one place and stayed there for the entire morning.  Water Temperature was 50 degrees and the water was very clean.  I did talk to John Cullen and he lost two fish at the Port and he said Rick landed a 7 pounder and a 22 pounder.  He also told me he didn't think the Marco Brothers has landed a fish and they had left.  Looks like the Port is slowing down and the fish are moving into the Sacramento for their Spawning run.

March 29 - Went to the Port this morning.  What a beautiful day!  I wanted to try throwing swim baits again and did from just below the Fertilizer Plant down to marker 63.  I didn't get a bite.  Maybe the tide was wrong for Swim Baits, very low tide all morning.  Now, John Cullen got a nice 7 pounder and Rick got one about 21 inches both trolling.  Rick's fishing partner Sid got the fish of the day.  Apparently just after I left, Sid hooked and landed a 21 pounder.  Great job Sid!!!  Water temperature was 57 degrees and the water was in great condition.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Will be going to the Sacramento River, Discovery Park in the morning and hope to get a few nice fish.

March 23 - Went to the Deep Water Channel.  My thought was to throw some Swim Baits.  I went down the channel over 10 miles and landed two under sized fish and one about 21".  Interesting, the larger fish was very thin.  Looked like it went up the Sacramento River, Spawned and came back.  Guess the Sacramento will be turning on real soon.  Water color was good and the temperature was 56 degrees.

March 16 - Thought John Cullen and I were going to fish together today but John couldn't get up to make it to the Port.  I went to the Port and immediately went down past the Fertilizer Plant and started throwing Swim Baits.  After about 30 minutes I finally got a hit.  My rod loaded up and I really had a fight on my hands.  After three runs and one miss of the net, I landed an 11 lb 2 oz Striper.  About 20 minutes later I landed one about 5 lbs 6 oz.  That was it for the day.  I had kept the larger of the two fish and it was on a stringer when I spotted the Marco's coming down stream.  They had their Dad with them but hadn't done a thing.  After seeing their faces when I told them I landed two fish, I just had to give them the only fish I kept.  It was a pitifully sight, two grown men almost in tiers.  Anyway, I gave them my fish so I acme home empty handed.  I just hope they don't tell other people they caught the fish!!!  (It doesn't smell unless you stir it!)

I also received this email and pictures from Jack Bishop.  He made his annual Stealhead trip with Jim and Chuck and got a few nice fish.

John ----We had another great trip north. We all got fish but I got the biggest--- a 17lb buck! It was slower than last year with a total of only 16 fish being caught in two days. Last year we got 35. Thought you would enjoy the pictures.


March 15 - Went to the Port this morning but didn't get anything like jig Man.  John Cullen and I were the only two boats down channel and we both got a few fish.  John landed 7 fish to about 5 pounds and I landed 4 fish to 5 lbs 12oz.  All the fish were caught on swim baits.  John used a Fish Trap and I used a Storm Wild Eyed Shad.  Water is warming up, 58 degrees and the water is very clear.

March 13 - Received this email from Jig Man along with three pictures.  Naturally I took the best one for the site.  The fish is a beautiful 21.2 pounder!!!!

Sunday morning at the port of sac. a good time had by all. Caught plenty of Striper's aswell as a sealion/striper combo. This was'nt the first time a sealion & I have ever had a wrestling match for a fish. The last time this happened the sealion kicked my A%$ !!! Anyway, I enjoy your report's & I felt it was time to return the favor . ~Mike

March 12 - Went to the Port this morning and thought I was going to just kill the Stripers.  No such luck.  guess everyone else got them over the weekend.  I trolled from the Fertilizer Plant to Marker 73 and back and didn't get a bite.  I didn't see a fish and I really didn't see but about 10 fish on the screen.  I trolled slow, fast, deep, shallow and couldn't do a thing.  The day was beautiful, the water was clear and the temperature was 55 degrees.  

March 9 - Received this email from a soldier who was discharged a few weeks ago.  I wanted to formally "Welcome him Home" and provide public thanks for his "Service to our Country".  

Thanks form all of us David!!!  and Welcome Home!!!

