Striper/Salmon  2004
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December 28 - I am not crazy.  No fishing today and it looks like for the rest of the week.  The weather is just not cooperating.  If some of you are on the river let me know how you did.  I will be fully supportive of any of you who are fishing in this but I will also question your sanity.  If you are out there, I hope you knock them dead.  Tight Lines to all and Happy New Year!!!!!!

December 23- Went to the Port this morning.  According to the weather report the fog was over.  NOT!!!  When I got to the Port there was a little fog, visibility about 300 yards.  I started down the channel and it got so foggy I could not see the my anchor davit.  I was all over the river.  First in 30 feet of water and then in 5 feet of water.  Finally about 8:00 the fog started to lift and it was fishable.  I landed three small stripers about 16", after trolling about 7 miles.  As I was pulling into the dock area, Spinner was putting his boat in the water.  Birds were working about 30 yards from the dock so I went over and dropped a jig.  Spinner was right after me and before I could do anything he had landed 3 Stripers, released one and was off to deeper water.  I still didn't land another fish.  Thanks Spinner!

December 20 - Went back down to the Port.  Put on a spreader with a Manns and my only Striper magnet.  Trolled all the way down to lighe 67 and back to the Port.  Trolled in about 15 feet of water, at about 3.0 mph.  Landed 5 fish the smallest about 5 pounds and the largest just over 10 pounds.  Now for the Rest of the Story.  I didn't get a fish on the Manns.  All 5 fish took the Striper Magnet.  Unfortunately in the process the fish tore the Striper Magnet apart.  Then there were none.  Can't wait to get the new batch I ordered.  Below is a picture of one of the fish, a 6.4 pounder.

December 17 - Guess what?  I found the eels.  They are manufactured by Hurley Lures, . You can order them from the preceeding web site.   I have ordered some and hope to get them soon.  I have only one left and it has been damaged by the fish I have caught on it.  Below is a picture of the lure.  It has been responsible for 1/2 the Stripers I caught in the last few days.  It is called the Striper Magnet and this one and the ones I ordered are 7 3/4 inches long.  If you have a problem getting to Bill Hurley's site from this page, try "My Favorite Links" above.

December 17 - Back to the Port this morning.  Boy!!!!! it was foggy.  Trolled from 6:15am until about noon.  In miles, that equates to 11.8 miles.  I didn't land a fish until I had trolled 8.7 miles and then I landed two in a very short period of time.  Then I trolled all the way up stream to the power lines and who is coming down stream, Jiggin Gene and his buddy Hap.  As I approached their boat, my rod loaded up.  I landed the third and last fish of the day.  Unfortunately, the last fish was just 18 inches.  The first fish was about 7 pounds and the second was about 5 pounds.  Now for the point of interest.  After trolling for hours I decided to try a spreader with  a Manns 15 on one side and  a 8 inch rubber eel on the other. The first two fish hit the eel,  the third fish hit the Manns.  I have been catching a good number of fish on the eel.  The only problem is I have  had two of these eels for a number of years and have not been able to find them in a tackle shop.  I guess it is time to start up the Internet and see if I can get them somewhere.  If I find them, I will let you know where to get them.

December 16 - Went to the Port this morning only to find out one of the cargo ships was leaving at 10:00.  Trolled down the Deep Water Channel to about marker 73 and then turned around and trolled back.  Landed three nice fish, the largest 8.9 pounds.  Again it didn't seem to matter what I used.  I got one on a Manns, one on a white Rebel with a red head and one on a blue back, gold sides and orange bottom Rebel.  There was a lot a debris on the water and it was tough trolling.  You had to clean you lure about every 10 to 15 minutes but the fishing was not bad.  Headed for the ramp at about 9:30 and watched the tugs maneuver the ship to the Deep Water Channel.  Got out just in time.

December 15 - Took Bread Stick to the Port this morning and had a good day.  We landed 6 fish the largest being 10 pounds, that is by Gene's scale.  On my scale it was only 8.  We were trolling in about 15 feet of water at about 3 mph, with about 100 feet of line out.  We used Broken Back Rebels and Manns 15 lures.  It really didn't make a difference which lure we use.  They all equally effective.  Again today, just about every boat had fish.  Nothing big but never the less fish. To the right is a picture of Bread Stick and two of the fish we got today.  

December 14 - Didn't go fishing today but got reports from Jiggin Gene and John Cullen.  Gene got 4 at the Port, the biggest was about 7 pounds.  John got 2, Herbie got 3 and almost everyone had fish.  guess I should have gone but you win some and loose some and today was not meant for me, I guess.

December 13 - Went to the Port this morning.   Arrived about 6:30 and started fishing by 7:00.  Trolled from the basin to Marker 63.  Landed 7 fish all between 4 and 6 pounds.  Nothing to brag about.  There were a number of other boats in the area and I believe they all had at least one fish.  I was trolling either a Broken Back Rebel or a Manns 15.  Trolling speed seemed to be right at about 3 MPH.  Not a great day but at least today I got something.

December 10 - Didn't go out early because of the fog but did leave my house about 11:00 and started fishing the Port about noon.  There were a lot of people fishing in the area.  I didn't count but I would guess there were 8 boats in the basin and about another 8 down river.  I didn't start my big motor, I just started trolling right from the dock.  I went out and down the deep water channel.  I trolled over 9 miles before I turned around and started back.  Now, you ask, did I catch fish.  The answer is NO.  I didn't get a bite.  I understand the people who fished early did well, John Cullen landed 3 but I couldn't buy a bite.

December 2 - Tried the Port of Sacramento this morning for Stripers but I guess someone else had stolen my luck.  I did land 11 Stripers but none were over 15 inches.  I did see one Striper caught that was about 6 pounds.  The water was clear but it was 50 degrees, that's COLD.  Striper fishing will get better in the Delta and in the Port over the next few months.  I am looking forward to my next 20 + pounder.  

November 30 - Well, I guess everyone went fishing but me.  Danny Hayes has been doing well for the last three days.  He has been getting limits for his clients up to 14 pounds.  Jiggin Gene went to the Port and landed over 30 fish but none were keepers and John Cullen and Hiro went to the Mokelumne, found Red Hot fishing in one of the Sloughs and both boats just killed the fish.  John said at times between he and Red Hot, they had quadruple hook ups.  Looks like this might be a great Striper Year!!!!!  Below are pictures of Danny Hayes catches for the last three days and a picture of John Cullen with his fish for today, an 18 lb, 15 lb and 5 lb Striper, Hiro is not in the picture because someone had to take the picture.


November 29 - Jack Bishop and I went to the American River this morning for a last chance for a Salmon.  Yes, it was the last chance.  It was cold, 31 degrees.  Water Temp was 50 degrees.  Water was clear as a bell, could see down about 10 feet.  Did not get a bite.  Did not see a fish roll.  Did not see another fisherman on the river.    Did talk to Bud and he said he had stopped fishing about a week ago, after a few outings where the fishing was poor and the fish were poorer.  Guess it is time to switch to Stripers and maybe Sturgeon.  Will change over tomorrow and will keep you posted.

November 28 - I am back and only have one report.  Jiggin Gene and John Cullen have been going to Rio Vista and just KILLING the Stripers.  The went down twice last week and landed 23 the first trip and 44 the second trip.  Nothing real big but fish to 10 pounds.  Guess I missed out on some good Striper Fishing!!!!!!

November 9 - Jim Howes (Bread Stick) and I went to the river this morning. Got to Discovery Park at about 4:20 and the gate was opened, SURPRISE!!   I thought we were early but as we went up the river, we passed 4 or 5 boats at the Lower Dredger and another 3 boats at the Upper Dredger.  How early do you have to get on the river to have it to yourself?  Anyway, we passed on the Lower Dredger and started at the upper hole.  Fishing was SLOW.  We fished for about 2 hours without a hit and then Bread Stick got one on, only to practice his "long line release".  Then I got my turn and landed a small buck about 8 pounds.  Shortly after, Bread Stick landed another buck about the same size.  Then it was my turn to practice the "long line release".  You know, I am really getting good at it.  I can release the fish without touching it even after it has come to the boat more than once.  Anyway, we ended the day landing 2 and loosing 2.  It would appear that fishing was slow all the way around.  When we left, Danny Layne had 1, Danny Hayes had 1 and Ron Ross had 1.  That was about 10:00.  A long day with little action!  Getting spoiled aren't we?

November 8 - Went back to Salmon today and went back to the American River.  When I left my house it was beautiful but by the time I got to Discovery Park, it was starting to get foggy.  I was concerned that the fog would get too thick to navigate the river so I rushed to get on the water and to the Upper Dredger.  I got a Bobby Sparre Gitzit ready and started fishing.  No more than 5 minutes into the morning, I had my first fish on, a nice 10 pound buck.  I fished for about another half hour with no other luck so I changed to Flatfish and between about 5:30 and 8:30, I landed another 6 fish, to 14 pounds, lost to others and had 4 more hits.  Ron Ross was also fishing the area and he landed 3 and had at least two other hits.  Not a a bad morning.  Too bad this is the exception rather than the rule.

Jiggin Gene and Tom McKinsey went to the Port for stripers and also had a good day.  The landed 7 Stripers, two of which were over 10 pounds.  Not a bad morning for them either.

November 6 - I didn't fish today but Chris Jimmerson went to the American and sent me this email.  Guess he went catching, not fishing.

Hey, John it was good to talk to you last Monday. Was hoping to see you Sat November 6, but I guess the weekend crowds keep you at bay. Well you missed one of those "OH BOY" days. I fished the Island and only had one hookup, but that didn't deter me. I zoomed down to the lower dredger and that's where all the action was. Only about 6 boats on the whole river, and no seals. I love this cold keeps the "fair-weather" fisherman at home. Anyway I landed 3 up to 13.5 lbs, and get this...lost 4. I left the water at 9:00 AM. I think I need new hooks, you think?
Thank you,
Chris Jimmerson, Rabid Angler

November 5 - Well, I must be a saint.  I took those two guys, Jiggin Gene and Hap, to Rio Vista.  We got there about 6:45 and were fishing by about 7:00.  To have these two guys in your boat at the same time is like having a tooth ache.  Lines tangled, lures not tuned, one wants to troll one wants to jig.  How did I get hooked on this one?  Anyway, we did not have a bad day.  We fished from about 7:00 to about 1:30 and landed over 20 Stripers from 16 inches to about 8 pounds.  Only about 3 of them were not keepers.  We launched at Brannan Island and went  to the Rio Vista side of the Sacramento.  We started fishing around buoy 20 and trolled in about 10 feet of water.  We used broken back Rebels  and had a very heated discussion on the ONLY TAIL to use.  I forget the name but it was a long straight white rubber worm.  Unfortunately, we caught fish on any color Rebel and any color worm, even red and green.  Actually it was a great day fishing and it was fun to fish with them.  I just hope they remember all the things I tried to teach them.  You know, the mind is the second thing to go!!!

