Salmon/Striper/Sturgeon 2005
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December 29 - Went to the Port to test a new secret weapon. I had tested it once and didn't do well so I thought I should try it again. Trolled with it for 4 hours and didn't get a bite, so much for secret weapons. Fish were caught even though I didn't get any. When I left, Jiggin Gene had 2 hanging, the Marco Brothers had at least 3, Joe had 1 and there was another boat in the same area that had 2. It seemed everyone had fish but me. Hanging up the secret weapon. The water was relatively clear and the temperature was 51 degrees.
December 26 - Jiggin Gene went to the Port to day and did very well, he said. He landed 4 fish and lost 3. The largest fish about 10 lbs ???? As usual. He also said Phil and Jim Marco had 2 nice ones and Cajun Bill had none. Now, he got fish and the others really had to work for them, you have to understand, this was Gene talking and a little exaggeration goes a long way.
December 16 - John Cullen and I went to the Port this morning. We got there about 10:00am and left about 1:30pm. John is not an early riser, nor is he warm blooded. He was dressed like he was at the North Pole. He even had "Toe Warmers". Anyway, we trolled the basin for a while, then went down the channel. We landed two fish trolling and thought we were doing OK. Then we saw a bunch of birds working. We got to the birds and attempted to jig. We landed about 4 more fish before the very large ship that was at the fertilizer plant started down the channel. After it passed, we got two more fish and that was it for the day. We didn't have a bad day and I really feel the ship stopped what could have been a great day. Oh Well!!! There is always tomorrow.
December 13 - Got up this morning and looked out side. The fog was so thick I could not see across the street. Decided to stay home. Fog can be dangerous on the road as well as on the water and I have many other days that I can get out to get fish. I'll just wait until the fog lifts.
December 12 - Went back to the Port this morning. When I got there, it was LOW tide. I got my boat in OK and made one pass in the Basin, nothing doing. Then I went directly past the Fertilizer Plant and started trolling down the channel, all the while looking for bait fish. It didn't matter if I was in 40 feet of water or 10 feet of water, no bait fish and no Stripers. I went as far down the channel as the lower end of the Tree Farm and I didn't get a hit. Finally about 11:00 I pulled up and went home. Now the tide was almost full High. I talked to about 5 other fisherman and they had the same luck I had with the exception of Darrell. He said he hooked and landed a 36 inch Sturgeon. That was the only fish I know of all morning and he had to throw that one back to boot.
December 9 - Well, I was looking forward to today because Jiggin Gene wasgoing to take me to the Port and show me how to jig for Stripers. When I talked to him yesterday, he said he was going to Hog Slough so we would not be going to the Port. I was really disappointed because I had some new braded line to test and was hoping to get a few fish on it. No such luck. I did go to the Port and expected to so some jigging on my own. I trolled around our rampwhile looking for fish, with now luck so I went down the channel. Fished from Light 79 to Light 75. Started out trolling in 10 to 15 feet of water but didn't get anything, nor did I mark anything. As I was turning around to go back up the channel, I marked a bunch of fish in 25 to 30 feet of water. I had on a Manns Wonder Bread and had the best day I have ever had at the Port. I landed 9 fish between 20 inches and 13 pounds all in deep water. In addition, I lost three others. I did try jigging for a while because I found an area where the fish were thick. The screen on my finder was completely full of fish. Unfortunately, I could not buy a bite on a Jig. It was a good day for trolling and I can't wait until Monday to try it again.

December 3 - I haven't been fishing but got two reports today.  One from the American River and the other on the Port.  The American River was flowing relatively clean but had some leaves in the water.  The temperature was 56 degrees.  Two boats fishing but no fish caught.  The port was fishable but nothing much to brag about.  Fish were being caught in the 18 to 21 inch range.  A ship will be leaving the Port tomorrow so the channel might get a little dirty.  That is it.  I will be working a Fishing Tackle show on Tuesday thru Thursday so won't have a chance to fish until Friday, weather permitting.

November 23 - Went to the Port this morning.  Got there at dark o'clock and had to wait until four other boats were launched before I could get into the water.  Got the last parking space inside the gate.  Anyway, the water conditions were great and there were lots of birds just waiting for the sun to come up.  Started trolling in the cove then went down the channel.  Landed 4 little fish but no keepers.  Didn't talk to anyone who did have a keeper.  It started to get windy so I pulled out about 9:30.  As I was leaving I noticed that both lots were full of trailers and the upper lot had a few in it as well.  Lots of fishermen and no fish.  Hope they got something after I left.  It was just at high tide.

November 22 - Went to the American River this morning with Jack Bishop.  We fished both Dredger holes with no luck.  We did see a lot of fish jumping but for the most part, they were very Dark.  Not man people on the river, guess it is just abput over.  By the way,  WHERE ARE THE 1,600,000 FISH?

November 21 - Went to the American this morning.  Not many boats but there are still some fish around.  Fished for about 3 hours and landed two fish.  A nice female about 20 pounds and one RED BUCK about 25 pounds.  The fish were not real clean and the bucks are getting bad.  Hope a new batch comes up soon or I am going to call it quits for Salmon and start fishing Stripers every day.  Got a report from Freddie (Last Cast Guides), he fished on Saturday and did got three nice clean fish out of the American.  

November 17 - Took another approach this morning.  Went to the Port of Sacramento.  Got there about 6:30 and fished until just about 10:00.  Got 3 fish, one 4#, one 5# and one 8#.  There seemed to be a lot of fish down the channel and most other boats had fish.  I called Jiggin Gene and he said he was gong around noon and the would just kill them.  For those of you who are fishing in the WOC Derby on Saturday, a good bet would be to get as close to Jiggin Gene as possible.  He has been pre fishing and says the gets many fish and big fish each outing???   Stay close and you could have the same luck as he is having.  By the way, close is within 10 to 15 feet!!!

November 16 - Jack and I went to Verona and trolled almost all the way down to the I5 Bridge.  We didn't get a bite nor did we see a fish on any of the other boats.  Guess we went to the wrong place.  Danny Layne sent me this email and picture from Discovery Park.  Why is it, I should have been somewhere else or been here yesterday?

Hello, John
A good day on the water, Ed pulled this bright hen on the American this a.m. and his father Ray lost one, I had a brief hook-up also. Moved out to the Sac. and on our last pass of the day Ray got hammered by this 20 lb buck.

November 15 - Didn't go out this morning but got this email and set of pictures from Mark Eckles.  He and Ron Ross fished the American this morning and got two fish.



November 14 - Today was another one of those slow days. I did not see a fish caught at the Upper
Dredger but did see two fish caught at the Island. I didn't get a bit all day. Danny Layne got one that I know of and Freddie got three nice fish. One 12#, one 18# and one 20#. The fish were in great shape. He got one in the Sacramento and two at the Lower Dredger. The picture to the right is his client Juan with the 18# and 20#.

November 12 -  Sounds like there was the starting of a good bite in the American this morning.  That is before a Seal came in and the people jigging loaded up the trolling channel so that trolling was all but impossible.  

I have received 50 or more emails from both trollers and jiggers pissing and moaning about the others.  I guess it is time to put my two cents in and hopefully provide some direction on the subject.  That doesn't mean that anyone is going to agree with me but it is time to make an editorial comment.

Over the years, there was an etiquette that was adhered to by everyone on the river.  The trollers would fish in the channels and the jiggers would work the deep holes and the areas where structure was present.  It seems the courtesy of sharing the river has diminished and now everyone just goes where they think see others catching fish or for that matter anywhere they please.  When a jigger gets a fish, the troller moves into the hole.  When a troller gets a fish, a jigger jumps on the spot making the troller change their original path.  It sure would be nice if some etiquette was used to make fishing the river a better experience for everyone.  The fish, for the most part, are not holding.  They are moving and are moving in and through specific areas.  If someone gets a fish, there is no need to get on top of them, give them some room and move either up or down river from them.  If everyone would give the other guy some space, we all  will get more fish and the frustration levels will be reduced substantially.   Trollers, don't move into predominately jigging areas and jiggers don't move into predominately trolling areas.  There are plenty of fish to go around.  

Enough for the editorial but please be considerate of your fellow fishermen.  Now, as I started, A good number of fish were caught in the Lower American today and there are still nice clean, fresh fish coming in.  I just hope they are still there during the week when I am fishing it.  I have not had a good year and sure would like to have just one great day before the fish have all passed through.  To the left is a picture of one of Fish'n Dan's clients, Bob Di Bari, with his 20 pound buck.  Take a look at the color and the jaw.  This is a fresh fish.  

November 9 - Went to the Dredgers with David Eyster and his neighbor Mike.  We fished the Lower Dredger with no luck so we went up to the Upper Dredger.  No luck there either.  I rigged the lines up so that each of us were using different lures.  David was using a Glow in the Dark Flatfish, Mike was using a lighted Kwikfish and I was using a Getzit.  Then went up to the Island and finally hit a few fish.  David got a 18 pound buck and Mike landed a 28 pound buck.  We fished from 5:00 until just about 10:00 and that was it.  Ron Ross got a 33 pounder and there were a few fish caught at the mouth of the American.  On the left is David with his fish and on the right is Mike with his.  

November 8 - Haven't been on the River but Danny Layne sent me this email and picture.  Guess there are some fish in the area, you just have to be in the right place at the right time with the right guide.

