Lanier 2019
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May 24 - Went out this morning.  It was just beautiful.  A little cloudy but bright and very comfortable.  Put in at Bolding Mill and proceeded to Johnson Creek.  Amazingly enough, the water temperature as 81 degrees when I arrived.  I thought my bait would die very quickly but that was not what happened.  Bait survived very well.  Guess the surface temperature was much higher then the temperature 15 feet down and deeper.  Fished from about 6:30am until about 10:00am.  Landed 5 small bass and 4 SMALL Stripers.  Not very productive.  I had out 4 lines, 2 flat which I kept changing the depth and 2 down, which again I kept changing the depth.  Not very productive but enjoyed the morning on the water.

April 29 - Went out this morning and it was a disaster.  the wind was suppose to be about 5 miles per hour and it was will over 10.  I could not control the direction of the boat or trolling speed.  I tried a number of locations but could not find an acceptable spot until I got back to Sardis, where I started.  I had out the usual, 2 flat lines and 2 down lines.  Landed 2 small Stripers, one about 22 inches and one about 12 inches.  Not very productive but I got out and still enjoyed being on the lake.  Water temperature was 66.7 then I got on the water and 68.3 when I got off.

April 25 - Went out this morning.  Got bait and was on the water by 6:45.  went back to the Holly Park area and put out 2 Flat lines and 2 Down lines.  Right after putting the lines in the water, one of the Flat Lines loaded up.  A small striper about 22 inches.  By 7:30 I had landed 3 Stripers the biggest being the first fish.  Down lines were at 15 feet and 30 feet and one Flat line was out 55 feet with 2 shots, the other was at 80 feet with one shot.  It was an exciting morning, landed 7 fish in total the largest being 28 inches.  Got off the water at 10:30.  Water temperature was 66 degrees when I put in and 68 degrees when I left.

April 23 - Finally got out this morning after a LONG respite.  Finally I am ready to fish again.  Went out about 7:15 with a few dozen Blue Backs.  Put in at Sardis and went to the Holly Park area.  It was a beautiful day, no wind and a beautiful Sun Rise.  Made a few passes and marked fish but they seemed have full stomachs.  Finally I started to see fish in the 15 foot to 30 foot range and put out 2 down lines and 2 flat lines.  The fish seemed to like what I had and after about 3 hours I had landed 7 small stripers, the largest about 24 inches, 3 spots and 2 Catfish.  None of them were bragging fish but after nearly a year listening to others talk about their catch, I was pleased with the outing.  Water temperature was 66 when I launched and 68 when I took out.  Tight Lines All!!!