In addition I thought he provided some good information on the Mokelumne so I wanted to publish his report.
Hi John, finally home from the Army and able to get some good time out on the water. I launched at Wimpies this morning and headed south to just below Hog Slough. Trolled from 10 am to 2pm and picked up 5 fish the biggest being 7 pounds. All were caught on a chartreuse Rebel broken backs.
Weather looks great for next week, so it should only get better, looking forward to your reports.
Tight Lines

March 9 - Went to the Port with Jack.  Water temperature was up to 52 degrees, the weather was overcast with a little wind coming from the south/west and the water is still in great shape.  We trolled from 7:00 AM until about 10:30 without a bite.  Then I got a hit, a good fish!  Fought it for a while and landed a real nice 9 pound Striper.  Jack netted the fish and I took out the hooks.  As Jack was unhooking the lure from the net, it was my job to put the fish on the stringer.  I stuck my finger in his mouth and poked one end of the stringer in his mouth.  Then I grabbed the other end of the stringer a and I thought I locked it in place.  Actually I grabbed the same end twice.  Then shook the fish to tighten the stringer on his mouth  off the stringer he went.  He fell into the water and away he went.  I only had one job for the day and I screwed it up.  The score, 1 hit, 1 fish, 0 filets!!!!!  We fished for about another half hour without a bite and went home empty handed.  Not many fish caught unless they were caught after we were gone.

March 5 - Went to the Deep Water Channel this morning.  Got there just at sun up.  Went down the Channel and started trolling just below the Fertilizer Plant.  Trolled all the way to the Palm Tree before I got a bite, a nice 5 pound Striper.  Then I trolled all the way down the Channel almost to  marker 61 when Gene told me the fish were just below the Fertilizer Plant.  I followed Gene up the Channel and made a few passed but only got one more fish, about 3.5 pounds.  Gene and Hap had 3 fish, Marc had 4 fish, Cajun had 3 fish and most everyone else had one or two.  Another good day on the water.  The weather was just beautiful and the water temperature was up 2 degrees from last week, 51 degrees.  The water was relatively clear, viability about 3 feet.

March 2 - Guess today was another good day at the Port.  I heard from John Cullen and he said,

Got eleven fish today, ten on the Commodore and one on the trout colored Yo-Zuri. Kept two at 3.5 and 4.5. Forgot to tell you earlier I saw a seal up by the pump house. He popped his head up twice then left the area I guess, I never saw him again. Great day, lot's of action but colder than a well diggers ass.

In addition, I heard that Marc got at least a dozen and Rick did the same.  Nothing big but never the less a good number of fish and a fun day catching them.  Guess I should have gone out today as well.

March 1 - Went to the Port with Jack Bishop, Tolly Tolefson and Jack Booth.  We got there about an hour before low tide.  Water temperature was 49 degrees and the water color was Steelhead Green.  Went down below the Fertilizer Plant and started trolling.  had two hits but nothing stuck.  They as we approached the Palm Tree, we went to the other side of the river and we really started to hook the fish.  We had two doubles, lost 4 fish, landed 8 fish and kept 6.  Nothing bigger than about 5 pounds but had a great time catching them.  In fact, jack Booth said he had never had a day fishing that was so good.  The fish were caught mostly on Mann's 15's, Blueberry Muffin and the Commodore in about 18 feet of water.

February 14 - Jiggin Gene and Hap went to the Mokelumne River this morning.  They put in at Wimpies and trolled for the better part of the day.  Hap got one nice fish and Gene said? he got two hits but no  fish.   Great job Hap!!!!  Guess it has no where to go but up.  

February 12 - First nice day in a week so Jack and I went to the Port.  We trolled from just below the Fertilizer Plant down to about 1/2 mile above the Power lines and then back to the Palm Tree.  What a beautiful day but not bites, no hits and no releases.  We trolled shallow, we trolled deep and we trolled with every lure know to man.  Marked a lot of fish in the 30 foot range but could not get them to bite.  I even use 5 ounces of lead to get down and still no luck.  Water temperature was 48 degrees and the water conditions were great.  Water was a beautiful green, no mud at all and visibility was at least 3 feet.  Should have got some fish but came home skunked.