Jamie & George Tune, 11-8-05 American River
Hello, John
Its very wonderful what a little rain will do? This a.m. we (Jamie & George Tune and Bobby Caldera) had the lower American all to ourself, not even a sea lion to mess things up. Started at the top of the lower Dredge going up river, within 50 yards of the start George gets a take down and a head shake and its gone, got all rods ready again and just above the bamboo Jamie hangs into the bottom except the bottom is taking drag and moving out to the the middle of the river? After a nice battle we boat a nice 14 lb. hen. Square the boat away and move back to the trolling lane, all rods are back in and George gets another hook-up and a 4 second battle and gone? Back in and troll up to the 5mph buoy, spin the boat around and start back down hill when at the bottom of the clay-bank George gets another take down, this time a 16 lb buck has found the business end of a K-14 Litefish. George has a very good battle with Mr. Fish and we bring it to net. Work back down and back up after daylite, then moved out to the "Big Muddy" and found no action on the Sac. The Tune's are from Twain Harte.
Good luck tomorrow?
Danny Layne
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service

November 5 - Sorry guys but I have not been fishing.  My wife had an operation and I am trying to take care of her during recovery.  I did get this email and picture from Danny Hayes.  It is the only email I received with any kind of positive report.  Great Job Danny!
Hi John,
Had a chance to get out Thursday with regular Chuck Phillips and for the first try at salmon, his son Mark. Due to a malfunction of my alarm clock we passed on the American and hit the Sac at 7am. On the 1st pass starting at the I street bridge, we hooked up within 5 minutes on a nice 25 lb buck that took 20 minutes for Chuck to get in. After, we started in the same spot and hooked up 10 minutes later on a 18.5 lb buck for Mark. We trolled pink & pearl Uncle Larry's. There was hardly anybody fishing with only 4 boats trolling all morning. I only saw one of the many regulars. The other 3 boats had 3 hanging on one, 1 on another and the other had at least 2 when we quit at 11am. A short day and fun.
Take care John
Danny Hayes
Fish-N-Trip Sport Fishing

November 1 - Back to the river this morning.  I guess someone is giving something away because when I get to the river at 4:15, there are already 5 to 10 boats at the Lower Dredger.  If you are not there, you might be missing something.  I know I did this morning.  I understand that Chuck and Millie got 6 fish and two other boats had 3 fish and a number of other boats had at least one fish.  I didn't want to stay there because of all the other boats so I went up river and didn't get a bite, nor did I see anyone else with a fish.  Guess I should have stayed at the Lower Dredger and fished with the masses.  Those of you who know me know I Iike to fish alone and like to fish where there are no other fishermen. I guess maybe that is not such a good idea if you want to catch fish.  Not to worry, I just like to get on the river and savor the silence of the early morning, watch the beaver, otter, deer and other animals.  Anyway, skunked again.  This had been the worst year I have had in the 15 years I have fished the American regularly.  I kept hoping those 1,700,000 salmon were going to come but at this point I am starting to doubt the wisdom of the Department of Fish and Game.

October 31 - Went to the American River this morning.  It seems that more and more people are fishing the river each morning but I don't think more fish are caught.  I understand that there were about 3 fish caught in the Lower Dredger, I didn't fish it this morning because there were already 5 or 6 boats fishing it at 4:30.  I went up above and did not get a bite until about 7:30, then got a nice 17 pounder.  A real nice fish and it was suicidal.  It took my flatfish all the way in his mouth and just started running.  A nice fish and a nice fight.  On the way back down, I talked to Ron Ross and his wife Pricilla.  Precilla had landed a nice fish on a spinner and it was hanging.  Looked to be about 20#.  Ron sent me the picture on the left of her catch.  Not a lot of action and the fog is starting to hang on the water early.  If you go to the river before sunup, expect fog and take it easy.  It sure makes it hard to see.  To the right is my catch for the day.

October 29 - I didn't go out this morning, it is a weekend, but Danny Layne did and he sent me this email and the picture of Ann's catch.

Ann Jorgens, 10-29-05, American River


Not much action but Ann managed to pull this 12# hen this a.m. at the clay banks,



October 27 - Another day on the river and not a good one.  I did not see a fish caught at the upper hole and I understand only 3 fish were caught at the lower hole.  Maybe the weather had something to do with the slow down.  I did get an updated report on yesterday.  Apparently Marty and his buddy had the most beautiful string of 6 fish that many people had ever seen.  All the old timers told me about Marty's catch.  In addition, Danny went home early with limits, Fred got the 4th fish and everyone seemed to have a stringer on their boat. It seemed the bite lasted all day, even the people fishing the evening had a good catch.   It would appear the yesterday was the best day we have had yet!  Don't know what happened today.

October 26 - Went to the American River this morning.  That's right, in the rain (drizzle).  Got to the Lower Dredger and didn't see any fish.  Trolled the bottom end and nothing, so I went up stream as usual.  Fished until daylight and finally got a nice 16 pound hen on a Goldie Locks (Gold Flatfish).  Ron Ross actually landed 3 fish before I left and Freddie went down Stream with 2 fish as well.  At the lower end, Marty had 2 fish, Danny had 1 fish and JD had 2 fish.  I left about 9:00 with my single fish.  Didn't get another bite.  Now, Freddie got at least one more in the Sac and Danny got at least one more in the Sac.  Fishing was not great but a good number of fish were caught.  

October 25 - Received this email and picture from Steve McGarvey.  He fished on Saturday October 22.  Guess in some cases the Dad comes first.  I wouldn't doubt that Tim hooked the fish and Steve took the rod away from him.  What a nice fish!  Great job on the net Tim.  Hope next time you get the hot rod!!!
My son Tim and I arrived late (launched at 7:00) and headed up the American. Saw only 2 boats fishing and neither had fish. Stayed until 8 with no bites and decided to try the Sac. Made 2 passes from the Pumphouse to the first bridge and finally got a nice hit. I had the rod and Tim was on the net. That fished must have jumped 5 times - one almost in the boat! Anyway, Tim netted him and we put him on ice. He went just over 10 lbs - caught him on a green Silvertron. Made one more pass and decided to move on. Fished the waterfall and the yacht club with no hits. Saw only one other fish caught all day. Packed it up at 2pm and headed home for a salmon barbeque.

October 24 - Guess I should have stayed in bed this morning.  Got up and went to the River.  Launched at 4:30 and was fishing by 4:45.  Fished the Lower Dredger and didn't get a bite on the first pass so moved on.  Now, when I left, there were 6 boats in the area.  Al had already landed 2 fish, Marty had landed 4 and another boat there had 1.  I moved on anyway because I thought it was too crowded.  Well, should have stayed.  Al got his 3rd fish, Marty and his partner got 6, Don and Gary got 2 and one was just shy of 30#, the other boat I mentioned above got at least 2 and I didn't get a bite, NOT all morning.  Next time I am not going to be concerned if there are other people there.  Maybe if there are more than 6 boats I'll move on.  To the left is a picture of Don with the big fish of the morning.

October 21 - Brother Ron went home on the Red Eye on Wednesday night.  Got home OK and just hope the Hurricane changes it's mind and goes farther south.  Anyway, went to the American this morning.  Fished the Lower Dredger.  Al Coleman had 2 and Marty had 1 when I got there.  I didn't get a bite so, I went farther up River.  Tried the Upper Dredger and had the same luck.  Went up farther and finally spotted some life on my fish finder.  Made one pass with no luck and on the down stream track, I had a great hit.  My reel started to sing and I knew it was going to be a good day.  After a few minutes I landed a nice 20 pound buck.  I rebaited and started to go up stream.  About half way up the run, my rod loaded up and this time I thought I had a monster.  The fish started to take line and the reel was singing.  I changed to braided line so it makes a howle as it goes through the guides which adds to the excitement.  This fish was HOT!  It took about 20 minbutes to get it in.  Unfortunately, it was almost the exact size of the first one, 20 pounds.  About that time, another boat came by and went right through the channel with a 50 horse Mercury two stroke.  I was fishing in about 10 feet of water and after the noise of the big engine, the fish were GONE!  That was it for the day but it was GREAT while it lasted.  Finally hit a school and look forward to doing it again next week.  Sorry the fish are baggie marked but I put them in a plastic bag and put it in the cooler.  It left marks on the fish but you can see, they were nice fish and there are more to come.

October 19 - Went back to the American River this morning and immediately had to fight a Sea Lion.  It seemed that no matter where we went, there was a Sea Lion, both at the Lower and Upper Dredger.  Ron and I did not let that bother us.  We fished the Upper hole and Ron got two nice fish.  Finally we started to do something but as luck would have it, Wilma, Hurricane that is, has ruined his trip.  It looks like Wilma will be paying a visit to the Tampa area and that is where he lives.  Over night it went from a tropical storm to a #5 Hurricane.  While we were on the boat, he changed his flight home and will be leaving tonight instead of Saturday morning.  I'm beginning to think no luck is better than the luck we have been having.  Anyway, he landed a nice 17 pounder and one about 12 pounds.  Both beautiful bright fish.  Looked like they were still in the ocean.  Ron and his fish are at the right.  We had a good time together and I guess all good things have to come to an end.  We didn't see many other fish, nor did we hear of many others but, Jack Bishop got two nice fish, one 14#  the other 18# below the mouth of the Feather River.  He also lost one due to a faulty spinner, made by yours truly.  Looks like fish are still going up the Sac.  Jack's fish are to the left.

October 18 - Got a call last night from a friend that said the fish were in the American River.  Changed our minds and went for Salmon instead of Stripers.  Fished the lower Dredger with no luck and them went to the Upper Dredger.  Finally, Ron got a nice 12.5 pound buck.  Unfortunately we did not take a pictue of it.  Fish were caught at the Lower Dredger.  Dennis got one, Freddie got one and JD got one.  I'm sure there were more fish caught but I am not aware of who got them.  In addition, a good number of fish were caught in the Sacramento.  Freddie got two more in the Sac.  Also, David Roybal got this nice 15 pound hen in the Sacramento.  By 9:15 it was getting too windy in the Sac so we left.  I'm sure the bite turned on as soon as we got off the river.

October 17 - Embarrassing!!!!!  Took my brother back up the American River this morning and again, could not buy a bite.  I offered every boat I saw money for just one bite and no one would cooperate.  I did see Ron Ross catch a 17 pounder, Freddie had a 20 pounder, Gary and Don had two fish, Dennis DeVega had 2 fish and Long Hair Dennis had his limit by 9:15 and went home.  Almost all the fish were caught in the Sacramento.  Since nobody will sell me a salmon bite, tomorrow we will go out for Stripers.  Wait until you see tomorrows report!

October 16 - Well, Brother Ron got here yesterday and we went to the river today.  We started trolling up stream from the bottom of the Lower Dredger and trolled all the way up and past the Business 80 Bridge.  Not one bite and didn't see a fish.  There were about 6 boats at the Dredger and another 8 or so boats up river.  Each time we would pass someone, we would ask if they had fish and always got the same response, NO!!   It was cold early and very windy.  Water Temp was 60 degrees but the sky was clear with a FULL MOON.  Will try again tomorrow.  Hope you had better luck than we had no matter what your activities were.