Now, I got this message from Danny Layne when I sat down to update my site.  Guess the American was not a bad bet either.
Hello, John
The word is out, if you are not at your favorite spot for salmon then the whole world can catch nice bright salmon?
This a.m. Fred went to the area that you like to fish, results, lots of fish, no Sea Lions, great fun? Fred's total for the day, 4 kings to 32 lbs. By the way my clients had four hook-ups landing two, with fish to 14 lbs. We were the only two boats working the area. Snooze a little longer?
See you when you return from Florida.

And this message from Fred Thomason of Last Cast Guide.  If you want some action, call Fred at
 (209) 245-6632  or Cell Phone (209) 765-5284.

HI John did not see you out there today you missed a good day.  Had a father and son and  at 510am hook the first fish then the son hook the next two then the father had one and missed one 10 32 17 20 pounds all done by 730 am

November 4 - Got up this morning about 3:30, looked outside, it was raining and a little windy.  Decided to say in my warm bed and get some other things done today.  When I finally got up, about 6:15, it was still drizzling and I was glad I didn't go to the river.  Now, it is about 9:00, I have had breakfast, had a full set of brakes put on my truck, the rain has stopped and the sun is out.  It is just beautiful.  Guess I should have gone to the river after all.  Won't be going to the river tomorrow, I have to OLD guys, Jiggin Gene and Hap, that want to go to the Delta to try for Stripers and as a good samaritam I am going to take them and show them how it is done.  If you went to the river today, let me know what you did and I will post it.

November 3 - OK, who said fisherman were in their right mind?  I left my house this morning about 4:00 and went to the river.  As I approached Interstate 5, it started to rain.  Turn back, NO!  Went right to the ramp, put on some rain gear, got my things ready and launched my boat.  Went directly up stream and started to fish about 5:00.  There were only 4 boats on the water, only crazies would be out in weather like this, Danny Layne, Fred Thomason and Uncle Larry, Gregg and his partner and the AmericanRiverRat.  I didn't get a bite.  Fred and Larry were first on the water and landed a fish within the first 5 minutes, Danny Layne did the same and Gregg got at least one fish but the bite died and did not revive.  The problem was those Seals again.  They are moving up and down the river and creating a terrible fishing environment.  Uncle Larry hooked a fish and the Seal grabbed the fish and took off with the fish and Uncle Larry's lure.  Hope he can digest it.  Anyway, not a good morning.  You should be glad you stayed in that warm bed and didn't go out.  It was a poor day for fishing and a poorer day for catching.  Depending on who you believe, it may rain again tomorrow.  If it does, I will take a day off.  If it doesn't, I will be back on the river for another chance.

November 2 - Today was Seal Day at the upper hole.  I got there at dark o'clock and couldn't figure out why the fish were not jumping.  Well, when the sun came up, there were two seals working the hole.  Something killed the bite and maybe it was the seals.  In addition, the water level is falling.  It seemed to be lower by a foot or two.  This also could have contributed to the off day.  I got one beautiful, silver buck about 10 pounds but that was the only bite I got all morning and I didn't leave until about 9:30.  Danny Layne had two, pictured on the right are Craig and Jerry Gundlach from Modesto.   Fred had one, Ernie had one and to my knowledge, that was it.  Not much action.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  

November 1 - Well, today was the first day of Daylight Savings Time and in the past I caught most fish in the dark.  I was concerned because I was going to have one hour less of darkness but it didn't matter.  I went up river and started fishing about 4:45.  Fished until sunup and not a bite.  I thought for sure I was going to get skunked.  As the sun was hitting the water, two boats were coming my way and they told me a Seal was down stream and raising all kinds of hell.  Because of the seal, they came up to where I was and they assured me the  fish would follow.  They were right!!  They no sooner got there and I hooked and lost a small Jack.  Then I hooked and landed an 8 pounder, a 17 pounder and a 27 pounder all in about an hour.  In addition, Chris Jimmerson, of the Rabid Angler got an 18 pounder and one other fish was caught in the immediate area.  I got all my fish on a Silver Kwikfish with a glow bill.  I was cleaning up and getting ready to leave about 8:00.  As I went down river, I saw Ernie, he had 4 nice fish, the biggest about 30 pounds, Don and Gary had 4, and Bear had 1.  I think every boat had at least one fish.  Not a bad day.  Below are pictures of (from left to right) Ernie, Chris and I.  Nice catch if I say so myself.  

October 29 - Another yesterday today was NOT.  The river flows were increased and the depth increased by about 3 feet.  Usually when this happens, the fish take off up the river and fishing takes a dump.  Today was no exception.  Fishing slowed dramatically.  Lots of boats had NO fish but I guess I was lucky.  I landed 2 and lost 2.  Nothing big but very clean fish in the 10 pound range.  To get them, I had to use everything in my arsenal.  Finally I got one on a Glow in the Dark Kwikfish I painted with a special glow paint and the other was landed on a Silver Kwikfish with a Glow bill.  In addition to my fish, Ernie and his buddy had 4 nice fish and Bear lost 3 and landed none.  Amazing how the river clears early when the bite is off.  When I came down river there were only about 5 boats from the Garbage Dump to the Jiboom Street Bridge.  The Sacramento is still very muddy but both the American and the Sac have cooled substantially.  Both were 57 degrees.  Won't be fishing over the weekend so will update on Monday.

October 28 - ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!!!  Boy, what a day!!!!  By 5:11am I had hooked and landed 3 fish, a 25 pound buck, a 14 pound hen and a small Jack.  I kept throwing fish back and ended the day, are you ready for this?  with 8 fish, three of which were Jacks.  It was in past years hard to get 2 fiah and today they were jumping in the boat.  It seemed everyone was getting fish.  JD landed 6, Fred Tomason had 5, Gary and Don had 4, the Dentist had 2, and almost everyone had at least one.  Now that you heard the good news, how about some bad news?  There were more boats on the river today than I have seen in two years.  The area above the docks, the flat on the left, had about 10 boats, the dock area had at least 10 boats, the flat below the docks had about 5 boats and the Lower Dredger had at least 30 boats.  Today was the first day all year where people were still fishing the Dredger holes after about 8:00.  Usually when I come down stream about 9:00 there are NO baots to be seen.  Not today!!!!  There were boats everywhere.  Guess the word is out.  Good Catching!!!

October 27 - Got up this morning, after the storm yesterday and thought it was going to be a nice day.  Looked out and it was clear and no wind.  Got the boat ready and was off to the river.  Got to Interstate 80 and it started to rain but still no wind.  Got to Discovery, the gate was not opened yet and it was still raining!  None the less, I got the boat ready, wrapped my flatfish, got my small pieces of bait for my Gitzits, put in the fish finder and I was ready to go.  Still raining.  Unfortunately, the ranger didn't open the gate until about 4:45 so I had to wait about 15 minutes.  Put the boat in and ran up to the Lower Dredger.  About that time the rain slowed and stopped about 15 minutes later.  Trolled through the Dredger with no luck.  Pulled up and went under the 12th Street Bridge, went until the bottom started to drop off and put my line back in the water.  Didn't go but 50 feet and I had a fish on.  Landed a small Jack, but it was a fish.  Then I trolled between the bridges and up the  flat on the other side of the bridges.  Got about half way through the flat and got another fish.  This time a 21 pound buck.  Trolled through the flat and to the Dock where I got another Jack.  Then all the way up to the Island and landed a nice Hen, about 10 pounds.  Then fishing got tough.  Back tracked all the way back to the Lower Dredger where I landed my 5th and final fish.  It was about 9:30 and time to go home.  Packed up and here I am writting this note for the world to see.  I talked to only 4 other fisherman and between them they only had one fish.  Surprisingly, when I got to the Sacramento River, there was only 1 jigger and I did not see anyone trolling all the way down to the I Street Bridge.  Not many boats on the water but it sure was a good day.

October 25 - Finally a nice morning.  Went to my favorite haunt and started fishing the Lower Dredger about 5:00.  I didn't get a thing but I did see one fish landed.  Then I started my trip up stream.  Fished all the way up to the Island and didn't get a thing.  I tried everything I had in my arsenal and finally just about sun up, I hook and landed a nice 10 pound buck.  Shortly after I landed an 8 pound buck.  Then I landed a small Jack about 5 pounds and threw him back.  Fished the upper area until about 8:30 and started down stream.  On my way through the Lower Dredger I landed yet another small fish about 8 or 9 pounds.  Not a bad morning.  Landed 4 and lost none.  In addition to what I had, Gary and Don had 2, Guy had 2, Joe DeFrisco had 2, Danny had 2 and I don't know how many others were caught.  Looks like it was a good morning all around.  It seemed that all the fish were the same size, 7 to 12 pounds.  Now for the bad news, I had heard that 6 Seals were working the Dredger Holes Friday night.  Well, on my way down river I saw two seals working the Lower Dredger.  When I see Seals, I know fishing is going to be tough.  Hope they find their way back to the bay real soon.

October 22 - I didn't go out today but got reports that the American was good this morning.  Fred got 3, Danny got 1 and a number of other fish were caught.  I got a report from Joe Perry and he had his Daughter in Law and son with him today.  They fished the Sacramento on anchor. The lady did it to them.  She had 4 hits and landed 2, a 7 pound buck and a 16.4 pound hen. The guys didn't get a hit.  They do it to us every time.  

October 21 - Went to the river this morning with Jack Bishop.  We got on the water at 5:00 and immediately went to the Lower Dredger.  When we settled down to serious fishing, we found that the fish were not as serious as we were.  We trolled the Lower Dredger to the Trailer Park with no action.  We talked to a few other guys who also had no action.  We pulled up and moved to the Upper Dredger.  Fished the entire Upper Dredger and up the  railroad bridge the Business 80.  Nothing!  Made a few passes around the Island and again, nothing!  Then we trolled from the railroad bridge all the way to the bottom end of the Lower Dredger without the courtesy of a hit.  We talked to every other angler we say and they all had the same story.  No fish!!!  No bites!!  This was the worst day on the river I have seen in a long time.  Hope it gets better.  The conditions were good.  The water was not muddy, the temperature had fallen to 58 degrees and we had no wind.  Won't be going out tomorrow so if you go out, Tight Lines and land a big one!!!  