February 2 - I was real excited about going to the Port this morning.  Apparently everybody got fish yesterday and I was sure it was going to be the same today.  I got up at about 3:30am and was on my way to the Port before 4:30am.  I put the boat in the water, started the kicker and was fishing within minutes.  Trolled 4.6 miles down the Channel with no action.  Then started up.  Met about 5 boats and only one of them had fish.  Two guys in a gray Marlin were fishing minnows and they had landed 4 fish, three of which were keepers.  Finally after about 5 hours without a bite I picked up and started home.  When I got to Greenback and Auburn, I was the first car at the stop light.  The light changed and I went across Auburn and saw a tire going past my truck.  It looked just like the tires I have on the boat trailer.  Then I realized it was my tire.  Fortunately I have a double axle trailer so the boat stayed upright.  I pulled over, ran after the tire and got it before it caused any damage to anyone else.  At first I thought I lost an axle but after looking at the hub, that was not the case,  Someone apparently tried to steal the tire and removed or loosened all 5 lug nuts.  The trailer was just fine.  I took a lug off each of the other wheels, secured the wheel that came off and went off the  Trailer supply.  The lady at the Trailer Supply told me that was the 3rd time this week she had someone come into the shop to get one tire/wheel fixed.  She was sure it was a case of theft gone wrong.  At any rate, it was a scary situation and I am just glad no one or nothing was damaged.  An eventful day but no fish!!!

January 31 - Went to the Port this morning with Dick and Jack.  When we got there we saw Cajun and he was ready to go home.  He already had his limit.  We fished for about 4 hours and only got one fish about 5 pounds.  On the way back in we talked to a couple of guys who told us the action in the Port was dynamite.  We trolled the channel and the fish were in the Port.  One guy said he hooked and landed 15 to 20 fish and kept 2, one about 5 pounds and the other about 9 pounds.  Always in the wrong spot!!!!

January 30 - Went down the American River for Steelhead today.  Drifted from Griss Mill to Watt and didn't get a bite.  The weather was beautiful, the ride was great and the company was good.  Guess the fish just didn't want to cooperate.  Going to the Port in the morning because I heard Cajun Bill got limits today.

January 28 - Got this email from John Cullen and thought I would share it with you because I haven't been out.  Wait until next week!!!!

Went to the Port yesterday about noon, met Gene and Bussey there. They never got a bump. I picked up a 20 incher near the fertilizer plant, released it then a little later I lost a good one by the two tree's. He was on and just chugging away, peeling line and then he was gone, never had another bump. I got both bites on the Commodore, nothing on a rebel. Tried jigging a little but no joy there either. Nice to get back on the water. No place like home. Later, j.

January 26 - Received these pictures from my OLD Buddy, Armond Scaccalosi, we worked together from 1960 until we retired in 1988.   He and his two sons made their annual trip to Baja.  His only comment was: "Doesn't get better than this. fishing for marlin with my sons , 14th year ".



 Scac is a great guy and I applaud his dedication to his family.  Great job Scac!!!!

January 26 - Jiggin Gene and Rick went to the Port today and trolled the Deep Water Channel.  They only got one bite and Gene landed the only fish of the day.  Interestingly enough, their conversation about the fish went something like this:

                          Gene:  Looks like about 8 pounds or more!

                          Rick:  What did you do with that digital scale I gave you for Christmas?

                          Gene:  Right here!!

After a measurement, the fish was a grand total of 5.14 pounds.  A far cry from 8 or more pounds.  Now, that tells you why I have been trying to get one of Gene's old scales.  Almost never got a fish under 10 pounds!

January 23 - I haven't been out, got some bug at the Sports Show and am trying to get rid of it.  I do have a report.  The port has been slow.  Even Jiggin Gene and Hap are having problems getting fish.  Water Temperature is 45 degrees.  Also, the Sacramento River is slow, temperature is 42 degrees in the Sacramento Area.  I understand that the Delta is also slow.  Not many fish being caught anywhere.

January 18 - Back from the San Mateo Show and will start the Sacramento Show today.  Hope to get on the River first thing next week.


January 9 - Got this email from John Cullen.  Since I haven't been fishing thought I should publish it.

I went to the Port yesterday afternoon and got seven fish, kept one at 7 lbs. Most were right at 17 and 18 inches. I caught them right where the boat is sunk. I did get one up at 73 but it was a dink. Caught them all on a rebel, blue, gold and red, with a white trick zoom worm. j.

January 7 - Well Folks!  I will not be making any fishing reports for the next two weeks.  It is time for the ISE shows and I will be in San Mateo from the Wednesday Januayr 9 thru Sunday January 14.  Then I will be at the Sacramento Show from Wednesday January 16 thru Sunday January 21.  

If you have a spare minute stop by the Shakespeare/Pflueger booth and say hello.

January 2 - Went out this morning.  Fished for three hours and got 4 fish  but no keepers.  The tide was slack all the time I was fishing.  I bet I get some reports that this afternoon fishing was great.