October 14 - Guess this is becoming a habit.  I went back to the American River this morning and started fishing the Lower Dredger.  I didn't get anything so I left and went up stream,  Guess I should have stayed because Freddie, Last Cast Guides came in behind me and he landed two nice fish in about 45 minutes.  One 18 pounds and the other close to that.  Then he went up stream and landed one more fish before calling it a day.  My excursion up stream did pay off because I landed one nice, clean fish about 11 pounds.  Only had one hit and fortunately landed it.  I understand the guy with the Camel Hat, I think, JD, got one about 20 pounds out of the Lower Dredger as well.  I was told there were two Sea Lions working the Sacramento and that killed the bite.  The report I got was only two fish were caught in the area around Discovery Park.  My Brother is coming in tomorrow so I will be fishing Sunday thru Friday.  Hope the bite turns on and the fish start jumping in the boat.

October 13 - Went to the American River this morning but didn't get there too early.  Went up to the Dredger and made one pass, nothing.  Then went up to the flat just below the dock but above the railroad bridge.  Trolled all the way up to the dock and finally got a hit.  Landed a nice 8 pound buck.  Fished until sunup and nothing more then kicked it into gear and went up past the Business 80 bridge and fished two holes up there.  On my first pass, landed a nice 12 pound buck. That was it for the day but TWO fish is better than I have done since July.  On the way down, I talked to 4 other boats and each of them had at least one fish.  I got to the boat ramp with a smile on my face.  I saw more fish in the American today than I have all year long.  Maybe this is the turning point!!!!  Talked to Kelly at the ramp and he said the Sacramento was dead.  He didn't see a fish caught all morning.

October 12 - Jack and Dick went up to Woodson Bridge to fish with Frank Townley, Franks Guide Service, 530-824-5785.  I would have been on the boat as well but I had a dentist appointment and it could not be changed.  At any rate, Frank has been getting 4 or 5 fish on a day and invited us up for a day of catching.  True to his word, they hooked 4 fish but only landed two, a 14 pounder and an 18 pounder.  Not a bad day and apparently this has been the rule not the exception.

October 11 - Went back to the river this morning looking for that big day.  I really thought today was going to be the day the FISH WERE IN!!  No such luck.  I didn't get started early but by the time I got to the Lower Dredger, there were already about 7 boats fishing the area.  I did make a pass but decided to move.  Went up to the Dock and trolled until about 8:15, not a bite.  Then started home and arrived at the ramp with NO fish.  The only fish caught, to my knowledge, was by Ron Ross.  He got a nice 18 pounder.  Don't give up hope, they will be here, REALLY.  They have to come and we have to catch them.  Maybe in the next few days.

Got this email from Danny Layne along whit the picture of the fish Dennis caught this afternoon.

Hello, John
Dennis Janes, 10-11-05, Sac. River, pulled this nice bright 22# hen from the Sac. above
I street at 1:00pm today. Saw a few fish caught but nothing to write home about?

October 10 - Still trying, so I went back to the American River.  All the boats went up stream so I stayed down stream.  Fished all alone for the entire morning and finally got a nice fish.  Was pulling a lighted Kwik Fish at about 6:15 when I got a good hit and hooked a nice 14 pounder.  It was the only hit I got all morning but it was a beautiful fish and it still had scales.  The fish have been few and far between but the ones you get are nice ones.  I believe part of the problem this morning was Sea Lions.  There were two of them working the Dredgers and they were doing great.  Should have called the DFG hot line because I am sure they got more than 3 fish each.  They sure are a pain and one of them tried to get on my swim platform.  They sure are aggressive.  Anyway, I finally got a fish of my own to show and here it is.

October 7 - Boy!!!  I guess yesterday was even worse than I thought.  I went to the American River this morning and Ron Ross told be "you should have been here yesterday".  He said the fish wer thick from about 7:30am until about 10:30am.  He landed a 32 pounder and a 15 pounder and lost one about 10 or 11.  Boy I missed all the way around.  Nothing at the Port and should have been on the American yesterday.  That is how the day ended up as well.  Should have been there yeaterday.  I didn't get a hit, whats new?  Nor did I see a fish caught or here that someone else got a fish.  Hope next week id better.

October 6 - Well, today I did not go Salmon Fishing.  I had a new Striper lure to test so I went to the Port.  I got there about 6:00 and started trolling immediately.  I trolled around the Port and down the Deep Water Channel.  Actually trolled over 9 miles and didn't get a bite.  About 9:45 I decided to call it a day so I started back to the Ramp.  On the way, I meet up with Jim Marco.  Now, listen to this line!!!  It is one you use when you want someone to see your trophy fish.  As I came up to him, he asked,  "by any chance do you have a scale?"  Naturally I do so I pulled  it out and he and his friends proceeded to weigh a nice, really nice, great!!! Striper.......31 Pounds and I got the picture.  They had also landed 3 other fish to about 12 pounds.  Guess what?  I took my gear back out and I tried one more time.  This time I used the new lure, Broken Back Rebels, Manns Lures and everything else in my box.  Jim even gave me a secret Worm Tail and nothing did any good.  Finally about 11:30 I decided to leave for the second time.  As I was cleaning up I remembered that I did not get the name of the guy who caught the big fish.  I started my big engine and went over to Jim's boat.  I asked, what is the name of the guy who caught the fish?  Jim responded and what I heard was Dave....Dave Turd.  I didn't want to laugh and being hard of hearing, Jim could have said just about anything and I could have heard just about anything.  I repeated the name, Dave..Turd?  Jim said yes, then, no... Jim Turd.  To me it sounded the same and I was going to put it on the net.  Then Jim spelled the name....H..E..A..R..D.  Oh, Dave Heard.  Good thing I verified the name or I surly would have been embarrassed.  After getting the name I asked if they got any other fish and naturally the answer was YES, we just got a 12 pounder.  I know they had landed 6 fish and they told me they actually landed 9 but only kept 6.  The 31#, 15#, 12#, 10#, 10# and a 7.   All while I couldn't get a bite.  Sounds like Salmon fishing doesn't it?  To the right is the picture of Dave HEARD and his 31 pounder

October 5 - Received this email and picture from a friend.  Could not resist putting it on the web.  What a nice fish and it sure is nice to see us young guys win sometimes.  With fish like this at Vierra's, they should be here soon!!!!

Recieved this picture from Len Ackerman, its a photo taken at Vierra's Resort on October 4, 2005, Len stated, 42lbs - 45 minutes to net, on 20 lb test line, Old M-2 flatfish, hand painted silver and red (red head & tail). Great job, Len!

Guess you just have to be a kid to have fun!!!  Marc Hammonds took this son Riley to Bodega Bay for a day of fishing.  Marc didn't get anything but apparently Riley had to show Marc how it was done.  To the right is Riley with part of his catch.  Great job Riley!!!!

October 5 - Went back to the American River this morning.  When I got to Discovery Part, there were only 3 cars in the Parking Lot.  Guess fishing hasn't been too good.  I put the boat in and went up river.  Made a short pass at the Lower Dredger but no hits and nothing on the screen.  There was only one other boat fishing that area.  Went up stream and fished until about 7:45 and finally got a bite.  Landed another Jack, about 6 pounds.  That was the activity for the day.  I did talk to Bob Peters and he said that the Lower Dredger had only two boats fishing it and the rest of the American was empty.  Didn't get a chance to check out the Sacramento but I understand that a few fish were caught.

Got these pictures today.  They are pictures of yesterdays catch with Fish'n Dan.
To the left is Rusty Ingraham and to the right is Bob Dean with Fish'n Dan.  There are some fish being caught.


October 4 - Went to the River this morning with Jack Bishop.  We started at the Lower Dredger but were not marking any fish.  In addition, we got there at about 4:30 and at least 5 boats were already working the area.  We made one short pass and moved up to the Upper Dredger.  We fished for about an hour alone then Ron Ross joined us.  Just about sunup, Ron hooked and landed a 22 pound buck.  Shortly after, I landed a 4 pound Jack.  We marked some fish but could not get any real action.  Finally about 7:30 we decided to go to the Sacramento and check out the action there.  We trolled back to the Lower Dredger then picked things up and ran to the Sac.  Should have stayed in the American.  The wind was blowing and it was tough trying to keep the boat on a good angle to the wind.  Finally after about 45 minutes, we picked things up and went to the Dock.  No sense fighting the wind when the action was slow and we know tomorrow is another day.  We did see 2 fish caught and a few fish on stringers.  Fish are starting to show and I am READY.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FISHING!!!!!!!!

September 29 - Got up this morning at 3:20.  That's right AM!!!!  Went directly to the river and was fishing by about 4:30.  Fished the American until about 7:00 and then went to the Sacramento and fished it until 8:30.  Not a bite and I did not talk to a fisherperson who saw a fish caught.  I know yesterday was good up stream and down stream but not much around the Sacramento area.  Believe me, they are coming.  They will be here soon.  There will be big numbers.  Big fish will be the rule.  And if BS was money I would be a millionaire.  Donations gladly accepted.

September 27 - thought I would go back to the same place and have the same luck this morning.  NO WAY!  Went to the Dredger, fished from about 4:15 until about 8:30 and didn't get a bite.  Talked to the guys in the Sacramento and was told only 3 fish were caught.  A little slow but we still have 1,600,000 fish to come in the river.  They will be here soon!

September 26 - Well, Got up this morning and started out to meet Jack Bishop for a morning of fishing.  I got on I80 and heard a loud bang!  Then thump, thump, thump.  Pulled over and had the right rear boat trailer tire in pieces.  Right, had a blow out.  Called Jack and told him about the problem and he went back home to get his boat and we were going to fish alone.    We got to Discovery about the same time.  I had a stroke of luck.  As I was changing the tire, a AAA truck pulled up and asked if he could help and he changed the tire for me.  Then I was on my way.  Jack went to the Sacramento River and I went to the Dredger.  I was fishing about 5:45.  Fished until about 6:30 then had my one and only hit.  To the left is a picture of my 16 pound buck.  I marked fish but didn't get another bite.  In addition to the fish, I say about 15 Beaver, 8 Otter and the Buck in the picture on the right.  He scared the hell out of me, he swam right up to my boat and made a hissing noise, I guess he wanted me to get out of his way.  Danny Layne and his clients were fishing the Sacramento and I know they got at least one nice fish and I saw JD land a nice clean fish as I was leaving.  I was told that there were about 4 fish caught in the Sacramento prior 9:00, when I left.  Fish are coming and it is going to get nothing but better!!!!!!