Received this email after I published the paragraph above.  Good Job Danny!!!!!  Take a look at the picture to the right.

Hello, John
Here is all I have to show for today, Ray Eagleton nailed this 31.5 buck on our last pass up-river this a.m. just off the west Sac. ramp
Danny Layne

October 18 - Didn't think I was going to go to the river this morning due to the weather but it looked OK when I got up so I went.  It turned out to be a beautiful morning.  In addition to a beautiful sun rise, I got a nice hen about 15 pounds on a Bob Sparre Getsit.  JD landed two fish and Ron Ross landed four.  That is the report for the day.  Not many fish but not many fishermen.  Hope tomorrow is not windy, if not, I will be on the river.  

I tried one of Bob Sparre's new Getsits this morning, they are called Radical Glow because they are suppose to stay lit for a long period of time.  Here is what I learned.  If you just flash the Getsit, it will stay lit for 15 minutes or so.  Now, if you use a spot light and keep it on the Getsit for a period of time, say one minute, it will stay lit for 30 minutes or so.  If you want it to stay lit for the entire morning, keep the spot light on it for a few minutes.  If you do, it will stay lit for the entire morning.  I lit one up by putting it in my light box for about 3 minutes.  I trolled through the Lower Dredger, then took it out and ran to the upper Dredger, it was still lit.  I put it back in the water and fished it until the sun came up and I didn't have to re-light it all morning.  I did have to add bait but no flash was required.  Not bad Bob.  Next I will try the Radical Glow Spinner.  Stay tuned.  By the way, they are available at Fisherman's Warehouse.

October 15 - Jack Bishop and I went to the river this morning.  We left the ramp about 5:00 and were at the Lower Dredger in about 15 minutes.  I got everything ready, made the turn to start trolling up stream and told Jack "we're fishing".  We went about 30 yards and Jack set the hook, the captain put him on a fish right away.  After a few minutes, I netted his beautiful 18 pounder.  We made a few more passes and finally moved up stream where I proceeded to do the same thing but my fish was only about 6 pounds.  We traded off twice more, Jack landing one abut 8 pounds and I landed one about 10 pounds.  While we were having fun, Danny Layne landed one fish, Uncle Larry and Gregg landed 6 fish, Al Coleman landed 3 fish and there were a few others caught by people I didn't know.  It may sound like fishing was great but it really was not.  Very few fish were caught in the Sacramento and when we went down stream about 9:00, we didn't see another boat on the American.  Hope the action picks up over the weekend.  Below are pictures of Jack and I with our fish.

October 14 - This morning was not as good as I thought it was going to be.  It started out with the heavy smoke from the fires in the foothills.  Because of the smoke, the sun was just an orange ball in the sky.  Fishing changed but don't know why.  The fish just were not biting.  I did manage to land a nice 12 pound  buck but that was it for the day.  On the other hand, I marked more fish today than I have all year long.  I usually stop fishing about 8:30 or 9:00 but because of the number of fish I marked on my way through the dock area, I fished another hour.  Didn't get a bite and used everything in my tackle box excluding dynamite.  Hope tomorrow is better.  I met Mark Onstott at the ramp on the way out and he sent me this picture of his catch for the day, a nice 13 pound hen.

October 13 - Went back to the river this morning. Met my nephew Dave at the ramp and were fishing about
5:10. On our way up river, Al Coleman was landing a nice fish at the lower Dredger. Fished for about an hour with no action and finally Dave got a hookup. A small Jack but never the less a fish. It was about 7 pounds. That was the action for the day. I didn't get a hit. Fishing all around was slow. I only saw 3 fish caught in the American, Kenny made two passes in the Sac and landed 4 fish. Uncle Larry and Frank had 2 in the Sacramento. Jack Bishop went to Verona and landed two nice fish. One abut 7 pounds and the other about 25 pounds. Good job Jack!!! Jack's fish are pictured on the right.

October 12 - Got on the river about 4:30 and was fishing by 5:00. I didn't troll 50 feet when my rod went off
and I had a great fight on my hands. After about 10 minutes I had landed a nice 13 pound buck. I thought today was going to be another day like yesterday. I fished for about another 30 minutes and had a hit but it didn't stick. Then at 5:56 I hooked another fish. Small but bright, about 8 pounds. I had one other fish on and that was it for the day. I started down stream about 8:15. When I got the Upper Dredger, Danny Hayes had just neted a nice 18 pound hen for his buddy Chuck. Chuck's first Salmon ever!!!! Great job Chuck. I believe almost every boat had fish. Cliff had 1, JD had at least 2, Danny Layne had a couple, Joe DeFrisco had 2, Kenny had 1, Kenny Johnson had 2 and so on. Not a bad day in the American and not a bad day in the Sacramento. I don't know what happened after 9:00 but I'm sure more fish were caught in the Sacramento. Just hope this keeps up. Sure would be nice to have a few months of this. To the left is Chuck with his first Salmon.

October 11 - Went back to the American. Why fight success! Got at the Dredger about 5:00 and there were already about 4 boats fishing in the flat just below the Clay Banks. I went on past them and started fishing above the bridges. I could draw this out but today was another great day. By 8:00 I had landed 5 nice fish, the largest about 17 pounds, kept two, lost one and had two other good bites. Danny Layne of Fish'n Dan's Guide Service, , was also fishing in the area and when I left, he had 4 fish in the boat. There were a few other guys fishing in the area and they had a fish a piece. On my way down, at the lower end of the Lower Dredger, a guy in a maroon boat told us he had 3 fish. Now, when I left, Danny was on his way to the Sacramento because Frank had called him and told him there was a good bite going on above the I Street Bridge. I didn't check it out but I guess it was a pretty good day all around.

October 10 - Reveived this email from Steve McGarvey with a report on his days fishing in the Sacramento and American river. Steve got two fish. Great Job Steve!!!
John - thanks for all your info last week. We went out yesterday (10/10), were on the water by about 6am and headed for the Lower Dredger. Made about 4-5 passes from the Lower Dredger and heading north to the collection of boats on the left side just south of the next bridge. We were probably 20-30' from the bank. Saw only 1 fish caught (a guy jigging) and then headed for the Sac around sun up. We were using lighted QuikFish and got nothing. Is the dredger on the other side of the levy? I thought I saw only the top of it from where we were.
Fished from the Yact Club south about a mile and then made passes back and forth. Caught 2 fish, a 17lb buck and a 20lb female - were off the water by 2pm. We caught both of them on pink Silvertrons. It seemed a lot of boats had at least 1 fish on a rope but we didn't see a lot of fish actually being caught. Maybe they caught them early on the Sac while we were on the American?
Lots of boats out there - very crowded near the entrance to the American.
Below are the pictures of their fish. On the left is Lee McGarvey with his 17 pound buck and on the right is Mark Onstott with his 20 pound hen..

October 10 - Received this email from Ron Ross with the picture attached. What a great fish.


Here's a picture of that 40 pounder I caught on 10/5. I caught it up by the airport in the Sacramento on a glow-in-the-dark Flatfish at about 6:45 am.
Thanks for the tip about the sliding drop line. It's a much better idea.
Have a great day.

October 8 - Went back out this morning to try to bat 1000 for the week.  Started fishing about 5:30 and fished until just about 8:30.  had another good day.  I landed two and lost one.  When I got to my favorite hole, I quietly got things ready and started to troll up stream.  I  made three passes with nothing.  Then as I got to the top of the run, my rod loaded up and I hooked my first fish of the morning.  After playing it for a few minutes, he came to the net and was mine.  A nice 10 pound buck.  Then as I was preparing to start another troll, I saw something flashing in the water.  I went over to it and it was a secret weapon.  I put it on my motor cover and proceeded to fish with my old standby.  Made a few passes and nothing happened.  Thought I should try my new secret weapon, so I tied on some sardine and put it behind the boat.  I didn't go more than 50 feet when my rod loaded up and I was playing an acrobatic fish.  He came out of the water about 5 times and the last time, when he hit the water he was gone.  I pulled in my lure took a good look at it and started again.  As I turned the boat up stream, the sun was rising.  It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have seen for quite some time.  This is one of the reasons I like to be on the river.  It is a beautiful place and with the Beaver, Otter, Deer, Geese, Coyote and the sunrise you could not ask for a better way to start your day.  I sure am a lucky person.   Anyway, after a few passes, right at the top of the run, my rod really loaded up.  This time I knew I had a nice fish.  It also thought it was an acrobat but he did not get away.  Landed a nice 20 pound buck.  Had one more hit but that was it for the day.  I talked to Don and Gary and they had one about 17 pounds and told me JD had landed one fish.  In addition, Danny Layne, fishing in another area had landed two and lost one due to guide error, net the fish not the Flatfish!  That was all I heard of for the day.  Below is a picture of my fish and the morning sunrise.  It was spectacular.  I couldn't pass up sharing the picture.


October 7 - Guess everyday cannot be great but they all can be good.  Today I took Kenny Johnson out and  went back to my old hole and tried again.  Fished from about 5:30 until about 8:30.  We landed one, lost two and had one other hit.  Now that is not a bad day.  Should have landed three but that is why it is called fishing and not catching.

October 6 - Well, if you do not loose the faith, your day will come.  Went back to the American River this morning.  Left the dock at about 5:10 and was fishing about 5:30.  On my first pass, did nothing.  On the second pass my luck changed and I landed a  nice 8 pounder.  Turned around and went back only to hook another one about the same size.  Then I had a short period of time when nothing happened and I hit the third one.  Another one about 8 pounds.  Put it back, now it was 6:47, only 1 hour and 17 minutes since I started.  I could drag this our but I quit at about 8:00 after hooking 6 landing 5.  The biggest of the 5 is pictured on the right.   Today was a great day.  In addition to my catch, Little Joe got 3, JD got three, the biggest being about 20 pounds, Cliff got three and Don and Gary had two, the biggest 27 pounds, the pictured of which is to the left.  When I started I thought it was going to be a terrible day.  I got to the parking lot at 5:00 and there were already 20 vehicles.  I took the last parking space facing the water.  When I went up river, there were boats everywhere.  Guess it all didn't make a difference, we all got fish.

