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Updated May 24, 2019

This site is dedicated to those of us who love to fish. It has been developed over the last several years and was originally designed to provide fishing information on the Lower American River, Lower Sacramento River, Lower Feather River and the Sacramento River Delta. It contains fishing information and reports that are updated almost daily and provides a forum for those of us who would like to share our real, not BS, experiences on the river.

Moved to  Gainesville, GA  in June of 2008 and have changed the basic content of the site.  It is used to post information on Lake Lanier, GA and hopefully will provide you with information on the lake, Striper Fishing and other points of interest.

If you have information you would like posted, please feel free to contact me. If you like or dislike something tell me and if you have some constructive criticism, let me know.

I am trying to make the site more friendly, so I have added the navigation bar just above the beginning of the text.  Just click on the page you would like to visit and it will take you there.  Unfortunately I am not able to add the navigation bar to the old pages without a major rework but all new pages will include the navigation bar.

Hope you all catch that big or elusive one!!! Tight Lines!!!