September 24 - Guess fishing is starting to heat up.  Got three reports on Striper fishing and all were positive.  Stripers are being caught in the Port to 20 pounds and in the Rio Vista area to 25 pounds.  In addition, I received an email from Fish'n Dan (209-586-2383).  He got Salmon again today!!!  Below is his email and picture.

David Noble, 9-24-05, Sac. River
Hello, John
I think the run has started, We got this 13 # buck just above the west Sac. ramp at 0800, lost another fish later, but saw numerous fish hooked, lots of long line releases and a few landed. My sons boated a nice fresh 24 lb. buck in their boat just above I street at 1000.
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service

September 22 - Went to the Sacramento this morning with my brother.  We fished down stream from the Sacramento Yacht Club.  Had one hit, a 24 inch Jack.  That was it for the day.  Didn't even take a picture of the fish, was somewhat embarrassed.  Only saw one other fish.  Dennis got one just below the mouth of the American on a spinner.  Did mark a bunch of fish and if I were a betting person, I would say this is the start of a good thing.

September 21 - Got the email and picture below from Fish'n Dan.  Looks like things are starting to heat up.  Hope it gets REAL HOT!!!!!!  REAL SOON!!!!!!  Will be on the water tomorrow with my Brother from Atlanta hope we can do as well.

Hello, John
Here is a photo taken today just north of the Sac. Yacht Club, the fish went #22, #14 and #11, Green Uncle Larry's Spinner off a 4 oz. weight out in front of SYC.
Most boats had at least one fish. Dennis and his buddy pulled three below the mouth of the American on a late bite. This "just might be" the start of what is expected to be a Fall run of salmon? Lets hope?
Tight Lines
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service
Dennis Weighlien & Ray Eagleton 9-21-05 Sac. River

September 19 - Went to Discovery Park this morning only to get skunked!!!!  There were 8 boats up river and none had fish.  When I left at 9:15 there were 4 boats jigging at the mouth of the American and they also didn't have fish.   I just know they will be here this week.  Keep me posted!

September 17 - Went on a bike ride to the Delta.  Had a great ride and had a chance to see what was going on in the River.  We followed the river all the way back from Isleton to West Sac so saw a lot.  Lots of boats at Walnut Grove.  Didn't see any fish on the hook but with that many boats the fish just had to be there.  Not as many boats at Isleton but still a good number.  Freeport didn't have many boats at all, nor did Garcia Bend.  If I were a betting person, I would say the fish will be here, the Sacramento Area, next week.  I can only fish on Friday because my Brother is here from Atlanta.  If you start getting good reports, or get some fish, please let me know.  My email address is:

September 16 - Received this email from John Cullen.  He had the same experience today that I had yesterday.  He is spotting fish but can't get them to bite.  I truly believe the full moon will bring in the fish and next week will be the real beginning of the run.  I sure hope I am right!!!!

Hi John, I went with Bob McCoy today and we put in at the Pocket Road ramp. We didn't catch anything or have any take downs but saw more fish than I've seen in I don't know how long. They were stacked like cord wood on the left side going down stream. We first anchored and used flatfish, then trolled with flatfish and a silvertron spinner but no takers. No other boats got any hits either. Talked to a park guy at the ramp and he said last night a guy got a big one jigging. So another boat ride but glad to see fish for a change. Later, j.

September 15 - I know the salmon are going to arrive sometime but when?  Today I went back to the American River.  I guess someone else feels the time is coming or some fish have been caught at theLower Dredger because when I got there before 5:00am, there were already 5 boats trolling in the area.  It was dark so I couldn't tell what the other boats were doing but I didn't get a bite.  I did see some fish on my finder which was a change from last week.  I fished up to the 12 th Street Resort and picked up my line and went up to the Upper Dredger.  Again, I was marking fish but not a lot of them.  At any rate, there were more fish in the area than there has been for the past few weeks.  Ron Ross came up to join me and we made a few passes together with no luck so I went up the  Island.  Nothing there either.  Came back down to the Upper Dredger and Ron had a nice 26 pounder on the stringer.  Guess his luck was better than mine because I could not get a bite.  At about 9:00 I started down stream and home.  I did talk to a few of the guys in the Sacramento and they told me there had been about 6 fish landed by the trollers but I did not get a report from the jiggers.  This could be the beginning of the run, full moon is 4 days away and it appears the fish are starting to move in.  To the right is a picture of Ron Ross with his 26 pounder.

September 12 - Bet you don't know where I went this morning.  I just knew the fish had arrived and I was going to get the first three that came into the river.  You got it, I went up to the Dredger Holes and fished from 5:00am until 9:00am.  Another day, another Skunk!!!!!  Not a bite.  I talked to one of the guys that jig at the mouth and he said he had been there since 5:30 and only saw one fish caught.  Guess Full Moon, September 19 is going to be the bewitching time.  Won't be out until Thursday but will keep you posted if I hear anything.

September 9 - Went to Discovery Park this morning.  Got there about 5:00am and the only other vehicle in the lot was JD's.  We both started at the mouth and I wasn't marking any fish so I went up the American and JD stayed there.  I made a couple passes at the Lower Dredger but again I didn't mark any fish.  I left and went to the Dock.  There I marked a few fish but just couldn't get them to bite.  About 8:30 I went down stream and was told JD just landed a nice fish and one other boat landed one about 10 minutes after JD landed his.  That was it for the day, well about 9:00am.  At least JD did OK!

September 7 - Took a nice boat ride up the American River this morning.  The weather was beautiful and the water temperature was 62 degrees at the Lower Dredger and 59 degrees at the Island.  Had a great time watching the Beaver, Otter, Deer and the like.  Was a great trip.  By the way, did I say NO FISH?  Cliff was up river when I got there and had nothing.  He left the river about the time I did and we both had nothing.  Checked out the boats jigging at the mouth and didn't see anything hanging and Cliff went all the way to the I Street Bridge and didn't see anything all the way down.  Guess we just have to be patient.  THEY WILL COME,  Honest!!!!

September 6 - Received the email below from Marc Hammonds.  Sure am glad someone is getting fish.  

Hey John:
Seems like your page needs some positive reports! Anyway, went to Bodega again yesterday. Buddy of mine got limits of salmon for 3 up to 15#'s. So there are 6 less you are going to have the opportunity to catch. :-) I was also fortunate to get a couple halibut. Nothing real big but they all taste the same. Glad to see you tried the port. It will be nice to make the 30 minute drive instead of the almost 3 hour drive to the coast. Maybe will see you at the next meeting...

September 1 - Went to the Port for a change this morning. Thought maybe we could get some Stripers.   It was a change in location but not a change of luck.  Fished for about 4 hours and caught one catfish about 12 inches long.  In addition, the coupler for the steering linkage on my kicker came apart and when I tried to put it back together, I dropped the piece in the deep water channel.  Guess bad luck is better than no luck at all!!!

August 29 - Went to the American River this morning.   Fished from abut 5:00am until about 7:00 and not a bite and nothing on my fish finder.  Then I say a bunch of fish jumping way down river.  Over a period of time, they came closer and closer, until I could see they were Salmon.  I got ready for the kill and suddenly my fish finder lit up.  There were a number of fish on the finder and some jumping around the boat.  The only problem is the fish on the finder were about 10 to 15 feet off the bottom and I was in 27 feet of water.  As quickly as they appeared they disappeared.  The water showed no signs of life and my finder was blank again.  That was the action for the day.  On the way down, I talked to JD.  He had been troll in the mouth of the American and had one fish and told me he had not seen another caught.  I also talked to Gary & Don, they were anchored up below the mouth and they also had not seen a fish caught.  Guess they just are not there.  I think we need a full moon to bring them up and it won't be here until September 18.  I hope we don't have a three week dry spell.  I am getting desperate.  Anybody for Catfish?

August 25 - Well folks, fishing is tough.  I went back to Discovery this morning and fished the American River.  I saw a few other boats but not one fish was caught.  One thing that was hurting the fishing was the SEALS.  At the black railroad bridge, just below Business 80, there were 2 Seals working.   At the Upper Dredger, there was one working.   Not good for the fishing.  On the way out, I talked to the guys at the mouth and they were having the same luck and they also had Seals in the area.  I hope this is not a for the rest of the season.  Seals just are not conducive to a good bite.  It seems each year we see more and more of them.  Anyway no fish.  If I were a betting man, I would say the next full moon will start the main migration into the river.  

August 23 - Just received an email from Jack Bishop with pictures of his Grandsons, Tommy and Brandon.  They went fishing with Jack at Antioch over the weekend and had a great time.  They landed over 75 Stripers, the largest being over 39 inches long and 28 pounds.  What a weekend of fishing with Grandpa.  This is one they will never forget.  I just wish I could make the time fly so 10 years from now I could hear the stories, "in their own words".

August 23 - Went to Discovery Park this morning with John Cullen.  We met at 5:00am at the dock and were fishing by 5:15am.  We fished until about 9:30 without anything but two light touches on John's rod.  We saw one fish landed and that was it.  We were told that the last three days were not good at all.  Sure, now John has an excuse.  This is the second time I have taken him out and not landed a fish.  Is it the river or is it John?

August 22 - Went back to Woodson Bridge this morning.  Fished with Danny and Joanne Layne of Fish'n Dan's Guide Service, 209-586-2383, Freddie Thomason and Jack Bishop.  We started about 6:00 and got off the water about 12:30.  Early Jack had on fish on and was successful with a spectacular Long Line Release.  Then about an hour later Joanne hooked a nice fish, played around with it for about 10 minutes and finally landed a beautiful 18 pound buck.  The fish was so fresh, it appeared to be a female but no such luck.  Never the less, it was a beautiful fish and Joanne did a great job of landing it.  Later in the morning I had one bite but it did not stick and that was it for the day.  Had a great day and got back to the dock with the fish on the right.  Great job Joanne.  