After I published the site for the day, I received this email from Danny Layne of Fish'n Dan's Guide Service.  Guess he did Ok too.
Hello, John
Here is a photo of clients Jazzmin Nieves (age 12 ) and father Miguel from Mi Wuk, Ca. with their two salmon taken this a.m. on the Sac. Both fish were caught down stream from the Sac. Yacht Club on Uncle Larry's spinners. Jazzmin's fish went 9 lbs and her fathers 7.
Tight lines

October 5 - I will keep trying until the fishing is so good the fish are jumping in the boat.  Went back to Discovery Park and went up the American River.  Started fishing about 5:15 and by 5:30, I had landed the a small buck but it was beautiful and about 7 pounds.  Fished the Lower Dredger until about 7:00 and had one other fish on, lost it and one other hit.  Joe and his buddy got two , Al Coleman got one and lost one.  Then I went to the Sacramento and fished it until 9:00.  didn't see a fish caught but talked to one boat the had landed a nice hen and Ron got a beautiful 40 pounder.  Not much action but something is happening.  

October 4 - Went back to the river today.  First went up the American and fished the Dredger Holes.  Landed two fish but they were not in very good shape.  Both were bucks and had already developed a hook jaw and were in bright red spawning colors.  In addition, they did not fight at all.  They were very lethargic and just kind of held to the bottom.  No runs at all.  Finally I got a call from Danny Layne telling me there were fish in the Sacramento so I left the Dredgers to  to the Sac.  Fished it for about an hour and a half but didn't see anything caught.  Danny had two fish and one other boat had two fish.  There were about 40 boats in the area.  Another slow day.  To the  right is one of the fish I got in the American.  I released him but as you can see, he had a lot of color.

October 1 - Didn't go fishing this morning but did take a ride down to Discovery Park around 11:00 to see what had been going on.  Talked to Mike, one of the regulars at the I Street Bridge.  He said nothing had happened today but yesterday he limited out.  Angle and Roy were coming in and they had one fish and said not a lot had happened.  Joe DeFrisco got two down stream and one right at the I Street Bridge.  It sure is good to see Joe doing so well.  He has had a hard time and deserves a lot of good luck.  Good going Joe!!!!!  It appeared the bite was off but there were some fish around.  The parking lots were full.  That is to say, the lot at the top of the boat ramp had NO spots available and the one in front of the rest rooms was the same.  Any other vehicles would have to park under I-5.  I don't thing the fishing warranted that kind of activity but I guess everyone wanted a chance at a Salmon.  

September 30 - Back to the river I go.  Went back to the American River this morning.  Got to the Lower Dredger about 5:00 and fished it until 7:00.  In addition to me, JD and Richard Rodness were also fishing the Dredger.  Between the three of us, only Richard had a bite and he landed a nice fish.  We were not aware of another angler on the river but Cliff was also around.  Apparently he made a pass through the Lower Dredger and then went to the Upper Dredger where he also got a nice fish.  The fish seem to be running between 12 and 14 pounds.  By the way, water temperature was about 65 degrees.  At about 7:00 I went down to the Sacramento River.  Fished it until about 9:00 and only saw abut 8 or 9 fish caught there.  Not a good total because there were about 40 boats in the area and an untold number of rods.  Water temperature was about 63 degrees.  I hope a big school came by after I left and everybody got limits but I really don't think that happened.  One thing that was surprising was, as I came out of the American River there were about 15 or so bank fisherman throwing spinners.  As I made the turn down river two of them had fish on.  I was told that yesterday they really had a good day on the Sacramento side from shore.

September 29 - Didn't fish today but got this emial from Fish'n Dan's Guide Service.  Another one of those "Should have been there" any time other than when I am there!

Hello, John
Missed you on the river today? Most boats picked up fish, anchored boats did well and the people off the bank scored big time, here is a photo of Frank Villines and his 25 lb hen caught on an Uncle Larry's green spinner.

September 28 - Jack and I went back to Discovery Park today and fished from about 5:00 until about 9:30.  We didn't get a bite and only saw 5 fish caught.  Maybe the impending weather system is killing the bite.

September 27 - Jack Bishop and I went to the river this morning.  We started in the American by fishing the Lower Dredger.  On our first pass up stream, we did not mark a fish.  Then on our way down stream, I hooked a nice hen about 13 pounds.  We went back up and down again but with not more luck.  Then we left the American and went to the Sacramento.  On our way to the Sacramento, Danny Layne called for a report.  I told him we had landed one and he told me he they had done the same.  Danny ended the day with 4 fish to 14 pounds.  We made a few passed but couldn't get a thing.  Then Jack's rod loaded up and he had a fish on.  He landed a nice buck about 8 pounds.  That was the action for us for the day.  The important thing is we finally broke the ice both in the American and the Sac.  There were a number of fish caught in the Sac.  I would estimate about 10 to 15 but there were about 30 boats.  That is a lot of rods for 10 to 15 fish.  Stay tuned, will be out there again tomorrow.

September 24 - Bust after bust.  Went down to Discovery Park and tried again today.   I counted 7 fish caught but not one of them was in my boat.  Again, happy to say Joe DeFrisco got two.  Plus, he got two yesterday.  I told Joe that if he kept catching fish like that, I would just join him.  I would use his rod, his lure and his boat.  No need for me to get my boat dirty.  Fish are coming in but things are still slow.  I also fished the American River this morning and I only marked one fish in 5 miles of trolling.  Not good.  Below is a picture of Joe with one of this fish.

September 22 - Well, another bust!!!  Went to Discovery Park.  When I got there I was told yesterday was just DYNAMITE!  All excited I got on the water fished my guts out and didn't get a bite.  In fact, I only saw 4 fish caught and one of them was caught by my good buddy, Joe DeFrisco.  I went home at 9:00 skunked again.  My day will come.  Below is a picture of Joe and his beautiful 15 pound hen.

If you notice, there are two pictures above, not just Joe.  The other picture is Ray Eagleton, a Client of Fish' Dan's.  Danny sent me this report after I published the report for the day so, this concludes the report for 9/22.

Frank San Marco wound up with two fish, the purple boat wound up with three and I probably saw a half dozen other fish caught, but don't know the names of the people. Ray Eagleton wound up with one. The Hippie and the other guy didn't have any and they weren't happy.

September 20 - Went to Discovery Park this morning.  Talked to the Hippies and they told me 12 fish were caught on Sunday and only 6 boats.  Guess I should have gone yesterday.  We fished from about 5:30 until about 9:00 and only had one takedown but it didn't stick.  We only saw one fish on the hook but it was lost.   There were about 34 boats.  I talked to some of the guys that stayed and was told about 10:00 the bite was on and about 20 fish were caught.  Don't know about my timing, either I should have been there yesterday or I should have stayed an hour later.  Will be back down on Wednesday.

September 17 - I wasn't going to go fishing today but I got an e-mail from a friend asking me if I was going and telling me that fish were caught yesterday.  I know, you should have been here yesterday!  Well, based on his report, I went out this morning.  I fished the Mouth of the American for about 30 minutes then went up stream to the Lower Dredger, then the Clay Banks, then the Upper Dredger and finally up to the Business 80 Bridge.  Just as I was turning around to start back, I got a call and was told that the Hippy just got one in the Sacramento.  I went down the American and trolled the Sacramento until about 9:00am.  There were about 9 boats trolling and by 9:00 the Hippies had 3, JD had one, a red boat, don't know the person had one and one other boat had one.  Now, that is not bad for the number of boats, 9 boats and 6 fish.  That is not to say there were no jiggers.  They were fishing the mouth of the American and a few were drifting the Sacramento.  I did not see any of them get a fish.  GOOD NEWS IS....FISH ARE HERE TODAY.  I am just hoping this is truly the beginning of the run.  Guess my fish will come next week.

Last minute update.  Danny Layne, Fish'n Dan's Guide Service, 209-586-2383, sent me the picture at the right.  A 13 pound buck caught on an Uncle Larry's Green Glow Spinner .  He said he caught it just after I left, so about 9:15.

September 14 - Went to a Fish and Game Regulation meeting this morning.  The purpose of the meeting was to attempt to clarify regulation 2.10 and to review fishing techniques.  First let me say I was pleasantly surprised.  There were about 9 people from the F&G at the meeting and each of them was very knowledgeable about what was going on in their area of expertise.  In addition, they were definitely in favor of keeping the regulations simple and they continually attempted to protect the anglers.  If fishing for Salmon was on the table and someone brought up changing a regulation, their response was to identify how the change would affect fishing for other species.  Their concerns were to insure they did not make a change that would affect one type of fishing positively at the expense of another.  Again, I was truly impressed.  The result of the meeting was a clear defination of the  "Delta Region" and a clarification of hook restrictions.  None of the items discussed will affect any of the existing regulation, until a proposal is made to the Commission.  If the proposal is accepted, the new regulation would go into affect with the issuance of the 2005 Supplement.  I feel it was a positive day and look forward to other meetings.

September 13 - jack Bishop and I went to the Port of Sacramento this morning, a mistake.  The wind was blowing 30+ miles an hour and it just was not fun.  Jack did catch a large Catfish and lost a nice Striper but that was it.  John Cullen landed a striper about 19" and I believe that was it.  Looks like the Stripers are starting to come back to the area and it should do nothing but get better.

September 8 - OK guys and gals, if you want to get some Salmon now, call Fred Thomason, Last Cast Guide, (209) 765-5284  and fish with him in the Woodson Bridge area.  He has a few openings next week and the fishing in that area is GOOD!!  Jack Bishop and I went up to fish with Fred today.  We started fishing at about 7:15 AM, a little late but that was my fault (set my alarm for 3 PM not 3 AM).  Anyway, on the first pass, Jack hooked up and landed a 11.5 pound buck.  The fish are in great shape and are really HOT.  Then, we landed three more fish and lost one right at the boat.  We started for the ramp at 12:30 with limits of nice fish for both Jack and I.  We had a great morning and didn't stay our in the heat.  Fred did an outstanding job and as I said before, call him if you want to get some fish.  Fishing seems to be getting better in that area.  I believe every boat had at least one fish and some were skillful, like us, and had more.  We were the first to leave with limits.  Below are two pictures of our fish.  One of Jack and I and the other of Fred and I.  Yes, they are the same fish.  One 8 pounder, one 10.5 pounder, one 11.5 pounder and one 19 pounder.  Not a bad catch.


August 30 - Went back to Discovery and tried fishing the mouth for a short time in the dark.  Nothing!!  Then went up the American.  Saw a few Salmon jumping but could not get them to hit.  The good news is I saw a few fish that I could identify as Salmon.  The bad news is the run still is not here.  Water Temperature was 68 degrees.  

