Lanier 2018
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July 26 - Went out this morning.  Put in at Balus and went back to Orr Creek.  Put out 4 downlines and was getting my coffee when one of the rods loaded up.  Was only there about 10 minutes and I landed a small Striper, about 2 lbs.  Put the line back out and fished in that area for about another hour but got no additional bites.  Did mark a lot of fish on the screen but they had lock jaw.  Moved over to 2 Mile and took a look around but didn't mark anything intereting.  Then move to 2 Mile 10 but again didn't mark anything interesting.  Moved to 4 mile 1and started to put the lines out even though I wasn't marking any fish.  I got the first line out and was putting the second line out when the first line had a nice hit and the rod went down.  Played it for a while and landed a Striper about 6 lbs.  Stayed there for awhile and landed one more Striper and 2 Large Mouth Bass.  About that time it started to get hot, so I packed it in and went home.  Water temperatuire was 83.4.

July 24 - Haven't been out for a while but did make it out for a test run today.  Had a number of problems with my motor but they are all fixed now.  Went down and got bait at Oakwood Bait this morning.  Put in at Balus and went to Orr Creek.  Put out 4 down lines and hoped for the best.  Started fishing around 7:30am.  Started around the Marina and went back into the cove, then along the shore line going North.  Had 2 good hits but they did not stick.  Finally on the far Side of the cove , west of Marker OC4, my reel started to sing.  At first I thought it was a Snag but the rod tip was bouncing.  I lifted the rod and it seemed like I had just hooked China and could not get it to move.  Then I started to make some head way.  Finally after about 5 minutes, I say what was on the end of my line.  A 32 inch Catfish.  It was huge and its head was 9" across.  I took our the net and put Big Daddy in the boat.  That was the last hit I got before going home.  I did take a picture of Big Daddy, because I was alone, I had to put my foot in the picture so that you could get some idea of how large he was.  The picture is below.

June 19 - I know I have not been posting for some time but I have not fished for just over a year.  I did get out last thursday and got 2 Catfish and 3 Spotted Bass.  I went out this morning and fished the North end on the lake.  Water temperature was 86 degrees and when I saw that, I knew I was in for a workout.  Fished for about 3 hours and got one Catfish and one Spotted Bass.  I had two other hits but I am sure they were not Stripers.  I hope to get out more often and will keep you posted on my activities as I have in the past.