August 19 - OK, today Jack and I went to the Sacramento River at Discovery Park.  We anchored up below the mouth of the American River and put out Flatfish with Sardine wraps.  After about an hour with now action, my rod loaded up.  It didn't feel like a big fish but it was a fish.  I got the fish up to the boat and Jack said it was about 8 pounds.  Unfortunately, I was practicing "Long Line Releases" and just before the fish was netable, I released him.  After about another hour, Jack's rod loaded up.  This time it was a bigger fish but I think Jack wanted to make me feel comfortable so he also performed a "Long Line Release".  It was just about another hour and Jack had another fish on.  After a little give and take, I netted the fish for Jack.  It was a nice 18 to 20 pound buck.  Now, you may ask for batting averages for the week.  As I fugure it, we are batting about .250.  Since Monday, we hooked, really had them on, 8 fish and have landed "2".  Not very good.  In fact that is about as bad as I have done since I started fishing in Sacramento.  I sure hope next week is better.  I can't say we haven't had a chance, it is just we can't keep them hooked.  The picture on the left is a look up the river from where we were fishing.  There were 24 boats up stream from us and 10 boats down stream.  We say another 3 fish caught.  The picture on the right is Jack with his catch.

August 17 - Went to the American River this morning.  Fished from 5:00am until about 8:00am.  Did not get a bite.  Saw about 10 other boats in the American and they didn't have a bite either.  Went down to the Sac and made one pass down river and not luck.  Talked to a few of the guys anchored and a few of the guys jigging and they hadn't seen a fish all day.  Went home about 9:30 FISHLESS!!!

August 15 - Jack Bishop and I got up at 3:00 am to make it to Woodson Bridge by 6:00 am to fish the Sacramento River with Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides, (209) 765-5284.  We got there on time and were fishing by about 6:15 am.  Fishing was slow for the first hour or so and then we started to get some action.  I landed a Sacramento Pike, Jack landed a nice trout and by about 12:30 pm, we had hooked and lost 4 Salmon.  Great Guide, poor fisherman.  We decided to start our way up stream to go home and stopped for our "Last Cast".  We made the drift and toward the bottom of the hole, Fred got hung on the bottom, pulled in his line and Jack and I were ready to do the same.  About that time, Jack's rod loaded up.  He handed the rod to me.  I played the fish and finally  about 20 minutes later, Fred netted a beautiful 22 pound buck.  Finally a fish in the boat but it took 3 of us to land it.  Jack to hook it, I played it and Fred netted it.  A nice way to close out the day.  Thanks Fred for a great day on the river and I promise next time we will turn the tables, hook 5 and loose 1.

August 13 - Called Danny Layne after hearing a good report on New Melones on the radio this morning.  Then he sent  me this email and picture.  Apparently there are some bigKokes in New Melones.  When I talked to Danny he said he has been getting Kokes over 2 lbs.  Take a look and see for yourself.  Pictured are Danny's clients, Dave Orlando and Norbert Corp.

Hello, John
Here is the photo from yesterday, kokes don't get much bigger than these in New Melones?

July 29 - Jack and Bobbie went to the Sac this morning.  They were fishing for Stripers and landed 6 small ones and one very large, two feet in diameter, TURTLE?  That is the strangest catch I have heard of all year!!!!

July 28 - Went to the American River this morning.  Didn't land a fish but had one on and lost it at the Upper Dredger.  Guess I should have gone to coast with Marc, Hap, Gene and Spinner.  Below is a picture of Marc along with his email.

Hey John:
Here is a salmon I got before you got him in the river. :-) That is one of my favorite things about fishing for Salmon in the ocean. We get 'em before you do!

P.S. Got the halibut because the trip to the big pond just wouldn't be complete without a nice Butt. Gene, Hap and Spinner were also down there and got some nice halibut too. Spinner had three!!!
Marc Hammonds

July 26 - Jack Bishop and Dick went to Verona this morning.  They anchored up and put out Flatfish.  They fished for about 3 hours and landed one bright, clean Salmon about 15 pounds.  It was the only fish taken in their area.  They were fishing with about 10 other boats and no other fish were caught.  Good job Jack and Dick.

July 25 - John Cullen and I went to the American River this morning to try for some Salmon.  We fished for 4 hours without a bite.  We talked to a few other guys and they had the same luck.  One fished all night  and the other fish most of the night.  Maybe the early run is over and we have to start fishing Verona,
other parts of the Feather or the Upper Sac.

July 19 - Went back to the American for Salmon. Fished the Dredgers and hooked a nice bright fish but when I got it to the boat, it came unpinned. Looked to be about 15 pounds and bright!!! Had one other take down but it didn't get hooked. We were trolling Flatfish with a Sardine wrap and 2 ounces of lead.

July 18 - Went to New Hogan and fished for about 3 hours. The total of the catch was 1 Striper about 4 pounds. We did have 3 other hits but nothing stuck.

July 17 - After catching a few Salmon, decided to take my brother our for some Stripers.  We launched at Discovery Park and went down stream.  Fished 3 different area and landed many fish from 6" to 17.9 inches but no keepers.  Guess he just wasn't meant to catch a Striper in the Sacramento River.   Talked to the guys at the mouth of the American and they said yesterday was great, over 50 fish caught and today was also good but not a 50 fish day.  Going to New Hogan tomorrow.

July 16 - Opening day of Salmon in the Sacramento River...  Went to Discovery Park this morning to try to fish the mouth of the American River.  Got there at dark o'clock and fished the mouth for about 45 minutes.  Didn't get a bump and didn't see a fish on the finder.  Thought we would be better off going to where we fished yesterday, up the American.  Started up the American and there were no fewer than 50 Cabin Cruisers lined up all the way through the Lower Dredger.  We started to fish just above them but had no luck.  Finally about sunup, we went farther up river.  Fished all the way to the Business 80 Bridge.  Then came back to the dock and finally Ron hooked and landed a nice 15 pounder.  Now, Jack Bishop went to the mouth of the American and anchored up.  He landed three nice fish to 13, 18 and 22 pounds.  He also saw a lot of other fish caught.  We both left the river about 9:00.  To the left is a picture of my brother with his catch.

July 15 - My brother Ron from Florida is visiting and this morning we went to the American River to  see what was happening.  We thought we would fish for Salmon for a while and if nothing happened, we would go down to the Sacramento River and fish for Stripers.  We got up river and put our lines in and immediately, he had a fish on.  He got it almost to the boat, we saw the fish on the surface and it popped off.  We went farther up stream and hooked another one.  This time he landed a nice 20 pounder.  We fished until about 9:00 and he landed 3 fish the largest being the first fish.  To the right is my brother with the three fish, 20 lbs, 13 lbs and 12 lbs.  Not a bad day for a guy from Florida.

July 13 - Received the email and pictures below from Mark Wilson.  Guess Stripers are still in the system and Mark knows where they are.  What a great day!!!!!

Hey guys and gals. There are still some spawning stripers to be caught. Summer time trolling on July 13, 2005...Jack Thomason and I caught 9 keeper stripers and 2 shaker stripers off of about 20 hits. The big one went 42 pounds and we kept fish at 13#, 9#, 8#, and 6#. A new batch of femals accompanied by a few males. Check out the 2 attached pictures. I'm still excited. And, special thanks to my wife, who let me go fishing today. Catch you all later - Mark.


July 1 - Went to the Sacramento River this morning to try for a Striper or two.  Fished from about 5:30 am until about 9:15 am before deciding it was getting too warm.  Caught a good number of small fish but didn't get a keeper.  Guess it was a good day to feed the fish, 2 pounds of Anchovies.  When I got home I had the email below waiting from Marc Hammonds.  No elaboration is needed.  He says it all.  To the right is the picture of his Halibut.

Slow but one is better than none...

June 26 - Jack Bishop just got back from a Tarpon fishing trip to Costa Rica.  Below is his email to me and some of the pictures he took while on the water.

The Attached pictures are of some of the action there! We got 4 or 5 Tarpon each. My biggest was 110 lbs. and smallest was about 50 lbs. Now we are talking FISH here! The other one's went up to about a 135 lbs.....Depending on your taste! It was a fantastic trip! Looking forward to going back in late November for about 5 more days. Hope all is well with you all and I will look forward to hearing from you.


June 23 - Took Freddie Thomason out to New Hogan because he is between boats and I did not want him to be without.  We only fished until about 10:00 but Freddie got three nice fish and I, again, did not get a bite.  The important thing is that Freddie got a chance to get out and have that LAST CAST.  He will be getting his new boat the first week of July.  If you want to get out for some striper fishing in the lakes, it would be best to call him now.  Once he gets his new boat, he will book up quick. (209-765-5284)

June 22 - Received the email and pictures below from Marc Hammonds.  Looks like the fishing in the bay is getting better and better.

You should get to the bay also. The halibut are there and stripers too. Tides are bad this week but I'm predicting next week will be wide open. These three butt's all were around 8/9#'s taken by the Berkeley Pier on 6/13/2005. I once again I provided a guide service for my fishing buddies, Jose and Ed.

June 21 - John Cullen and I went to New Hogan today and thought we were going to kill them.  Well, John had one on and lost it and I did not even get a bite.  Then to add insult to injury, Ross Melvin sent me the e-mail below entitles "June Fish".   Apparently he and Craig have been doing well in the bay.  I don't think I needed that!!!!!

20 lb striper from sw area of Angle Island on June 19 2005
Halibut and striper from Berkeley pier area June 14 2005. 12 lb striper,
9 lb and 20 lb halibut.  June's not over yet.


June 17 - My brother Andy, his son Bret and Bret's son Alex went to Lake Weiss, Georgia to try for some Stripers.  They hired a guide and had a less than eventful day.  That is with one exception.  The little guy, got his first big fish, a 3 pound Large Mouth.  Below is the email from my brother and the picture of Alex with his first BIG fish!!!!

Pic of Alex with his first big fish .......note the spot of blood on his face.......a badge of courage from the fish not him. He kept telling me he wasn't strong enough to reel it in
( I held the rod while he reeled. He did reel it in himself I never touched the reel. The Large mouth weighed almost 3#. A nice black bass.