August 25 - Went to Discovery park this morning to try to get my first Salmon on the year.  Got there about 6:00 am and nobody was fishing the mouth of the American.  I made a few passes and then I got some company.  Two other boats pulled in.  About 6:45, I felt my rod load up, I set the hook and had a fish.  I was small but real active.  It came out of the water about three times and when I landed him and was taking the hook out of his mouth, I discovered he was a Silver.  So, I gently took out the hook and put him back in the water .  I didn't care about taking him home, I just wanted to land my first Salmon of the year and I DID!!  I fished for about another hour with no other hits so I switched to trolling an anchovy.  Just before leaving the mouth, I landed a striper about 17 inches.  That was it for the day.  

August 24 - John Cullen went out with Mark Wilson today and they had a great day except for the wind.  They went down to Rio Vista and fished the Flats.  John was so excited, he could hardly control himself.  He said they landed 15 keepers, the biggest being about 11 pounds.


John's buddy Tomi, not to be out down sent these pictures of Salmon he got at Bodega Bay in the last few weeks.  he said he has been getting nice Salmon since July 4.

August 20 - This is embarrassing!!!  I went to the Sacramento River this morning.  Mad a few passes at the mouth of the American for Salmon but no luck.  Then I went up stream and anchored for Stripers.  Got a bundle of little guys but nothing over 15 inches.  I did go back down river to talk to the guys fishing down there and was told 2 fish were caught by jiggers at the mouth.  Not good odds, the parking lot had 45 cars and trailers.  Guess we will have to wait a few more weeks.

August 19 - Received this email from Jack Bishop.  Guess they know how to catch them.

Hey John---Sterling,Larry & I went to the delta to do some fishing but we ended up doing some catching! On the 17th Sterling got a nice 26.6 lb. striper and yesterday we spanked them. I got a 23.8 and Sterling got a 5.2 and a 13.6. Seems the fish are moving back in the the Delta. We got these just down river from the Antioch bridge. I also heard there are nice fish being in False River area.


August 17 - Received this email from Danny Hayes.  He spent the last week with Fred Thomason, Last Cast Guide, (209) 765-5284.  Now, this is one guide talking about another.  Guess Fred is doing real well.  If you would like to get some salmon, now is the time to call Fred.

Hi John,
It was a kick fishing with Jack & you. My side still hurts from laughing so much. That is what fishing is all about, getting out and having a good time.
Fred & I hit it again Friday & Sunday for a few missed fish, but nothing in the box. We didn't see many fish caught on those days due to the large number of boats there for the weekend and the local salmon derby on Saturday.
Monday was a better day. With the weekend boat traffic gone, a new run of salmon entered the area. We went out at 7am and saw several fish break water at the car body hole and three mile. Fred and I spent some time trying a few different methods (back bouncing plugs & roe) so he could show me how it was done with no success. We didn't get to serious at it.
We slipped down to the Anderson hole and went back to side drifting roe like we fished with Jack and you on Thursday. The first pass was short due to a fish on in another boat. We gave them a wide berth and got out of their way as all boats should do. On the 2nd pass, I hooked up on a nice chrome 27 lb hen. Fred was glad because he needed the eggs. On the 3rd pass, it was Fred's turn. His 17 lb buck put up one hell of a fight.
We decided that was enough as Fred and I wanted lunch. As any good camp cook would do, I fired up the grill and did up 2 big sirloin burgers with all the trimmings. By 1pm, Fred was into his power nap and I was breaking camp to head home.
I have been wanting to learn this part of the river and spent a great week with Fred's gracious help. His knowledge of the Woodsen Bridge area and just fishing in general was a big help. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to learn as you fish, have a great time and catch some salmon in a beautiful part of the Sacramento River.
Call Fred with Last Cast Guide Service to book a trip anytime at 209-765-5284. He will be there through September and it will only get better from here on out.
Tight lines
Danny Hayes
Fish-N-Trip Sport Fishing

August 12 - Fred Thomason, Last Cast Guide, (209) 765-5284; Invited Jack Bishop and I to meet him at Woodson Bridge for a day of Salmon Fishing on the Sacramento River.  We met Fred and Danny Hayes of Fish-n-Trip Sport Fishing at 6:00am at the boat ramp.  I should have know something was up when both of those guys were together.  Anyway, we were on the river and fishing by about 6:20.  We were using roe.  I think Fred adjusted the hooks on Jacks and my rigs because I could not get a bite and Jack could only get Squaw Fish and small Stripers.  Danny hooked the first fish, a Jack about 7 pounds.  To the left you can see Fred holding Danny's fish and carrying it to the fish box.  This is what a good Captain should do, to provide a high level of service to his clients.  Then about a half hour latter, Danny did it again.  This time he hooked a nice fish.  When all was said and done, it was a 25 pound buck.  Danny is holding it to the right.  At that point, I knew something was wrong.  Two guides and two novice fisherman and the guides are catching all the fish.  The next fish was caught by Fred but to put salt in our wounds, he let Jack land it.  Another small Jack.  Then we fished for about another hour and a half without landing another fish.  We did have a few hits but nothing stuck.  Fred did a great job and I believe, after talking to the other boats on the river, we had more fish than any of the others.  Great Job Fred!!!!!  
Above is the picture of the days catch.  If you would like to do the same, call Fred.  He really does a great job, he is a lot of fun to fish with and he will teach you a lot about fishing the Sacramento River.
(Still think there was a rat somewhere)

August 5 - Took my Grandson Anthony to the River this morning.  We started with one Salmon rig and one set up for Stripers.  Went to the mouth of the American and didn't do a thing.  Moved up the Sacramento and could not keep the small Stripers off the line, no big fish.  Well, that is except the one in the picture below.  After about an hour with nothing to speak of, Anthony told me he had a big one on.  I kind of laughed but when I looked at his rod, I knew he was not kidding.  The picture below has Anthony with his 5 pound Striper, the only keeper we got all morning.  We left the river about 10:30.

July 30 - Went to the river this morning.  Got there about 5:00am and fished until 8:30am.  Primarily fished the mouth of the American.  I trolled flatfish of different colors with a sardine wrap.  I didn't get a bite.  Now, get this!!!!  There were two guys in a 12 foot aluminum boat fishing for Stripers, I think.  The were anchored about half way between the buoy and the beach right in the mouth.  The were using whole anchovies, tail tied with what appeared to be a half hitch on the leader.  Now, I must tell you that they landed a beautiful salmon about 15 pounds, silver bright and I, on the other hand, fishing for salmon, in what is suppose to be the correct way, could not get a bite.  Guess they had a secret.  I sure don't have any!!!!!

July 25 - Went to Verona this morning.  Started fishing at 5:03am and got off the water at 9:15am.  I didn't get a bite and neither did the other 20 boats that were out there.  After pulling my line out of the water I talked to every boat on the water and no one even had a bite.  There were some fish caught in the area over the weekend but it is still slow!!!!!!

July 24 - Just got back from our annual Baja Family Fishing Trip.  If you are interested click on the link above:  Baja 2004 and it will take you my Baja Page.

July 22 - Jack Bishop took a trip up the coast to Trinidad for a day of fishing with a friend.  Apparently the seas were rough but that did not stop the fish from biting.  He landed about 20 Silver Salmon and these two Kings.  Not a bad day on the water for anyone!!!!!

July 16 - OPENING OF SALMON ON THE SACRAMENTO!!!!!!  A lot of hype but not a lot of action.  Got on the river about 5:00am.  When I got there, there were already 4 boats fishing the mouth of the American River.  Fished until just about 8:00am and didn't get a bite.  Did hear of one fish being caught by a jigger, yes a single hook on a Gibs Minnow.  The fish was said to be over 20 pounds.  As far as I know, that was the action for the morning.  If anyone has a report for Verona, I would be interested.

July 15 - Got this email form Marc Hammonds.  Guess he wanted his picture on the net again.  He seems to be the only one I know catching any fish.

If you are going to post are some pic's of a nice salmon I caught out of Bodega on July 15. Weather was awesome. And the bite was pretty good too!
About 25#s and the little one about 23 inches. You know they are small when you measure in inches instead of lbs...

July 14 - Today was my day to try the American for Salmon.  Got on the river about 5:00am and trolled the American until about 6:30.  marked a few fish but didn't get anything that even resembled a bite.  Went back to the Sacramento and fished for Stripers for a few hours and had a good time but didn't get anything of any size.  The largest fish was about 20".  Guess Friday will be a big day on the river, SALMON OPENER you know.  I am debating, should I go or should I stay home.  Will decide on Friday I guess.

July 10 - Marc Hammonds went to the bay for halibut on Saturday.  Looks like he did OK!!  The picture was his reward.  Good job Marc!!!

July 1 - Went back to Discovery Park this morning and went up the Sacramento.  Met Bob Terrell and a very nice young man, CJ.  Bob was going to teach CJ how to fish so they met me in one of Gene's favorite spots.  I had got on the river about 30 minutes before Bob arrived and by the time they dropped anchor, I already had 6 fish, 2 of which were keepers.  Bob put out a line and in about 3 minutes CJ was pulling in his first keeper Striper, about 20 inches.  All in all, the day was a good one.  We must have landed about 40 fish from 6 inches to about 21 inches.  had about 10 keepers in the bunch.  CJ seemed to take to fishing like a Pro.  He did a great job and by the end of the morning he was casting as good as I was.  By the way, it sure was nice of Bob to take a kid fishing.  He really showed CJ a good time and taught him a lot about the sport.

June 29 - Got this email from Jack Bishop.  They went to Lake Berryessa, while I was fishing the Sacramento.

Here are the fish George (Sarkisian) got at the lake today. We had a great time! We got 3 salmon 2 Kokanee and 1 small bass. ----George -- I really enjoyed your company to ----lets do it again soon.


June 29 - Went back to the Sacramento River this morning but didn't do as well.  Caught a lot of little fish but no keepers.  I did talk to another boat that had 3 nice fish but that was all I could find.  Guess July will be a better month.

June 28 - Went back down to Discovery Park.  Went to Gene's secret hole, just across from the first marina.  Brought 3 pounds of bait.  Wanted to have enough you know.  Had a great morning.  landed over 30 stripers.  Naturally many of them were very small but 9 of them were keepers and 6 of them were nice schoolies, between 4 and 6 pounds.  I was suppose to be off the river around 8:00 or 8:30 at the latest.  Had an appointment but missed it, was having too much fun.  The fish did not look like down streamers.  They were bright and relatively fat.  Hope this keeps up until the Salmon come in!!!!