June 14 - Went to New Hogan this morning with Jack Bishop and George Sarkisian.  thought we would spend a few hours trolling for Stripers.  We launched about 6:30 and started trolling about 200 yards from the launch ramp.  Before we could get all the rods in the water, we had a fish on.  George landed a nice fish about 5 pounds.  We made a few passes toward the dam and then came back to the launch ramp.  We landed 3 nice fish, all around 5 pounds and were off the water about 10:00.  We had a great time even though the fishing was not red hot.  The lake is full and there are fish around, you just have to find them.  

June 10 - Went to the Sacramento River this morning.  The river looks great.  Water temperature was 62 degrees and the river was down about 2 feet from last week.  Fished for 3 hours and landed about 20 fish from 13" to about 16".  Not one keeper in the bunch.  The interesting thing was, most fish were males and were full of sperm.  That would indicate that the fish are still going up river to spawn.  You know the old adage, "what goes up must come down".  There should be Stripers in the river for sometime to come.  I talked to a few other anglers on the river and they indicated that fish, keepers, were being caught at Verona.  Really didn't get any other reports.

June 9 - Freddie did it again.  He went out on New Hogan, in the rain, and got a nice bunch of fish.  He fished Garland and Tom Smith who landed 9 and lost 3.  Largest was about 4.5 pounds.  He was all over me, wanting to know why I was not out on the lake.  Guess I am going to have to get out and show him how to get the BIG ones.  Will be going out tomorrow but not to New Hogan.  Going to the Sacramento River in the morning and hope to get one of those 10 pounders.  Will be on the river about 6:00 am and will get off about 9:00.  Will provide a report when I get back.

June 7 - Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides took my old buddy, Joe DeFrisco, to New Hogan today. They fished for just a few hours and Old Joe got 5 nice Stripers.  Joe is a great guy and I'm glad to see him get some fish.  Joe is a good friend and I am proud to put him on the Web Site.  Take a look at this picture on the right.  Thanks Fred for taking care of a great guy.

Now, in addition to Freddie being on New Hogan, Danny Layne of Fish'n Dan's Guide Service was also on New Hogan.  Danny was fishing around the Dam with his client Dick Niebaur of Mi-Wuk.  They had over 20 take downs and landed the six fish on the left.

June 6 - OK, the secret is out!!!!!!!  I had a problem with the bunks on my boat trailer so I went to Sailor Bar to get the boat off the trailer and get the bunks reseated.  I fixed the bunks then went out into the American River to try for some Shad.  Usually I can get Shad just below Sailor Bar at this time of year.  Well, no luck so I came back into the ramp area as I did, I noticed something strange on the bottom of the river.  First I thought I was seeing things but then, I knew my eyes were not deceiving me.  On the bottom in about 4 feet of water were TWO SALMON CARCASSES.  They appeared to come from fish that would have been between 10 and 15 pounds each.  Now, someone is catching SALMON in the American River and are trying to keep it a secret.  Well, NOT any more.  the secret is out!!  The early run Salmon are here.

June 3 - Went back to Discovery Park this morning to try to get that big one!  When I got to the ramp, Harold was getting his boat ready.  He asked me about rigging for Stripers and I showed him how I do it but also told hit it is not the only way.  I showed him how to set a balance beam and he said he was going to try it.  He asked if he could flow me up river and I said sure.  We anchored just below the first marina and started fishing.  We both landed a lot of little guys but could not get that elusive BIG GUY.  We both pulled anchor and went back to the dock shortly before 10:00 am, empty handed.  Guess we will have to wait for that big guy.  Enjoyed Harold's company and hope his next trip is more productive.  Good Luck Harold!!!

June 2 - I didn't got out this morning because of the wind but Freddie did.  He went to New Hogan, like I should have and had a real good morning.  Looks like New Hogan is starting to warm up.  If it really gets good, we could get some 20 fish days.  Below is Fred's email and his picture of the day.
OK John went to New Hogan again with Fred Jones from Grass Valley. Started at 6.30 am headed for the Dam got two hits missed them.  Turn around back too the dock.   Two rods hook up landed these two.  Turned around again and hooked another one.  Then got one every other pass.  Had all 5 fish by 9.45 am all the fish were about 3 1/2 #.

June 1 - Jack Bishop and I went back to the Sacramento River this morning.  Right, even in the wind.  We went back to my favorite spot and soaked some bait.  Today we got lots of bites.  We must have caught 10 undersized fish but Jack did manage to get one nice Striper, about 7 pounds.  We fished for about 3 hours and used 2 pounds of bait but had a good time.  Water temp is 66.7 degrees.  The river is still running fast and it is dirty.  Hope it clears and slows soon.  It sure would make fishing easier.

When I got home I had an email from Fred Thomason, Last Cast Guides.  He and Danny Layne, Fish'n Dan's Guide Service, went to New Hogan.  Guess Fred needed a laugh so he took Danny out for a day of Striper fishing.  Won't say anymore but attached is the email and a picture of Danny with his catch.

Hi John took Danny out to new Hogan.  Started fishing about 6.30 am.   Back up to the good spot.  Right off Danny hooked up and lost it.   Trolled for about 1/2 hr. good old Danny hooked up again but landed a nice 4 # then went out to the dam so guess what?  Danny hooked up again this time with a 5 #.   Trolled form the Dam and back then Danny hook up again but broke the leader then said I tied a bad leader..... Fred

May 31 - Went to the Sacramento River this morning to soak some bait.  Got on the river at about 6:00am.  Went up to the marina just below the Virgin Sturgeon, crossed the river and dropped my anchor.  Fished until about 9:00 without a bite.  Then when I was talking to Bread Stick on the cell, my rod went down and I hooked a nice fish (see the fish on the right) 7.5 pounds.  Then for the next hour the bite was good.  I landed a total of 5 fish.  One 7.5lbs, two about 19 inches and two about 15 inches.  At about 10:00 the bite died.  I went back to the dock about 10:45 after fishing for 45 minutes without a bite.  Water was dirty but fishable and 65 degrees.  There is still a lot of water, had to use 3 ounces to hold the bottom.

May 26 - Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides, (209) 245-6632, asked me to go out on New Hogan with him today.  We met another client of Fred's, Bob DelPorte at Valley Springs about 6:30am and were on the water by about 6:50am.  We flew down the lake until we got to one of Fred's secret spots.  He stopped the boat and we started to put 4 lines in  the water.  Before we got the third line in the water we had a fish on.  We were trolling about 1.5 mph in water about 60 to 80 feet deep.  We fished for about 3 and a half hours and landed 7 nice Stripers.  I have to say, "if you want to get fish in New Hogan, see Freddie!"  He really has New Hogan down to a science.  The picture on the left is of Fred and Bob with our catch for the day.  Not bad for a little over three hours!!!!!

May 24 - Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides went back to New Hogan again this morning.  He fished for about 3 hours and got these 3 nice Stripers, all about 4 - 5 pounds.  He was trolling the far end of the lake with abut 80 feet of line out.  Not a bad catch.  I hope this means New Hogan will turn on soon.  

May 20 - I had been wanting to get remote steering for my kicker for a long time.  Then Tom told me Mike Smith was the Manager of the new boat shop off Harbor Blvd in West Sac, Sacramento River Marine.  I talked to Mike about a Panther steering system and he said he had one in stock.  They checked it out and it just would not work with my setup.  He suggested a Goetz steering system.  He ordered one for me and they installed it this week.  What a great system.  Thanks to Mike and his Service Manager John.  I am no longer going to be confined to the back three feet of my boat while trolling.  Now I can move around the entire boat and still be in control.  I was very pleased with their service and workmanship.  I would recommend them for any problems or enhancements you might be thinking of.  Thanks Mike and John for a job well done.

May 20 - Received this email from Marc Hammonds along with the pictures below.  As you can see, he did not provide names for the others he said caught fish.  Maybe they were just people he met in the parking lot and asked them to take a picture!!!!  In addition, where are the sharks and rays??

We were using live bait off of the Alameda Rockwall trying to catch Halibut but ended up with 6 nice stripers to 11#'s and some sharks and rays....

May 15 - Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides went to New Hogan for Stripers with his client Mike and considering the high water conditions, did very well.  Below is his email to me and a picture of the days catch.
HI JOHN went to new Hogan with my client MIKE ANDERSON of VALLEY SPRINGS fish for haft day for these stripers 2 1/2#,  4# and  6 #.  Not a bad day water temp was 69 lake is up about 2 feet from last week Fred

May 13 - Just a note to let you know I have not been fishing since I got back from Hawaii on Monday.  The water in the Sacramento area is just too dirty and there is lots of debris, trees and the like, floating down stream.  I did get a call last night stating that the San Joaquin is in better shape and fishable.  Will write more when I get out.  Will be without a boat next week, Wednesday - Friday, having remote steering installed for my kicker.

May 5 - Jack Bishop and Jack Findleton got together for a day on the Delta.  They trolled shallow running Bombers in about 10 feet of water running between 4 and 5 mph.  They landed 7 fish between about 3 pounds and 12 pounds.  Not a bad day.  Below is Jack Bishop with the 12 pounder.

April 30 - Mark Wilson took his Dad, Harold and Fred Hicks to the delta for a great day of fishing.  Fred got this 25 pounder and Harold got the 21 pounder.  Guess I should be fishing with Mark.

April 29 - Jack and I went back to his secret Sturgeon spot, the Moth Ball Fleet, this morning.  We fished from about 7:00am until about 1:00pm without a bite.  The water temp was about 62 degrees, the sun was shinning and the wind was blowing about 62 mph.  Guess we should have gone to New Hogan with Fred.

April 28 - Got an email from Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guides.  He said the fish were starting to show in New Hogan but fishing was still slow.  Lots of water and not a lot of fish.   He also said they were going to raise the lake another 10 feet, NOT good.  Fish are scattered throughout the lake with no concentrations.  To the left is a picture of a 5 pounder caught today by one of Fred's clients.

April 25 - John Cullen has been going to Steamboat and doing very well.  He went down last week and got an 18 pounder and went down today and got one about 10 pounds.  Seems the fish are still in the Delta and catchable.  