June 25 - You might think I am nuts but I went to the American River this morning for Salmon.  That's right, Salmon!  Guess you are right because I didn't see or feel anything that resembled a salmon.  Fished from about 5:30am until about 7:00 in the American.  Then went to the Sacramento and drowned some bait for Stripers and had no better luck.  Got about 10 little Stripers between about 6" and 16".  Pulled the boat out of the water about 8:30.

June 22 - Finally got a chance to get out on the river this morning.  Went out with Jack Bishop.  We went to Discovery and went up stream and anchored in front of the marina.  Got a pot full of small stripers, from 6" to about 16" but nothing bigger.  After a few hours and two pounds of sardines we packed it in.  NO keepers.  Guess I will have to find them on Friday.

May 27- Got up this morning at dark o'clock to prepare for a morning of fishing on New Hogan.  We got to the lake about 6:00am and were fishing by about 6:15.  We landed 5 fish and had a number of other hits.  It seems that the only time I go to New Hogan is when the barometer is falling.  Yesterday they killed then and today only one boat  really did well.  there were about 7 boats in the area we were fishing and each boat had a few fish.  Nice day on the lake anyway.

May 26 - Jack, Dick and Sterling went to New Hogan this morning and had a pretty good day.  They trolled from about 6:00am until about 11:00am.   Below are two pictures of Dick and Jack with their catch.


May 25 - Went to Discovery Park and did NOTHING!!!  Got a lot of little Stripers but nothing I wanted to keep.  Fished from 6:00am until about 10:00.  Went down river to the Arc and worked my way down stream, moving about every 45 minutes.  It was dead but the day was beautiful.  Will be going to New Hogan by the end of the week and expect to catch a bundle!!!!

May 20 - Went back to Discovery Park but today I went up the American River first.  Tried again for Shad but had no luck.  Fished the Lower Dredger all the way up to the Trailer Park.  On the other hand, I tried trolling for Stripers in that same area.  I landed two Stripers, one about 22 inches and the other 17 inches.  Then I went back to the Sacramento River and fished the same area I fished yesterday.  Landed 4 more keepers but only to 20 inches and a large number of smaller fish.  

May 19 - Went to Discovery Park this morning to try for some Shad and Stripers.  Tried the Sacramento River below the Arc.  Had no luck on Shad but did very well on Stripers.  Landed 6 keepers the largest about 23 inches.  All caught on Anchovies.  The fish were spread from the Arc to the Steps.  

May 16 - Tom Frieholtz of Golden Bear Guides gave me a call and invited me to take a Shad trip on the American River in his new 19', FishRite Drift Boat.  What a beautiful boat.  The only thing missing is sleeping quarters.  Anyway, Tom picked me up at my house at about 4:15pm and we went down to Griss Mill.  We put the boat in the water, hooked up with Dick Morris and went down stream about 3/4 of a mile.  We anchored up and started to fish.  Just below us was Eric Vargas, another Drift Boater.  We were using crappy jigs with curly tails and about 1/4 ounce of weight.  We fished from about 4:45 until about 6:15 and between the two boats landed 30+ shad.  Shad are in the river and Tom does a great job.  If you want to take a Shad Trip or any other Drift Boat trip for that matter, call Tom.  Below is his business card.

May 13 - Jack Bishop, George Sarkisian and I went back to New Hogan to try our luck.  We got there about 7:00 and fished until about 11:00.  We landed 5 and lost a couple more.  Fishing was definitely not as good as it was on Tuesday but it still was OK.  We trolled the upper part of the Lake in about 35 feet of water.  It really is a pleasure fishing New Hogan.  Not a lot of boats and you basically have the entire lake to yourself.  When we pulled out, there were only about 7 vehicles in the parking lot and I believe most of them were fishing for Large Mouth Bass.  Anyway, another nice day on the water.

May 11 - Got a call from Fred Thomason of "Last Cast Guides",  (209) 245-6632 .  He invited Jack Bishop and I go take a trip to New Hogan for Stripers.  I have wanted to find out how to catch Stripes in New Hogan for some time but hadn't found anyone who really knew.  I have fished it about 5 times and got skunked 5 times.  We got to the lake about 6:30 and were fishing about 7:15.  I had been told in the past that the only way to catch fish at new Hogan was to find the birds or boils of bait, and casting plugs at them.  I guess if you don't find birds or bait, you go home.  Fred used a different technique.  He trolled!!!!  We fished from about 7:15 until about 10:30 and landed about 20 fish and released some of those.  The fish were not big. schoolie size, 19 to 25 inches or about 3 to 5 pounds.  Had a great morning and learned that birds and bait are not necessary to catch fish at New Hogan.  Below is a picture of Jack and Fred with some of the fish and a picture of the same team cleaning the fish.

May 7 - Went to the Sacramento River this morning and fished up stream from the Corp of Engineers hole.  I tried everything and only got a few small fish.  Nothing over 20 inches.  Fished from about 6:30am until about 10:00am.  The wind was terrible but the water was great.  It was clear and the temperature was about 66 degrees.  Maybe next week.

April 30 - Couldn't sleep last night.  Woke up at 2:00am and tossed and turned until about 4:00 when I finally got up, made the coffee, got some bait, hooked up the boat and left for the river.  Got to the river and it was dark.  Went up stream and fished just below the I80 bridge.  Caught a few small fish and a few that were just keepers but nothing to speak of.  Then I went farther up river and fished the area around the 3 houses.  Got a couple more fish in the 19" range and a few much smaller.  Then I got a very lite bite.  Thought it was a catfish but when I set the hook I could feel a little more weight than usual.  At first he didn't do much but when I got him up to the boat, he went crazy and I knew I had a nice fish.  The largest fish of the day and the only one I kept was this 10.3 pounder.  

April 27 - Went to Discovery Park this morning with Breadstick.  Instead of going down stream, this time we went up stream.  We fished a number of secret spots.  How did I know they were secret you ask?  Well, even the fish didn't know about them.  Finally we fished below the I80 bridge and got one fish about 19 inches.  That was the largest fish of the day.  Guess I will not go to secret spots next time.  It seems I need all the help I can get and secret spots just don't cut it.

April 26 - Don't want to talk about my morning on the river.  All I will say is I went to Discovery Park and got a few in the 20 inch range.  Left about 9:30, just as it was getting HOT.  Now, you ask,  "why the sarcasm?"  Well I just received an email from John Cullen.  His buddy Tomi got the 48 Pound buck while trolling at Rio Vista.  Yep, I said a 48 Pound Buck!!!  Take a look for yourself.  He was so beautiful Tomi's wife even tried to kiss it. And to top it off, he was home by noon.

April 19 - 21  Lake Cumberland Kentucky Trip - Went to Georgia to meet  my two brothers for our semi annual fishing trip.  This year we decided to go to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky because of the size of the Stripers it holds.  The lake record is over 58 pounds!!  The lake is suppose to be the second largest man made lake in the United States.  It has over 2800 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 90 feet.  The lake is used for Power Generation because of this, the lake will rise and fall as over 50 feet during the year.  It is a beautiful area but not fished the way we fish in California.  First of all, they use very few artificial's.  Most bait is live shad, either Gizzard Shad, Eley Shad and Thread Fin Shad.  This time of the year we used Eley Shad which are netted under lights at night and are a little bit larger than the Thread Fin.  A short leader, no more than 30 inches, is attached to a barrel swivel at the end of the line and a #4 treble hook is attached to the end of the leader.  The Shad is hooded through the nose with one of the hooks on the treble.  We fished with 10 lines out of the back of the boat, which were each attached to a Side Planer, 5 to the Port and 5 to the starboard.  The lines were feed out about 20 feet, then attached to the side planer so that they could be staggered from far from the boat to very close to the boat.  The closest planner was about 15 feet from the stern.  Once all lines were put out, they formed a "V" using the stern of the boat as the bottom point of the "V".  Interestingly enough, no lines were feed out directly behind the boat.  The reason I find this interesting is because of our fishing in Lake Lanier.  On Lanier, we only use  5 rods and only two were on plainer's.  Our best luck there was on the center rods right behind the stern, about 20 to 30 feet behind the stern I might add.  Anyway, enough for the comparisons.  We trolled very slowly, almost at a stop at times and tried to keep the longest plainer as close to the shore or cover as possible.  Most fish came on the bait closest to shore, although we did get fish on the closer lines.  And even got one fish on the longest line to the opposite side from the shore.  We were fishing in water from 20 feet deep to as much as 70 feet deep.  Due the the shore line and the conture of the shore there was no shallow water to fish.  The banks of the lake were very steep with steep drop offs and almost no shallow water.  NOT at all like we have here.  We were suppose to fish Tuesday, Wednesnay and Thursday but the weather did not cooperate.  Tuesday was great, Wednesday we had winds over 30 miles an hour and Thurday was a giant storm, lightning, thunder and heavy rains.  Not just a passing storm but a storm that lasted most of the day with another one that came in on Friday.

Tuesday we got up at 5am, had breakfast and were on the dock to meet our guide, Mike Belston of Nancy Guide Service for our first day of fishing.  It was still dark and he wanted to wait until he could see the surface of the water before leaving the dock.  Good thing he did, because on the way to the fishing spot we were dodging all kinds of obsticles in the water.  When we got the the fishing spot, about a 30 minute ride, Mike pulled into shore, put out the electric motor and proceeded to put the lines out, as described above.  Within about 15 minutes we had our first hit.  By chance we had decided I would get the first fish so I grabbed the rod and set the hook.  It was somewhat difficult to try to fight the fish while you have 9 other rods out, but with some maneuvering, I landed a nice fish.  Next it was my brother Ron's turn at the stick.  We had a few hits but nothing that stuck.  Then one of the rods loaded up and the fish started to take line but as he got to the rod, it went limp.  We changed the bait and the rod went off again.  This time there was no fooling around.  Ron landed his fish and had to sit down beacuse it was Andy's turn at the sticks.  Take a look at these fish.  They are the fattest Stripers I have ever seen and we only got one shaker all day, that is one fish less than 24 inches.  Anyway, it seemed that the fish liked the bait closest to shore and would generally bite as we passed a point or some other structure in the water, a stump or anything.  Where the shore line was more or less streight and had no barriers, we didn't have any action.  We traveled south for some time when finally we could see something chasing that inside bait.  After a couple attempts, the fish got what he was looking for, or was it what we were looking for, a hook.  The rod loaded and Andy had his turn at trying to manuver through the rods and get his fish to the boat.  He landed his fish and we thought we were in Hog Heaven.  As the day went on, we lost a few fish and landed a few fish and ended the day with 7 fish to the boat.  One that was not a keeper, less than 24 inches.  All the others were between about 28 inches and somewhere in the neighorhood of 35 inches.  Nothing real big but nice fish never the less.