April 24 - Jack Bishop went out with  guide, Rich Tipon, for Sturgeon.  Apparently they did OK!!!  They landed three fish.  Two were under the 46" minimum limit and one, the one of the right was 66 inches and 59 pounds.  the fished the area around Benica in about 30 feet of water.  Not a bad day in anyone's book.  

April 19 - 21 Lake Lanier, Ga ---  OK, just got back from Lake Lanier, Georgia.  Fished with Dale Sheets of Lineside Outfitters,  770-888-9897.  His web site is .  Had a great trip but fishing was slow.  I have to hand it to Dale, he worked from the time we left the dock until the time we returned.  Each morning we would go out to the coves where the water was warmer and Dale would throw a 12 foot net to catch Gizzard Shad, our bait for the day.  We trolled the shad which were from 8 to about 16 inches about 30 to 40 feet behind the boat.  We tried to say in water that was from 3 to about 15 feet deep.  Primarily, we fished points and areas where the bottom had structure and drop offs.  We fished for 3 days and only landed 6 fish but the fish were quality fish.  I sure wish we could count on the same quality of fish in this area, I would probably change my habits and start fishing weekends.  My fishing partners were my Brothers, Ron from Florida and Andy from Georgia.  The first day was very slow, we only landed one fish but lost 3.  Had we landed all four fish, we would have had a great day.  The size of the fish was rewarding.  During the entire excursion, we only got large fish.  That is to say, 13 to 18 pounds.  To the upper left is the first fish of the trip.   The second day we did better with hookups.  We hooked  3 fish and landed 2 of the 3.  The fish were all just beautiful.  All females but in Lake Lanier, they cannot spawn.  They think they can and they develop eggs and the males develop sperm but the water conditions are such that they cannot spawn successfully.  Anyway, on the second day we fished the same areas as we did the first day and fish seemed to be holding in the same general spots.  To the right is the second fish of the trip, caught by my brother Ron.  The third fish was caught by Andy and it make his day, as well as Dale's day.  Poor Dale, he worked every minute we were out there and finally got some reward.  To the left is Andy with his catch.  Now, for day three!!!!.  Day three was the day from HELL.  We were on the water at about 7:30am and fished all the successful areas from the previous two days with NO LUCK.  Finally, after noon, we decided to go up the river to see if the fish had started their attempt at spawning.  We ran for about 8 miles up the lake and abut 5 miles up the river.  Didn't even see a fish rise!!!!!  After drifting the entire 5 miles of river, we pulled up and started back toward the dock.  I really thought we were going to get SKUNKED!!  We stopped at an area where Andy got a fish the day before and started trolling.  Now it was about 5:00pm and we still had no fish, not even a bite.  We made one pass and had a fish or two attempt to take our offering but no hookups.  Then on the way back, the center rod loaded up and within seconds, one of the outside rods loaded up as well.  Both Ron and I had a fish on at the same time.  Yes, a DOUBLE!!! and we landed both fish.  Picture is to the right.  I could not believe that after a full day of fishing and not even one bite, we had a double.  Dale was determined to get at least one more fish, making the total 6, two fish for each of us.  His perseverance paid off because we made two more passes and Andy's rod went down.  Another nice fish and a great way to end our trip.   I could not have been more pleased with the size of the fish and we all had a great time.  Below is a pictureof the last days catch and a picture of Dale Sheets holding the largest fish.  

April 12 - Received this picture and note from Jim Wright.  Thought you might be interested.  I also understand Cajun Bill has got two Sturgeon in the last week in the Hood area.

john i finally developed the pic of my biggest sturgeon this year- 70lb and 60in
caught near decker island in february
starting to get bass around here - sunday a friend caught several 5-10lbers in broad slough on sardines and shad
10 days ago we caught a 10 lber trolling broken back rebels
tight lines jim

April 12 - Jack and Dick went to Verona this morning and had a great day.  The fished where we fished yesterday and landed about 12 fish, 8 of which were keepers and most of the keepers were about the size of the largest fish we got yesterday, 6 to 8 pounds.  Water temp was 58 degrees and they were not fussy.  They took both Anchovy and Sardine.

April 11 - Jack Bishop and I went to Verona this morning to soak some bait.  We got there about 6:30 and fished until about 11:00.  Not a bad day, landed about 14 fish, 6 of which were keepers.  The fish were in great shape, clean, fat and full of sperm.    Nothing real big but never the less, it was fun to get out on the river.  We didn't see anyone else get anything and there were a lot of boats on the water.  The water was relatively clear and the temp was 57.8 degrees.  To the right is a picture of Jack with the three fish we kept.

March 31 - Went to Discovery Park this morning and was surprised to find so many boats on the water.  The water was still quit high, fast and dirty.  We anchored and used sardines to gain a total of 3 Catfish.  To my knowledge one boat that came down from above the Virgin Sturgeon had two Stripers, both about 4 pounds and one boat just above the sand bar across from the mouth of the American had 1 Striper about 18 pounds.  That was the catch for about 10 boats.  I think the water is still too high and when it comes down a little the fishing will get much better.  There are fish in the river but getting to an area where they are cacheable is difficult because of the high water.  One more week without heavy rain and I believe it will break loose.

March 30 - Got up this morning and looked outside.  No wind, so I thought the Weather Man was wrong again, as he was yesterday.  I hooked up the boat and went down to the Port.  By the time I got to the Port, the Weather Man was right!!  Lots of wind!!  Since I was there, I put the boat in and trolled for about 2 hours.  Not a hit.  There were two other boats in the area and their luck was the same as mine.  They couldn't get a hit either.  The wind kept blowing harder and harder, so I went back tot he dock and went home.  Will try again tomorrow but not at the Port.  Will probably try soaking some bait in the Sacramento River.

March 29 - Received this email from Bob Aloo with these pictures these attached.

"was launchable and producing fish on sardines from broadway bait."

As you can see by the picture on the left, the water is HIGH and launchable but as you can also see by the picture on the right, fish can be caught.

March 29 - Haven't been fishing but thought I should share some information on the water conditions.  The Sacramento River in the Sacramento area is HIGH, DIRTY and has lots of FLOATING DEBRIS.  The water level higher than the top of the dock at Discovery Park.  If you launch your boat plan on walking on water to get to the dock.  The Port is relatively clean.  It certainly is fishable.  Sorry but I do not have a fishing report for the Port.  Guess I will have to take a trip to see what is going on.  It seems the Rio Vista side of  the Delta is very dirty as is the San Joaquin side.  Guess we need a break from the rain.  Again I have no reports of fish caught and if the information on the Internet is any indication of what is happening, guess it is best to stay home.  I checked out the reports on FishinReports and they were all negative.  Will get out soon, just waiting for the weather to clear.

March 24 - Jack Bishop and I went to the Port this morning.  We trolled for about 3 hours and got three fish.  Two large Mouth Bass, about 8 and 12 inches, plus one Striper about 14 inches.  Finally we went home to enjoy the rest of the day.  Jiggin Gene and Fred went to the Port in the afternoon.  They had the same luck.  Three fish, but only one in the 18 inch range.  The water was clear but the temperature had dropped 5 degrees to 53 degrees.  Guess all the weather cooled the water down and turned the bite off.

March 17 - Got an email from Jack Bishop.  He, Jim Siemens, Bob Smally and Dick went to Umqua in Oregon for their annual Steelhead trip.  Below is the text of his email and two pictures.  Can you believe that 17 lb Steely?

The trip was a success with 33 fish in two days this year. The water was extremely low & clear.  We had to go to 8lb main line with a floral carbon 6 lb leader because the water was so clear. We lost a 1/3 of the hook ups due to the light leader and rocks. Over all though I would say it was a great trip. Here are a few pictures to show what we got. Hope all is well with everyone.


March 16 - Had to go fishing this morning because of the day yesterday.  Went to Discovery Park.  Went up river and fished by the first Marina.  Tried Anchovies and nothing.  Tried Sardines and landed 9 fish 4 of which were keepers, just keepers.  The largest fish was just over 20 inches.  Not too good but better than fishing with Gene.

March 15 - Went to the Port with Jiggin Gene.  I guess fishing with Gene is just a waste of time.  We trolled and tossed lures all morning only to catch 4 fish, the largest about 14 inches.  Now, Gene tells some big tales but I have yet to be with him when the fish are jumping in the boat.  Guess I have to get my own fish.

March 11 - My neighbor Russ and I went to Discovery Park this morning to try some cut bait for Stripers.  We got on the river at about 7:30 am and were fishing about 8:00am.  We started just below the Arc in about 10 feet of water.  Water Temp was 58.  Fished for about on hour and nothing.  Went back up stream and Mike was parked at the sandy beach  on the Yolo side and he had two, one about 10 and one about 4.  We went up river to the 5 mile per hour buoy and anchored up.  We landed 8 fish, 5 shakers and 3 keepers.  The keepers were 9.5 lbs, 5 lbs and 4 lbs.  We had a great time and for the first time out at Discovery, not a bad day.  The water is clearing up and as I said above, the temperature is great.  To the right is a picture of the biggest fish we got.  It should do nothing but get better!!!

March 9 - Bread Stick and I went out this morning.  Started fishing at about 7:45am and fished until almost noon.  Guess I should have brought someone else.  Our luck was not even as good as yesterday.  We landed 4 fish, none exceeding 15 inches.  I just can't figure it out.  One day it is good and two days it is bad.  Will try to find another method if I have another day like today.  That was the bad news.  The good news was, the sun was out, it was warm, the water was clear and 58 degrees.  Just a great day to be on the water.  The Swallows are starting to build their nests and the Gray Heron are starting to build theirs as well.  Guess it is almost spring and we have nothing but better fishing to look forward to.  Won't be going out tomorrow but might try it again on Friday.

March 2005
I am going to do something I have never done before on this site.  That is give some much deserved praise to a manufacturer.  I have used Bottom Line Electronics Sonar Units for over 15 years and will continue to use them in the future.  They are a company who cares about their customers and provides a level of service unheard of in the industry.  I had a problem with the light in my Tournament Pro fish finder and sent it to Bottom Line to see if the light could be made brighter.  They did not give me any excuses, nor did they tell me it was my problem.  They simply replaced the unit and returned a new state of the art Tournament 5100 to me within  a week of my shipping the unit to them.
THANKS Bottom Line!!!!!