We had a great time, quit fishing about 2pm and started back to the dock.  When we got back, Mike got a wheel barrow and took the fish to the cleaning station.  At the cleaning station we took a picture with our total catch for the day.
Below is a picture of Mike (red shirt) cleaning our fish and a picture of the boat.  It sure as nice to have a cover to get out of the weather.

Wednesday - Weather reports were not good.  Anticipated high winds and maybe thunder storms.  The thunder storms did not develope but the winds sure did.  When we left the dock, it was real nice.  No wind to speak of and nice flat water.  We got to the fishing area, put the lines out and waited.  I had a bad feeling because of the barometer, it was dropping.  After about 15 minutes, we watched a nice fish chase the bait.  It slapped at the bait a few times and then it was gone and so was the bait.  We rebaited and in just a few minutes, the bait was taken.  I landed the fish and thought, "self. why are you concerned with the barometer?  Not out a half hour and a fish in the boat".  Well, my fears were well founded.  The weather got worse.  The wind picked up and we really got pushed from piller to post.  For sure, the weather reports were right.  We had winds at least 30 miles per hour.  Finally we moved from the main body of the lake to some coves and tried bait fishing with live shad but after about 5 moves and no fish it was assured, our luck had run out for the day.  Only one fish in the box.  Not to worry, we still had Thursday.

Thursday - When we got back Wednesday afternoon, the first thing we did was look at the weather channel.  Reports were for rain and possible thunder storms.  We took a ride to get an idea of the what the surrounding area was like, went to dinner, watched part of the Atlanta baseball game and went to bed.  About 2pm, I was awakened by the pitter patter of rain.  Then the flash of lightning.  Then the booming of thunder.  This went on from the time I was awakened until I got out of bed at 5am.  At that time, it was no longer a pitter patter, it was areal down pour and the thunder storm was in full force.  Turned on the weather channel again and they indicated it would be like this all day.  We decided it was not safe to go out in this weather so we got our thing ready, loaded the car and went down to the dock to meet Mike and pay him for the previous two days.  When we got to the parking lot, there were about 15 cars already there.  It appeared that these nuts were going fishing anyway.  We walked out on the dock and saw that Mike was ready to go out as well.  We advised him that we didn't think it was safe to go out in a thunder storm and we would not be going out that morning.  He agreed that it was not a good idea and seemed to be somewhat relieved that we had made that decision.  Even though other boats were going out, we felt real good about not being on the lake in this kind of weather.  I turly believe that some of these guys were crazy.  Out in a thunder storm with aluminum boats, graphite rods and no cover.  No Thanks.

Although the weather did not cooperate, we had a great time.  We had a chance to be together and enjoy each others company, something we only really get a chance to do twice a year, learned some new fishing methods and had a chance see a new lake.  

Thanks Ron and Andy for being great brothers. I love you both very much.  Couldn't have better brothers!!!!  We are truly blessed!!

April 9 - My Grandson Anthony and I went to Verona today.  We got there about 6:15 and were on the water about 10 minutes later.  Our first stop was up the Sacramento, just across from Sacramento Slough.  We didn't see but one fish caught and we didn't get anything.  Then we went up river, almost to the pumps.  There Anthony got one nice fish but that was it.  I could not do a thing.  Finally we went back down to the mouth of the Feather where we got another three fish, the biggest about 27 inches.  To the left is a picture of our catch.  Water temperature was 52 degrees and the water was really running.  I would estimate that there were 40 plus cars and trailers in the lot when we left.  That area is getting a lot of action even though the water is so high.  Hope they start cutting back soon.

April 8 - Had to go to the Port for a meeting tonight and when I got there, there were three people fishing around the Dock, two guys and a gal.  The guys were showing the Lady how to catch fish using rubber worms.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the guys get a bite but I did see Michelle Engle land two nice bass and loose another.  Could it be that Tony Russo and Patrick Avelino were giving her a break, or was Michelle giving them a lesson?  I guess it is not for me to say but, she really was doing a good job.  I had to get into the meeting before they left but I  wouldn't doubt that she got a couple more.  To the right  is  Michelle and Patrick.  Take a look at their faces.  Who is having a good time and who is concerned about the score?

April 7 - My Brother Andy and his son Andy went out on Chesapeake Bay for Stripers.  The report was high winds, which is normal for that area and rough seas.  On the other hand fishing was not bad.  They went out on a 46' boat, just three on the boat and landed the fish below.  From left to right, 38 inches, 32 inches and 34 inches.  As you can tell, Dad got the prize fish.  They used something called Umbrellas.  They hung 8-10 attractors and one Jig off this thing and trolled.  I am not familiar with this method of fishing but I guess it is product.  By the way, they used 15 rods, guess they  don't need extra rod stamps in Chesapeake Bay.


April 1 - Didn't realize it until now but this was April Fools Day and Jack Bishop and Bob Smalley took a trip up North to the Umqua for some Steelhead fishing.  Jim and Dick were along as well and they did very well.  As they tell the story, they got over 30 fish between them in just two days on the water.  Biggest fish about 16 pounds.  Below are three pictures of Jack and Bob, catching and showing off!!!


April 1 - Thought I would try something different so I went to Verona.  Got there about 6:45 and there were already about 15 boat trailers in the lot.  I got on the water about 7:00 and went up river, just below the Feather and anchored on the color line.  Used both Sardines and Anchovies.  Both were equally successful.  I probably only put in two or three baits that I didn't land something on .  Landed about 15 fish from 14" to about 20".  Must have all been brothers and sisters.  It was WINDY to say the least.  Fortunately it was a north wind so it was blowing down stream and I was tucked behind the windshield nice and comfortable, hardly felt the wind at all.  Water temperature was 56 degrees.

March 31 - Went down to Discovery Park this morning with Billy Cross.  Soaked bait from about 7:00 until almost 11:00 and Billy got the only real bites and landed two fish.  One Sacramento Pike and one very small Striper.  I did nothing.  Water conditions were great except for the temperature.  Temperature was about 55 degrees.  That is a substantial decrease from Monday.  Guess that is why the bite turned off.

March 29 - George, Glen and I went to the Port this morning. Got there about 7:00am. Water condition was great, temperature 60 degrees and the weather was just beautiful. Trolled from the port to marker 67 and only got one hit, a 14 incher. Got off the water about 11:30 empty handed. Guess it is time to start fishing the Sacramento River.

March 24 - Jim Howes, Jack Bishop and I went to Discovery Park to fish the Sacramento River this morning. I have to say, it was a beautiful morning. I also have to say, I could have picked better fishing partners. We planned to go to some of our favorite spots and bait fish. We did and we landed about 5 fish the largest about 19 inches. My partners were of no help. If they really wanted to contribute to a good fishing trip, they would have showed me how to get that big elusive Striper. No, they just sat there like lumps and didn't show me anything. Guess I will have to find some more knowledgeable partners for the next trip.

March 23 - Jack Bishop and I went to the Port this morning. got there about 7:00am and it was just beautiful. Sunshine, a little breeze, great water color and temp was 61 degrees. We pulled out of the dock and went towards the power lines. As we got closer, the fog started to come in. By the time we got to the power lines, we could not see 200 feet in front of us. We were gong to run down the channel but decided because of the limited visibility that we would troll down river. Trolled all the way to light 73 before one of our rods went off. I landed a nice male bout 4 pounds. Caught it on a 9.5 inch broken back Laser Eye, green back, white body and a red head. Went all the way down to light 69 and not another bite, so we started back. We trolled all the way past light 73 when I saw a fish jump right in front of the boat. I told jack to watch his rod because I was going to troll right to that spot and the bottom would be coming up. Sure enough, when we passed the spot where the fish had jumped, Jack's rod went off. The fish was there for a few seconds and his line broke. Unfortunately, that was our second and last hit for the day. Came home with just the one fish.

March 19 - Boy did I make a mistake. I asked John Cullen to go to the Port with me today because I had been catching a few fish and I wanted to share my secretes. Well, first I lost both my lure and my jig from a spreader. Not a knot break, the line was cut. Must have been something on the bottom that didn't like me. Then, we trolled and jigged until almost noon and DID NOT get a bite. Well, John did snag a 4 inch catfish. Not only that, Phil and his brother were there and they had the same luck and Tom was also on the water and he didn't get a bite either. Guess we will have to find out when John is going out and we will stay home. Not a fish caught that we knew of. In addition, Gene went to the mouth of the American because Spinner got fish there yesterday but there was a Sea Lion working the area, so he went home with out a bite either. Do you think John could have an affect all the way to Discovery Park?

March 17 - Guess what? Went back to the Port this morning. Fished from about 7:00 am until almost noon and only got one keeper. Landed 3 fish, two little guys and one legal fish, 6.6 pounds. Used the BIG lure again and didn't have a lot of action. The one fish that really took the bait was a nice one. The other two were about 16 inches and could barely get the hook in their mouth. There was a lot of boat traffic but I didn't see anyone else with a fish. That is it for the week, so will check it out again on Monday or Tuesday.

March 16 - Went back to the Port. Windy again. Fished from about 7:00 am until about 10:30 am. Landed two fish. One about 5 pounds, 24 inches and the other weighed 8.2 pounds. Got both of them on a red head, white body Bass Pro Laser Eye. The lure is about 10 inches long and about twice the diameter of a rebel. Just thought I would try it. You know what they say, "Big Bait, Big Fish". Nothing real big this time but just wait until next time.

March 15 - Went to the Port...WINDY!!! Was suppose to be 10 - 15 miles per hour but was more like 25. From light 73 down, had white caps. Not to worry though, I fished from 7:15 am until about 11:00 am and landed 5 schoolie stripers. They ranged from 21" to 23". Not a bad morning but could have gotten a bigger fish. Got all 5 fish on a broken back rebel, white with a red head. Water temp was 57 degrees and the water was clean.

March 9 - John Cullen and his buddy Hiro got this striper at the Port. That is to say, Hiro got this striper and John got only a 20" fish. Hiro's fish was a nice 15 pounder. Hiro did it again!!!!

March 5 - Got this information from Jack Bishop and Dan Burch. They went North to Oregon for Steelhead this week and had a great two days fishing with the Grieve's Boys. They fished the North Fork of the Umqua on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday they got 12 fish and on Thursday they got 6 fish. The largest fish Jack got was 12 pounds. While the largest fish Dan got was 18 pounds. The pictures are below. Great going guys.

March 5 - Went to the Port this morning. Got there about 6:30am, about three hours before the bottom of low tide. Trolled from the Port to Light 71 and about half way back. The water was in pretty good condition after I got down to about Light 77. Water is warming, 50 degrees. Anyway, I landed three small fish. Two less than 18 inches and one about 4 pounds. Had two other hits but they did not stick. Not a lot of action and if I were a betting person, I would bet the fish are starting to move down the channel to get to the Sacramento River and their spawning areas. I would think the Port and the Deep Water Channel will be go dormant real soon. If the water clears and drops in the Sac, fishing should bee good. I look for the fishing in the Sacramento Area to start picking up as soon as the flow slows and the water warms up.

February 23 - Went to the Port this morning with Jigging Gene. The water in the turning basin was very muddy so we went down the channel. Fished from about 7:30am until 11:00am and Gene landed one about 14" trolling and I landed one about 20" on one of my home made jigs. John Cullen and Hiro were also in the area and landed 4 below the size limit and one about 20". Frank had one about 4 pounds when we left. There were about 10 boats but not a lot of fish. I'll bet the reports will indicate I should have gone tomorrow!!!!

February 6 - Went out with John Cullen this morning.  Went to the Port and started fishing in the Basin.  Nothing doing there so we went on down the channel.  Fished from about 8:30 am until about 1:00 pm and landed just two fish.  One about 4 pounds and the other about 5 pounds.  Nothing to brag about.  We also had two other hits but they did not stick.  Guess today was just a slow day.  

February 4 - Finally had a chance to get out this morning.  I took my old buddy Wally down to the Port and we started fishing about 9:45 am.  We trolled the turn around basin but had no luck.  After about three passes, I decided to go down the channel.  I kept giving Wally a hard time, telling him that I was waiting for him to catch a fish before I would put hooks on my lure.  Then I told him that I was not waiting any longer so he better be prepared.  Shortly after that, I got a hookup.  Not one but two fish, one on the Rebel and one on a Hair Raiser.  One, 4 pounds and the other about 6 pounds.  We fished until about 1:00 pm and landed two more fish, the biggest being 14.3 pounds.  All in all, we had a good day and Wally went home with dinner.  It seemed everyone got fish today.  On our way out we saw Herbie and Bill.  They told us they had hooked 19 fish, the biggest being just over 13 pounds.  They didn't have a bad day either.

January 31 - Guess I am not getting enough information on the web site.  My two brothers got together in Florida and after a hard day fishing in my younger brothers back yard, they sent the following email and pictures.
"Thought you may have forgotten what a F-I-S-H looks like. We only kept the
one because I forgot to take my camera and we couldn't put all we were catching
in the live well (well too small). This is one is representative of the rest."


How is that for a couple of wise ass brothers?????  They really know how to hurt a guy!

January 22 - Gene and I went down to Rio Vista this morning, FOOGGGYYY!!!  Thank God I had my GPS or we would still be waiting at the dock for the fog to lift.  We fished three or four areas, trolling, jigging and with bait and didn't get a thing we should talk about.  It was cold, gloomy and really not worth the time to put it on the site but as you know I always put a note on the site when I go fishing, positive or negative.

January 20 - Went out to the Port this morning.  First, my key didn't work but John Cullen came down the road to the ramp about 5 minutes after I got there so I didn't have to go home without putting the boat into the water.  I got  the boat in the water and started to troll the in the turning basin.  After about three hours I had landed two fish about 4 or 5 pounds each and had two other hits.  Then I started home but no key, no exit.  thanks to John Cullen, I got out and went home.  In addition to my fish, every other boat had fish.  John had 1, Frank had 3, one other boat had 2 and so on.  Everybody had at least one fish.  Hope this is the beginning of a trend.

December 27 - Received this email from John Cullen.  Sounds kind of fishy to me...... TRUTH OR FICTION?  Make your own decision!!!!

Hi all, went with Gene this morning to the San Joaquin, dam it was cold. We immediately started catching fish that were just barely keepers and we kept releasing them. We figured when the tide changed we'd really get into them. The tide changed about 0900 but the bite turned off and my arms and shoulders really got tired. Finally Gene got a good hit and it came up and threw water all over us but we didn't get a good look at it but we could see it was big. After five or ten minutes of losing line and getting line back Gene brought this huge Silver Salmon to the boat and I, the master netter of the day, slipped that big boy into the net. Then I had to listen to the bull story the rest of the day about how Gene thought since the bite was off on stripers he decided to catch this salmon. What a crock. It was a beautiful day but it was very cold.
Later, j.

December 22 - Went to Antioch with Jack this morning, crazy ha!!!  Actually the fog was high all the way down the Sacramento River.  When we got to Rio Vista, we could see all the way across the river but when we got to Brannan Island, the fog fell to the ground and we really could not see more than 100 yards ahead.  By the time we got to Jack's boat, we could not see 100 feet ahead of us.  We went out of the marina found the bridge, went under it and immediately got turned around and could not find our fishing spot.  Finally after about 20 minutes of disorientation in the fog, we found Jack's favorite spot.  We fished it and fished Mayberry Slough but didn't get a keeper.  We only saw one other boat and they were having the same luck we were having.  We went home about 12:30 with an empty box.

December 17 - Gene Marzlof and Marc Hammonds went down to the Delta and fished the Mokelumne. They put in at Corts and fished the entire area. Fishing was slow all morning and finally about 1:00 they found a school. At that point , Gene said they caught so many fish he could not keep count. Nothing big, about 5 pounds was the biggest but, it was constant action and the fish were in great shape. Sorry they didn't get any pictures but they were jigging with home made jigs.

December 15 - Fished the Sacramento River just below Discovery Park this morning for a few hours and didn't get a bite. There was a Seal working at the mouth of the American, so we went down below the Arc. Water temperature as 47 degrees, the water was DIRTY and it was fast.

December 11 - Well, Jigging Gene took me to Rio Vista to show me how to catch fish. We left his house about 6:15am and were on the water about 7:45. We went out to the channel and he handed me a 2 once jig. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen but I thought I should humor him because he is my elder. He put on the same jig and we started to drift. We hadn't drifted 30 yards and he landed a small striper. After he landed about three fish, I landed one. This was the pattern all day. We landed 69 Stripers from about 12 inches and 24 inches before we left for home about noon. I was amazed at the action. We landed 69 and probably lost another 20 or 30. Nothing bug but it was fun. Ron Silva and his buddy were also out in the same area and they were jigging as well. They had landed two nice fish, one 12 pounds and the other 15 pounds. I don't know their total count but I do know they also landed a large number of fish. One other thing, of the 69 fish we landed only about 5 or so were foul hooked. That was the most surprising thing to me!!!!

December 9 - Got this email from John Cullen today. Guess he had two good
days. I am not going to edit his email because I want you to believe this report
and if I embellish it, you might think I am kidding you.

"Got this fish yesterday at the Port trolling in the basin using a spreader with a hair raiser and the large deep diving bomber, rainbow trout colored. Today Gene and I went to Rio Vista and we caught 54 stripers between 0730 and 1030, six to eight keepers, largest was 15 lbs. Gene says he's taking you next."

I can't wait for Gene to take me and show me how to catch 54 fish in three hours.

December 7 - Don't have anything specific appears the Stripers have arrived in the Rio Vista area. I have received three phone calls yesterday, all reporting good catches from the Rio Vista Bridge to the Channel Islands. Nothing big but big numbers. The catches have ranged from 4 or 5 fish to over 30 fish. The size of the fish has been relatively consistent, 4 to 12 pounds. The interesting part of the whole thing is each person used a different technique. One was trolling, one was jigging (NOT SPOONING) and the other was using bait. Guess you just have to be there when the fish are cooperating.

December 4 - Danny (Fish'n Dan's Guide Service) and Fred (Last Cast Guide) went down to Brannon Island and launched today (Danny is out of a boat until spring). The proceeded down the Sacramento to the Power Lines and dropped an anchor. The fished the incoming tide for Sturgeon with no luck and switched to fresh shad for the out going tide. They got enough Stripers to make the day exciting but nothing real big. The important thing is they got fish. To the right is a picture of Danny Layne with two of the many fish they landed.

December 2 - Thought I would go out for some Stripers this morning. Yes, it was very foggy!!!! Went to the Port of Sacramento and started fishing about 9:00am. Fished for about 3 hours without a bite or seeing one fish caught. Then after trolling from the ramp all they way down to the Palm Tree, I finally got a fish to take my offering. It was a schoolie about 4 pounds. About that time, we came upon a number of boats jigging. Every boat had fish but nothing big. I would guess the biggest fish was abut 8 pounds. On the other hand, there were 6 boats and all had more than one fish, not bad!!!! We turned around and started back up the channel and Glen, my partner hooked a another schoolie. About that time, a big fertilizer boat was coming up to us, so we packed it in. We got off the water about 1:15 and landed two fish. I believe John Cullen and Hiro had three.

November 28 - Received this information below in an email from Jim Wright today.  Since I haven't been out I have been using information from any source I could find.  Sounds like Jim found some fish as did Danny.

 I've fished Decker island twice in last week- lots of stripers available- largest we caught was 11 lbs- but all were legal- we used butterflied shad on anchor- just outside of shipping lane in about 20-25 feet of water- launched at Brannan island and located about from middle of Decker out to shipping channel- lots of fish being caught - use size 6/0 hooks or less of course- brought some ghost shrimp too- used it a while- a fish pulled my rod and reel overboard while I was re-rigging- luckily my dad managed to snag it by casting across where it went in- he snagged the line with his weight- we hand lined in a small flounder then got the rod and reel back too!! jeez parents always come in handy . . .Jim

November 25 - Danny Hayes sent me an email with this picture of his fishing trip on Sunday, November 23, apparently he, his son and his son's friends didn't do bad at all!! This is what he said:

Took my son and his 3 buddies from Texas out yesterday near Rio Vista to hopefully show them what a sturgeon looks like. They have only caught bass & crappie all their life. We caught about 20 stripers, with 5 keepers to 5 lbs and my son hooked and landed his 1st keeper sturgeon at 60" & 50lbs. The look on the Texans faces was worth the trip.

November 18 - Well, guess Stripers got started faster than I thought and the Port was the hot spot for the day.  John Cullen and his friend Hiro landed three nice Stripers this morning, the largest one being the 15 pounder on the left. In addition, Don and Gary also went to the Port and landed the beautiful 32.5 pounder on the right.  Guess there are some Stripers around if you want to look for them. John got his on bait and Gary got his on a lure. Doesn't look like you have to be too concerned with what you are using.  Try your favorite and you will have a chance to get one of these beauties yourself.

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