March 8 - Took Dick to the Port this morning.  When we got there, I noticed the water was a little dirty and a ship had arrived at the Port.  Just as we were putting the boat in the water a tug went on down the Channel.  Not a good sign.  We fished from about 8:00 am until Noon, trolled 12.6 miles and got one nice fish, 7.5 pounds on a Striper Magnet and one small fish, 14" on a Mann's 15.  We had two other hits but that was it for the day.  Not many fish caught from any of the boats but it sure was a beautiful day.  Tomorrow I will take Bread Stick and see if our luck has changed.  Hope we get something worth a picture for a change.

March 3 - I have received a number of inquiries as to what Mann's Lures are and where they can be obtained.  Their web site is  and their phone number for orders  1-800-841-8435.  They are available at some of the local shops but at this point the selection is not very good.  I found the web site to be the best source.  If that changes, I will let you know.  I have also added Mann's to My Favorite Links.

March 3 - Today I went out with Jiggin Gene.  I met him at the Port at about noon and we fished until about 4:30 pm.  We landed a lot of little fish.  I did not count them but I would guess about 8.  They were between about 10 inches and 14 inches.  We did land one keeper, just 18 1/2 inches.  Not a day like yesterday.  Guess Gene needs Fred to get big numbers of larger fish.

March 2 - Jack Bishop and I went to the Port again today but today was another story.  We fished from about 9:00 am until about noon and did not get a thing.  Jiggin Gene and Fred were also on the water and they stayed after we left.  Their total was 12 fish to 11 pounds.  In the mix was an 8 pounder, a 9 pounder and a number of they between 3 and 5 pounds.  Afain, Gene was using Mann's 15+ lures.  Guess we should have stayed.

March 1 - Finally got a chance to go FISHING!!!!!  Went to the Port with Jack Bishop to test a new, small Line Counter Reel by Shakespeare.  Got to the Port about  8:00 am and had fish by 8:15.  We trolled the Port area and then down the Deep Water Channel.  Went down to about Marker 73 and landed a total of 12 fish, 9 keepers to about 6 pounds and 3 shakers.  Jiggin Gene and Hap were also on the water and they landed 8 fish to 5 pounds,  We were off the water at about noon, as was Gene.  Not a bad day and the reels checked out OK too.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get out more.  Sure like being on the water.

February 22 - Went to the Port with Jiggin Gene.  I wanted him to show me how to catch those 10 Pounders.  We met at the Port at 8:00 and trolled and jigged until about 12 noon.  The results of our outing were, we consumed two cinnamon rolls, a quart and a half of coffee and four Chinese cookies.  Our efforts yielded NOT A BITE!!!  There were about four other boats on the water and only one had a fish and they were not proud enough to show it to us.  Guess it was a slow day.

February 10 - Went back to the Sacramento River this morning with Jack Bishop.  Because of the increased flows in the American River, we decided to go up river and soak some bait.  After we anchored Dennis Marshall came by going up stream.  Then Grant Morgan came by.  We sat just above the Virgin Sturgeon and only had one bite.  I had the rod go down, like it was a big fish.  When I set the hook, the leader broke right at the snell knot I tied on the hook.  That was our action for the day.  Just before we left, Grant came down river and showed us a beautiful Striper about 28 pounds.  We never saw Dennis again so we don't know what he did.  Water temp was 50 degrees and the water was relatively clear.  We took a look at the American and the water was BROWN and churning.  Guess it will be blown out until the flows are lowered which is suppose to be on Friday or Saturday.

February 8 - Wasn't going to go fishing this morning but when I got up I had the itch.  I hooked up the boat and went to Discovery Park.  Thought I would soak some bait.  When I got there Grant Morgan was putting in his boat and told me he got a 20# and 30# over the weekend, trolling in the Sacramento River.  I went up river to my favorite bait spot and fished for about an hour.  I got 2 big catfish but no stripers.  I decided to move and troll for a while.  As I was going up river I saw Dennis Marshall.  He had a beautiful 18 pounder, the picture is to the right.  He got it on a Hair Raiser.  I trolled for about two hours without a bite.  I also saw Grant on the river and today he didn't get any either.  I guess Dennis is the man for the day.  Great job Dennis!!!

February 7 - Was at the San Mateo International Sportsman Expo and ran into these two fishermen who have done very well.

Gary Andrews landed this 8 pound Steelhead on a $20 Shakespeare fly rod in the San Lorenzo River.  That is the face of a proud man!!!!   Ross Melvin did in these two Halibut outside the gate.  Great Job guys.  Keep up the good work and keep a tight line!


February 1 - Finally got a chance to get out.  Went to the Port with Jack Bishop.  Trolled from the Port to Marker 73.  Landed two keepers, one about 5 pounds and the other about 4 pounds.  Not a lot of action but it was a beautiful day and we enjoy just being out on the water.  The water is still cool, 47 degrees and it was a little off color.  I understand John Cullen and Hiro also landed two keepers.

Well, off to the San Mateo Boat Show until Sunday.  If you get there, come and see me in the Shakespeare booth.  If you don't get there, TIGHT LINES!!!!

January 31 - Got a report from Jiggin Gene and John Cullen.  The went to the Port today and John intended on showing Gene how it was done.  John was the Captain and Gene was the understudy.  When all was said and done, they landed 8 fish.  Gene got one 12 pounds and the they got 5 other keepers and two shakers.  Not a bad day.  Way to go John.  I hope Gene can do it by himself from now on.

January 27 - Jiggin Gene and Hap went to the Port today.  I guess the report they gave me yesterday was all wet.  They trolled down the Deep Water Channel and back up and landed 7 fish up to 10 pounds.  The water conditions are good and I guess there are still fish available if you work for them.  By the way, I asked him to take a picture of the fish and he said he didn't have a camera.  Tell me another one!!

January 26 - Sorry for the lack of information but last week I was at the Sacramento Sportsman Show.  Thought I would get out today but it is raining again and it is suppose to rain through Friday.  Now, that creates a problem because I will be leaving for San Mateo the beginning of next week for the Sportsman Show there.  If you get there, look me up at the Shakespeare/Pflueger Booth.  Will get back to fishing as soon as I get back from that show.

Did get one report from Jiggin Gene.  He said the Port of Sacramento is clear but they have not been getting any fish.  He also told me a friend had fished Lindsy Slough on Monday and did very well, a 40 pound Striper in the mix.

January 17 - I know this is out of sync but it is a good story.  I received the story and picture from John Cullen and thought you might be interested.  I did not edit the story but they were fishing at the Port of Sacramento and Jerry had some good luck.

Don't know if I told you, the new guy we brought into the club, who I sponsored and bowl with, after trolling the channel came back into the basin and dropped some minnows down. After awhile Bob said to his son Jerry, let's pull them up and get out of here. When Jerry started to pull his up the rod bent over double. They had an anchor line out and the fish went around the anchor line. They finally pulled up the anchor until the fish was floating on his side but still attached to the anchor line. Bob told Jerry to put the net under him and Bob raised the anchor line some more and the line broke and the fish fell into the net. It weighed 17 lbs. How's that for a fish story.

January 18 - Went to the Port this morning with BreadStick and Glen.  We trolled from the dock to Marker 73 and almost all the way back.  There was an oil slick from the Power Lines all the way down to the Fertilizer Plant.  Water temp was 46 and the water was in good shape below the Power Lines.  We landed two fish both on Striper Magnets.  One a Large Mouth about 12 inches and the other a Striper about 20 inches.  There was one other boat on the water and he had one fish about 20 inches as well. I understand that a ship came up the channel last night and another left the Port this morning and as I was leaving about noon, another ship was leaving the Port under an escort of two tugs.

January 13 - Yesterday Jack Bishop and I took off for Antioch.  We planned to fish Wednesday, stay over night and fish Thursday Morning, clean our fish and return Thursday afternoon.  Part of the plan was great.  Jack came by Wednesday morning about 7:00am and we were on our way.  We were fishing the San Joaquin by about 10:00am and fish it until about 5:00pm.  At that point after catching a grand total of 2 fish, Jack did, one 15 inches and one 17 inches, we decided to go in to the Marina, clean things up and go to dinner.  We got up Thursday about 6:00am had something to eat and were fishing about 7:30am.  The fog was thick and it was a good thing we had GPS onboard.  We fished until the fog started to lift, about 12:00 noon and went back to the dock.  This time NO fish, not one, not even a little one.  We cleaned things up and came home.  The water temperature was 45 degrees, the out side temperature as about 43 degrees and the water color was BROWN.  When we got there on Wednesday, the water had a green cast to it.  By Wednesday afternoon it was brown and it kept getting browner.  My excuse is the water temperature and the water color.  I don't know what Jack's excuse is.  I was not the captain so he can't blame me!!!!

January 6 - The sun came out and I ran to hook up the boat.  Went to the Port  about noon today, the Sacramento is too high, too dirty and running too fast.   I trolled all the way down to marker 71.  Then turned around and trolled most of the way back.  I didn't get  a hit.  I fished in water 12 to 20 feet deep with a Manns 15 and a Striper Magnet on a Spreader.  The water was a little dirty but really not bad, temperature was 48 degrees and the sun was beautiful.  While I was on the water I talked to 5 other boats and none of them had fish either.  When I got home, I got a call from Jiggin Gene.  He told me he finally got one nice fish on his way up the channel.  Now, he said 14 pounds, I won't say any more.  He also got a Carp and a Catfish.  Guess this is it for the week, tomorrow it is suppose to bring a good sized storm with lots of wind.  

January 4 - Jiggin Gene, Rick, John Cullen and Hiro went to the Port today, "What the Hell, are they nuts!!!!"  Anyway it appears that Gene found a school of small Stripers and proceeded to catch a few.  John and Hiro were in the same area but they were not as LUCKY.  Guess the results of the day were Gene and Hap kept 2 that were 5 to 7 pounds and John and Hiro ended the day with one.  Gene said the water in the Port was dirty but down the Channel it was OK.  They had a good time and might be back tomorrow.

January 1 - Well, it is a new year and I am starting my new Page with the hope that all your wishes come true in 2005 including landing that BIG ONE!!!!!  May 2005 bring you and yours the best of everything.  
Tight Lines and great fishing.

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